Chapter 5 - A Date?

The Last Letter From my Lover

 I haven't eaten in this restaurant for a month here and I'm craving some Lumpiang Shanghai and Caldereta. It's like we're going on a date

"Sol, what do you want? You're gonna treat me right?" I joyfully asked

"Tristan I want to try the new one, Calamares."

"Sige po Miss. Lara, your order will be in 30 minutes po.

Oh, seems like she also eats at my favorite restaurant that even the staff knows her? But I don't even see her eating here? There's a lot of staff smiling at us that's why I wondered, are we that beautiful or Sol's something here.

The Shanghai and Caldereta tastes so goooddd but I guess the Calamares tastes better that's why

"Sol" I called her while she's observing the customers

"Is the Shanghai and Caldereta delicious?" She asked

"Yes, this is my favorite restaurant! Tapos mukhang masarap din yung Calamares mo." I answered that make her chuckle

"Oh," She said and gave me a bite using her fork I smiled and said

"Woah! It's delicious Sol, give me more pleasee."

"Buy your own." She answered

"Argh! You're really rude Solara." I continued eating then she laughed after what I said, she really likes to annoy me. The staff and customers are looking at us and I'm getting anxious about this. After we finished eating, I know she's the one who'll pay the bills. But Tristan said

"Miss Lara, no need na po. You're the owner of the restaurant that's alright it's free."

My eyes went big and she smiled at me and said

"guess I never need to pay today." She laughed and Tristan said, 

"Miss Lara, I wish you had a great date today with your partner po, you look good together." With the smile of the other staff, I panicked and said

"Uh, no! Uhm, we're just friends."

"Why are you blushing Rina?"

Sol teasingly asked and the staff giggled

"Maybe right now you're friends but the next day you 2 are lovers. Don't worry, we don't hate gays and will never tolerate homophobic people here. We support them to have a good day Miss Lara and Miss Rina!

We just giggled and they wave at us to say goodbye we also responded with a wave. Hmm, that's why staffs call her Lara because she's the owner of my favorite restaurant, also the teasing of her staff makes me go crazy. I don't know why I'm imagining having a relationship with her right now, maybe I have feelings for her right now but I think it will be full of butterflies but there will also be full of parasites that will eat each butterfly just to stop them from spreading. But I don't know what destiny's plan for us maybe one day when we'll like each other, everyone will accept us too. All I know is I suddenly got feelings for her, not just because of her face, talents, and money. I just don't know she just feels like home.


"Sol, we still need to go somewhere." She said

"Why? Where are we going again? It's noon" I asked

"Basta, I just wanted to reward myself with what I do in my academics. I also want you to join me because it's my safe and favorite place, come with me please."

She answered I can't resist those eyes so I let her drive until we arrived at the carnival. We enjoyed the rides and we play games together, it's a good thing I'm great whenever I play those games that's why she always has the rewards. She was hungry for a moment so we went to some store to buy snacks while we're buying snacks she said "Have you experienced going to carnivals in the U.S? I brought you here because I don't want you to be sad, especially because of what happened to you and your father " she cutely said that made me smile and said

"Not much, I'm busy with my academics. I sometimes visit but I don't really want to, I don't like crowded places. But I'm still thankful to be with you here.''

But our last ride is riding a rollercoaster, she's nervous but she still wants to ride with me. We're here sitting and our seatbelts are tight, I can feel her hands shaking so I hold her hand. Her shaking hands stop and I saw her smile at me and the rollercoaster starts to move I said to her

"Don't be nervous and get scared Rina okay? I'm here." She nodded and smiled

"We're like a rollercoaster, it's dizzy, it's up and down," I said then she looked at me

"yeah because you're stupid," She said

"Uh, really? I'm not the one who almost got into an accident!" Aggressively saying to her but she's laughing, my eardrums had a lot of damage due to her ear-splitting scream. Help... The ride stopped we unbuckled our seats and she's still screaming



''ABA TARANTADO KA HALIKA DITO!" I can feel the wrath of her when someone calls her ugly because she's not. But what did I say... She's chasing me right now, I really thought I was the scary one. This woman's different she's the one who said that maybe I'm a murderer but now it's in reverse. While she's chasing me she didn't notice a block, I tried to get her but now we're on the floor and she faced to my right and said

"Ouch Sol where are you?! Sometimes I really want to punch you or kiss y-" she stopped talking when she noticed that she's on top of me. I got up and said

''Kiss what?''

