How's Korea?

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Seunghyun is away in Japan, filming Secret Message. Back in his hotel room, he calls the person he misses the most.

Ring... Ring... Ring...


Jiyong answers on the other line.

What took you so long?

The pout in Seunghyun's voice is evident, he really misses him.

Sorry, Hyung. I was doing something. What's up?

I just got back at the hotel.

Just now?

Yeah. Our shoot ended a bit late today.

You must be exhausted.

I am.

Seunghyun answers with a deep sigh, lying down on his bed.

Awww, poor Baby.

I wish you were here.

Jiyong chuckles on the other line.

Why? So you can have someone to massage you?

Yeah. You know I don't let anyone else touch me.

Yahhh! Am I only good for that?

Now it's time for Seunghyun to chuckle.

You know you're good for so many other thing

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bunny8kwon #1
Chapter 15: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mamati #2
Chapter 4: Dam gd he's fany I really wish if was long
Mamati #3
Chapter 1: I enjoy so much it's like I'm in gdtop convtion but whys it's to short
krispattz #4
Chapter 5: JL always spoiling the mood 😤
krispattz #5
Chapter 4: yes Ji. JL is not good for hung 😜
daisiesss88 #6
Chapter 3: 💙 Ahhhhh!
krispattz #7
Chapter 2: Those two 🤣
krispattz #8
Chapter 1: So sweet 🥺