Can we hit pause?

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BIGBANG is abroad in a city they don't even remember what it's called for their MADE series tour. Seunghyun and Jiyong are in a fight, the reason? None of them really knows or remembers. All they know is that it all started in the morning, Jiyong raises his voice and Seunghyun gets offended by his tone. One thing led to another, they're already in a fight that escalates as the day goes on. No one is backing down and hurtful things have been said. During their concert, they avoided each other and some fans noticed. They still didn't care, they were really annoyed with each other. By the end of the day, they are both exhausted probably because of the concert and certainly because of their nonsense quarrel.

Good thing their shared hotel room has two separate beds -which normally is a waste of money because the other bed ends up being unused-, but tonight, given the situation they are in, looks like the two beds will be occupied. As they enter the room, they still give each other death glares and still won't make up until someone gives in, which didn't happen of course, since they are really hardheaded. Jiyong is the first one to take a shower while Seunghyun slumps on his bed to spam his Instagram. When Jiyong gets out of the shower, Seunghyun goes in without acknowledging the other.

They should really be both asleep right now, they have a very busy schedule the following day, but since they are both stubborn, they won't sleep until someone surrenders. They are both lying on separate beds. No one dared to speak until Jiyong couldn't take it anymore.

You're an , you know that right?

It takes one to know one, you know that too, right?

Jiyong is so frustrated that he wants to punch Seunghyun in the face but can't because he's too tired and just wants to sleep.

Whatever. I'm going to bed.

Good night then.

Seunghyun answers so smugly that Jiyong ought to rip his face off. But he didn't because deep inside, he still loves this annoying person so he just curses at him instead.


Same to you.

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bunny8kwon #1
Chapter 15: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mamati #2
Chapter 4: Dam gd he's fany I really wish if was long
Mamati #3
Chapter 1: I enjoy so much it's like I'm in gdtop convtion but whys it's to short
krispattz #4
Chapter 5: JL always spoiling the mood 😤
krispattz #5
Chapter 4: yes Ji. JL is not good for hung 😜
daisiesss88 #6
Chapter 3: 💙 Ahhhhh!
krispattz #7
Chapter 2: Those two 🤣
krispattz #8
Chapter 1: So sweet 🥺