''Kiss you using my fist''

I teasingly pouted my mouth because she looks annoyed but she went closer that made me panic a lot until a familiar voice shouted at us.

"HOY SOL AT RINA! She came closer

''Aba ginoong maria napupuno ka ng grasya ang panginoon ay sumasaiyo. Bukod kang pinagpala sa babaeng lahat at pinagpala naman ang 'yong anak na si Hesus Santa Maria ina ng Diyos ipanalangin mo and dalawang nagkakalat na ito ay sana patawarin mo. Amen" She added with a prayer

''What the 2 of you are doing?? Not here idiots! There's a lot of kids here! Everyone's looking at the two of you come with me!'' she said

"If you weren't a flirt Rina we wouldn't be in that situation'' I said that made her eyes bigger that made her quiet.

''Hey Sol, stop'' Kate said then I shut up, she looks disappointed at what I said am I that harsh? 


I was scared because of what Sol said to Ayla. She still doesn't know that my cousin was in love with her since the day they first met. I'm sure Ayla was offended because of what Sol said, but I had an idea! It's a good thing that my friend Ligaya is with me tonight, I have a plan! Someone tapped my shoulder then a tall woman showed up

"Ligaya!!!!'' I hugged her and introduced her to my companions

''Ligaya, Sol and Rina. Rina is my cousin, Sol is Rina's friend''

''It's nice to meet you, Sol and Rina, I'm Ligaya Dela Vega I'm the author of One of These Nights-''

''Wait you're the author of this book that I'm reading?" Sol showed the book and Ligaya nodded

''Woah! Can I hug you? I love your book! Can I also have a signature?'' she excitedly said and Ligaya just smiled and nodded, while they were talking they got interrupted because of Rina

"Does that take a lifetime? What are your plans, Kate?"

"Uh, yes Ligaya and I are planning to watch the performance for tonight it's her treat!''

''Let's go,'' Rina said she became cold, she's really jealous.

Everyone waited for the singers to perform when the show is about to begin Sol was shocked but smiled the host said

Now, everyone gives a round of applause for our performer for today Wanda!

Everyone gave a round of applause and Sol whispered

''I miss you, Wanda''

Rina heard but ignored what Sol said, she became more jealous and quiet around. Sol really noticed Rina became discreet. On the other hand, while Wanda started singing it looks like Ligaya was captivated by Wanda we always watch performances here but she isn't this focused on other singers rather than Wanda.

''Seems you like her ah!''


Then blushed, the show ended and Wanda get out of stage then she directly went in Ligaya's direction which made Ligaya nervous then Wanda said

''Sol??? You're here? I missed you so much!''

''Me too! I miss you too a lot!''

''You have new friends ah! Who are these beautiful ladies especially the one right there?'' Then points at Rina

''Stop, not her Wanda.'' I heard what Sol said, is she also jealous?

''I'm just joking, do you like her? You're staring at her deeply.''  Wanda said

''Uhm... I don't know what to say Wanda let's talk there!" Sol said in a panic

"Hey, guys let's meet at the Ferris wheel later we'll just have a t-talk" she stuttering said maybe Sol's shy to admit that she likes Rina. Then I saw Rina's eyes she became sadder when she saw Sol walk away. Just like what she did before when we were young, I come closer to Rina to comfort her, while she's still quiet I asked Ligaya

''You heard what they said Ligaya?"

