Chapter 4 - The Secret Garden

The Last Letter From my Lover


"Papa, I don't want to!" The daughter exclaimed

"You will come with us, or I will forget you as my daughter." The father threatened her

"Ma," The daughter beggingly cries to her mother

"Please, I don't want to go there. Ma," her teary eyes appeared, the mother can't do anything but follow what his husband wants. She showed apologetic eyes to her precious child that made the child sad. The kid ran away from the house with no toys or things in her hand when she's far away. She hid under a tree, sad, mad and frustrated, she cried her heart out. Suddenly she heard two kids approaching

"Hey! Why are you crying?" The stranger said

"Please, don't get sad. Here, have some ice cream." The stranger added

"Th-th-thank you." she stuttering said that made the girls smile at her

"Yazmin, he doesn't talk a lot," the other girl said

"Yeah, let's show him around here so he won't get sad," Yazmin said

"Let's play here!" she pointed at the monkey bar and ran to jump, swing, and play on it

"Just be careful Ayla!" Yazmin said, Ayla shouted

"Hey! Come with me! What's your name?" she asked but Sol only respond with silence

"Hmm, You look like a bear! So I'll call you Bear instead!" Sol grins at her and she replied

"You look like a rabbit so I'll call you Rabbit too!" Sol replied that made them laugh

"Where do you live?" Ayla asked

"At my house," Sol Replied

"Not that, Bear! Where do you exactly live?" Ayla laughed because of Sol's response

"Oh, I- I- don't know Rabbit. I only want to go away from our house and explore outside" Sol said that made Rina wonder a lot more, she saw Sol picking a sunflower and giving it to her by putting it behind her right ear.

"Marilag" Sol put a smile on Rina's face after what she said

"Hey look!" Rina was released from the monkey bar and held Sol's hand then pulled her to a mini garden near the monkey bar even Yazmin joined them

"Roses!" she picked three and gave the other one to Yazmin and her Bear

"Bear! This one's for you! It's beautiful, right? I also want tulips but I don't see one," Ayla said with a disappointed tone.

"Uncle always gives you Tulips Ayla, that's fine." Yazmin comforted Ayla

Then they heard a man shouted

"Hey! Why are you kids picking my flowers! Go home before I get and eat you all!" The man threaten the kids and ran away

Inside of Solara's mind, she was happy because she met 2 helpful people and they are fun to be around, but seeing Rabbit sad made her feel helpless. She promised to herself that she will build a secret garden that only she, herself will only know. So when the time they'll meet again, her Rabbit can pick and smell any flower she wants inside of the garden she built. But they're going to America next week, so she had a plan. Then Ayla tapped her shoulders and said

"What are you thinking Bear? It looks like your thinking something deep," Ayla asked her, she shook her head Sol to tell her that there's nothing to worry about. Ayla talked with Yazmin and there were kids who come close to Ayla, she didn't notice Bear but they saw a woman wearing a simple but elegant dress and went straight towards the direction of her Bear that she simply ignored.

"SOLARA! Thank God you're only here, go home with mama please?" The mother beggingly said, Solara just nodded and hugged her tightly and said goodbye to her new friends

"Bye Rabbit! Bye Yazmin!" Yazmin waved back but Ayla ran towards her and hugged her.

"Let's meet again Bear!" She said

"I will, I promise," she said and waved again at Ayla, Ayla waved back and watched Sol walking away with her mother. Yazmin saw Rina sad and asked

"Rina, why are you sad?"

"Yazmin, I want to know him more. Actually, he's my crush"

"He's she Ayla"

"No! He's a he! He looks handsome with her hair Yaz!"

"So what if he didn't show up here in the park"

"I'll wait for him, he's handsome and shy Yazmin"

"hahaha you're funny, alright" then they went home

"Mama, can I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Is it possible that we can have a secret garden in the house? Where papa won't even know we have one?"

"Hmm, sure! But we need a gardener for that, we're going to America next week."

"I guess that's fine for me, Ma" While her mother is carrying her, Sol kissed her mother and said

"Thank you, Ma! Can we put Red Roses and Tulips there?"

"Yes of course! Anything for my beautiful daughter" Then she rubbed the head of her daughter and went home

After a week

"Mama, why am I wearing a blindfold?"

