Put a ring on it

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Seunghyun asks Jiyong's permission to go to LA for a while to visit his paternal grandmother there and, at the same time visit some galleries and art exhibits. Jiyong didn't like the idea at first because one, he'd be gone for a month and a half, and two, they hadn't been separated since he got out of the military.


Jiyong shrieked, his voice echoing off the pristine white walls of their apartment.

"A month and a half? Seunghyun, have you lost your mind?"

Seunghyun, on the other hand, chuckled.

"Now, Jiyong-ah, don't be dramatic. It's just a visit to see my grandmother. She's not getting any younger, you know."

"But we haven't been apart since you finished your service!"

Jiyong pouted, crossing his arms like a petulant child.

"And LA? Land of sun-kissed models? Are you trying to tempt fate, huh?"

Seunghyun walked over, his warm hand finding Jiyong's.

"My eyes are only for you. Besides, it's not all fun and games. I have art exhibits to visit, galleries to explore, inspiration to find."

Jiyong scoffed.

"Inspiration, huh? More like inspiration to get distracted by all the pretty faces."

Seunghyun feigned hurt.

"Ouch, Jiyong-ah. You think I am like that?"

Jiyong's pout softened. He knew Seunghyun wouldn't stray, but the thought of him being away for so long gnawed at him. He sighed dramatically.


Jiyong rolls his eyes.

"Thank you."

Seunghyun comes to him to give him a peck on his obvious pout.



Three days later, Seunghyun hummed cheerfully as he packed his suitcase, the melody interrupted by a dramatic sigh from the bed.

"Jiyongie, are you still sulking?"

Jiyong sprawled across the duvet like a disgruntled cat and lifted his head to glare.

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bunny8kwon #1
Chapter 15: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mamati #2
Chapter 4: Dam gd he's fany I really wish if was long
Mamati #3
Chapter 1: I enjoy so much it's like I'm in gdtop convtion but whys it's to short
krispattz #4
Chapter 5: JL always spoiling the mood 😤
krispattz #5
Chapter 4: yes Ji. JL is not good for hung 😜
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Chapter 3: 💙 Ahhhhh!
krispattz #7
Chapter 2: Those two 🤣
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Chapter 1: So sweet 🥺