Ligaya nodded and said

''I guess, she and her friend really need to talk. Let's go to the Ferris Wheel!'' she Joyfully said


Her voice made my ears and heart captivated in addition to that, it felt a whirlwind of emotions after she went in my direction. Thinking it was a dream, yes. Even if I wasn't the person she's looking for, quite nervous at first but I also admire her especially when she smiled at me. I was about to get jealous but I overheard the conversation of Sol and Wanda, I thought Sol likes Wanda too gosh. While observing Rina, she became aloof and still when I and Wanda came. If she's in a relationship with Sol she'll be a green-eyed monster, but she must be thankful and lucky. I almost liked Sol until her short cute friend showed up. Wishing to know Wanda more, we're here near the Ferris wheel waiting for them while I'm still on my thoughts about her. There's a lot of people around here, but as the tallest among the three. I effortlessly saw Sol and Wanda talking while they're walking, Sol smiled at me and teasingly looked at Wanda. What's going on?


We're in the back to pack my things and I talked to her.

"You liked the one I pointed at right? I knew you since high school.''

"Yes, you really know me that well Wanda. Her name is Rina, I also saw you looking at Ligaya do you like her?" she asked

''You know I don't believe in love, at first sight, Sol.'' she showed a sad expression that made me grin

''But when I saw your friend, she was the exception,'' I added that made her eyes also smile

''I said it, you look good together Wanda!'' She teased me

"Also you with Rina, why don't you make a confession Sol?'' I asked her

''I did, by writing her letters I put it in the envelope in her bag" she responded

"Did she read it?''

"I don't think so"

"What if you tell her right now? That you like her?"

"I'm scared, she was cold at me all the time this day."

"What did you do?''

"I don't know, I just said if she wasn't a flirt w-''

I smacked her head what a moron

"Even if I'm Rina I'll never talk to you "

"Am I that harsh?"

"Yes, I thought your rude phase is over because you have good friends now."

"I really need to say sorry Wanda, help me."

"Hay, we're near the Ferris wheel I have a plan,'' I said then she hugged me and smiled in gratitude

"Hey, Wanda look it's Ligaya!"

She smiled at Ligaya and teased me what a brat Solara Concepcion Fernandez.

"Guys, I sincerely apologize for not introducing my friend properly. This is my friend, Wanda Son. She's been my best friend since high school, I really miss her so much because she's the only friend I had until I met the 3 of you'' she happily introduced me to her new friends.

"I'm proud of you Sol! You know now how to communicate" the 3 of them laugh and Sol got mad

''Of course! I'll be an engineer how will I communicate with my customer Wanda?!"

''Hahahahahaha calm down Sol I want to get to know your friends"

"Maybe only the tall one" she murmured

"Shut up! Want the plan or not? I scared her ing spirit up.

"JOKE! By the way, this is Kate Yazmin Trinidad Alvarez, she manages the hotel La Rouge. She's also the cousin of Rina Ayla Trinidad Chavez, the CEO's daughter of La Rouge-''

''WHAT?! Really? So you're the manager and you're the daughter of the CEO of the hotel I'm staying?! What a coincidence! It's nice to meet the 2 of you Miss Alvarez and Miss Fernandez.. ah... I mean Chavez..." Ligaya and Kate laughed while Sol and Rina became different then I looked at Ligaya and I introduced myself.

"Hi, I guess you're Ligaya right? I'm Wanda, you look beautiful and elegant miss Ligaya.'' I shake hands with her, she has a smooth hand and a pleasant smell that really got my attention.

"Yes, I am Ligaya Dela Vega. It's nice to meet you miss Wanda. You had a unique voice that captivated the ears and smiles of people." Everyone teased us, we both blushed and Sol added

"Ligaya is the author of one of my favorite books Wanda. Why didn't you introduce yourself as future wife huh?'' Karma is really real noh?

"Shut up Sol! Or else I will marry Rina" We all laughed and everyone got awkward but as a person who doesn't like awkwardness.

"Let's ride the Ferris wheel, please. I miss riding here!''