"It's a secret, just follow me." Sol just followed her mother and stopped, she took the blindfold off and let Sol see the beauty of the secret garden she built for her

"Is this garden alright for you?" Her mother asked

"It's more than I could ever wish I love you Ma!" Sol hugged her mother tightly that painted a huge smile on her face

"I remember that time, you also gave me roses that you only picked in a garden. We almost got caught by the owner, I built this garden so when the time we meet again. You can pick any flower you want here." Sol said to Rina, Rina hugged her as a sign of gratitude they sat on the bench and Rina said

"I changed Bear, I don't want to pick flowers anymore" Rina frankly said that made Sol quite sad

"Someone said to me that when you really love a flower, you shouldn't pick them up. It dies that's why we should water it daily so it can grow, care and blossom more. Do you understand Sol?" Sol nodded and hugged Rina tightly because she missed her long lost Rabbit "I miss you Rabbit"

"Me too, you silly Bear. Thank you for this!" Rina's smile is worth a thousand words for Sol 

"Let's go inside Rina, it's getting dark right now," Sol said, Rina followed her to the room and they took a bath and now they're laying down next to each other, just like what happened yesterday.



Rina's asleep so I wrote poems and letters. She looks like a princess while sleeping, and that makes me adore her that much. I'm done writing, so I put them in an envelope. I directly went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. When I was done cooking, I went to the room and saw she's awake then invited her to have breakfast. After we ate, she takes a bath because she's going to the university. I sneaked into the room and put the envelope in her bag. Then prepared my things because I'm also going to the university, but I stopped for a moment because the telephones rang. I picked it up and it's my father who called

F: Lara, when you graduate you'll come back here in the U.S, stop hiding there in the Philippines!

S: I'm here because I'm studying, I'm busy.

F: You will go here when you graduate or I'll forget you as my daughter, wala kang kwenta! Good thing Carla is there, who always follows what I want.

S: First of all, you were the one who made me like this. If you weren't a control freak I'll probably go there next week. But you're just, toxic! I want to go there but I don't want to be with you! Nasasakal ako pag kasama ka, gusto mo ikaw laging nasusunod. I'm not your puppet, I'M YOUR DAUGHTER! I never even feel loved by you, you have your favorites anyways!

F: It's for your own best Lara! I only do this for your own sake! Won't you be thankful for having nice and wonderful cars, having everything that you want and need because of me? Wala ka bang utang na loob?!

S: I ONLY WANTED YOUR LOVE PA! I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND ME! YES, I'M THANKFUL FOR HAVING THESE BUT I JUST WANT YOU TO BE PROUD OF ME! FOR WHAT I DID! I didn't even follow my dream because of you! I just wish that you'll be proud of me pa that's all!

I end the call, it was full of frustration. The tears from my face started to fall and I can still feel the pain that makes me want to tremble. Until I feel someone's embrace, it made me freeze because the hug was different from the usual hugs people gave me, I turned around to see, the beautiful woman who's comforting me. I hugged her tight and she rubbed my back to make me feel that everything will be alright. She kissed my temple and hugged me again, sometimes I don't need someone to talk to. I just need a hug, not just any hug. I need her hug because it makes me feel warm, it makes me feel like I'm at home.


I'm done taking a bath and borrowing Sol's clothes, When I was done I picked my bag and went to the living room, I heard Sol shout so I quickly ran to her then heard the conversation. After she ended the call I hugged her to comfort her, she turned around and hugged me tightly while crying. I don't know why but I can't stand her crying like this, my heart's also aching when I hear her crying. I kissed her temple to calm down, I don't even know why I did that, isn't that only for lovers?

"I heard the whole conversation, I'm sorry Sol," I said

"No it's okay, let's go? We'll go to the university right? I also need to go." She said

"Yeah, I'll just return the book that I borrowed, I have a copy because Yazmin gave me," I answered

"Oh, I also need to return a book to the university then I'll head back home." She said while we're walking to her garage

"Can you come with me? After that, I want to go somewhere please." I said

"Hmm, okay it's 9 o'clock I'll pick you up at 10:30 at my favorite place ok? Don't do something stupid again while I'm not around, you might get into an accident again dumb head."

She said that made her laugh

"That's a joke? ha ha. funny." I said

" Para ka namang bata Rina" Sol said

We got in one of her cars, she's fetched me then she also went to her university to do her tasks. I went straight to her favorite place because my job here is done. I just sat on a tree and opened my bag, I noticed there's an envelope that's not mine. I opened it and it was full of Sol's letters and poems. I read the letters and poems then my face turned red while I'm reading, they're actually kinda silly. But why would Sol give me this? While I was cracking a smile at what I'm reading


She screamed and hold my shoulders to make me scared. I shouted that made her practical joke successful, she laughed out loud that made me pissed at her  What the heck Solara. I brutally punched her arms then kicked her legs, she kneeled in front of me and says sorry. After the fight we had, she asked me.

"Have you eaten for lunch Rina?" I got irritated but I also have a plan, I said

"Not yet, that's why you're gonna treat me at my new favorite restaurant! Come with me Sol, you'll gonna treat me and I'll be the one who's driving." I said while keeping my things in the bag and went to the car. I'm the one who's driving then here we are at my favorite restaurant Lara's restaurant.


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