We are getting back together

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They broke up exactly one month ago citing toxic behavior and stressful fights. They both know that this breakup won't last long and surely it won't.

Jiyong stared at the headline, his jaw dropped faster than YG's stock after a bad comeback. "T.O.P seen arms wrapped around a younger female actress on a night out in Gangnam" He crumpled the phone in his fist, the image of Seunghyun's smug smirk with a girl barely out of her teens burning into his retinas. They broke up, sure, but rebounding with a wide-eyed doe? Not if Kwon Jiyong had anything to say about it.

Within 15 minutes, Jiyong stormed into Seunghyun's villa, his designer sunglasses perched precariously on his nose, barely hiding the fire in his eyes. It had been a month since their "mature" breakup, a month of silent suffering disguised as solo promotions and brooding Instagram posts. But the news of Seunghyun's new "fling" had finally pushed him over the edge. He finds him relaxed on his new sofa chair, looking like a bored cat.


Jiyong spat.

"What in the actual is this?"

Seunghyun barely blinked.

"What, the view? Pretty stunning, right?"

"Don't play dumb! The scandal, the headlines..."

When Seunghyun says nothing, Jiyong can't stop himself from blurting out.

"Stop seeing that woman"

Jiyong practically growled, arms crossed and foot tapping a furious rhythm against the pristine marble floor.

Seunghyun sprawled on the couch like a bored cat, raised an eyebrow.

"You can't tell me what to do. We're not together anymore."

"Oh yes, I can"

Jiyong retorted, his voice rising an octave

"And we are getting back together."

"Says who?"

Seunghyun snorted.

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bunny8kwon #1
Chapter 15: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mamati #2
Chapter 4: Dam gd he's fany I really wish if was long
Mamati #3
Chapter 1: I enjoy so much it's like I'm in gdtop convtion but whys it's to short
krispattz #4
Chapter 5: JL always spoiling the mood 😤
krispattz #5
Chapter 4: yes Ji. JL is not good for hung 😜
daisiesss88 #6
Chapter 3: 💙 Ahhhhh!
krispattz #7
Chapter 2: Those two 🤣
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Chapter 1: So sweet 🥺