''Sure!'' They all agreed and I wish my plan will work

''Sol and Rina, can you 2 go first?'' Because the cabin has only 2 sits then I smirked at Sol

"I don't know if Rina wants to''

"I'll come with Solara." Hays, that's why always treat someone you like right, look at you Sol being a scared cat. I know Sol doesn't like to be called Solara because of some reason, but she didn't complain when Rina called her by her real name, my best friend is definitely in love.

They're inside now but Rina looks scared that's why Sol got closer to comfort her. The next cabin is good for 3 seats that's why the 3 of us went inside. I wonder what the 2 are doing right now.


I'm going crazy right now, I'm beside her! I'm thinking about what happened lately, her shaking my hands and complimenting me. I feel a lot of joy inside me, not until Kate disrupted me and Wanda.

"Wanda, what's the plan? You're great at your acting skills huh." Kate said

"Just wait for the two of them take a moment," Wanda said

"Wait? What acting skills?" I asked them

"Wanda and I know each other, she's my spy. When Sol and Rina visited the hotel, she went to my office and saw one of the pictures where Sol and Rina are dancing on the balcony. That's the time that she was Sol's best friend, we talked a little and had a plan. Then this is our plan, we're hoping that our plan will be successfulBut let this be our secret."  

Who could have predicted that? I'm still processing what Kate said until I heard Rina shout

"I like you, Sol! Why don't you get it?!"

I and Kate are shocked but Wanda just stay calm and said

"That's right"


Wanda is great at planning that's why I trust her. We're inside the cabin but it's still awkward. Maybe later I'll eat up my pride, the Ferris wheel started to move and I noticed her knees are shaking I hold her hand to make her calm down. But I looked at her teary eyes, I asked her

"Why are your eyes turning red huh?"

"Stop doing that Sol!"


"Stop holding my hand"

"Your knees are shaking, I want you to calm down Rina"

"Are you playing my heart?"

"Who sang my heart?'' I asked her that made her look pissed off

"Really Sol? You're dumb and numb to notice that you make me feel like I'm on a rollercoaster! Your inconsistency makes me feel more in trouble!"

"What do you mean Rina?"

"I like you, Sol! Why don't you get it!"

"You like me because?"

"I don't even know Sol! You're the only one who made me feel this way!"

"Sorry, but I don't like you, Rina." I saw the disappointment in her eyes

"Because I love you! so much! Have you even read the envelope that's inside your bag? Because I made those letters for you! The time I put the sunflower that has 9 petals behind your right ear at the park when we were kids and had you in a secret garden to admire the flowers around, dancing and singing a love song with you. Wasn't that enough to show that I admire and adore you since the day we met?"

I shouted and I can see the joy in her eyes. We're on the top seeing the views of lights with nature at night but nothing beats more than the view of her dazzling smile. When the ride is done, she holds my hand. Kate, Wanda, and Ligaya were cheering at us. But I'm getting anxious while walking, many people are watching us with judgemental faces so I said

"Rina, everyone's looking at us. I'm getting shy here"

"That's alright, I wanted to do this a long time ago. if they feel disgusted it's their problem, at least we have their attention. This is our date so we shouldn't care about the people around us"

I smiled then continued walking attention seeker pala ito.

We smile at each other that made me feel butterflies.


"You did a great job, Wanda," Kate said

"If it wasn't you who planned this, the mission will fail," I responded

"I'm still shocked, I don't know what to say," Ligaya said which made us laugh.

"Stay strong Sol and Rina" I greeted them

"Thanks, Wanda! Better make a move at Ligaya" Sol smirked haysss Ligaya's on my side! This woman's ruining my dignity!

"Guys, we should go home. It's 9 pm, Rina come with me-"

"Uhm Kate, I'll stay at Sol. Her house is closer than yours"

"Sus, you just want to sleep beside the love of your life."

"Hoy!" And everyone laughed

"Kate, I'll go with you," Ligaya said

"I'll be on a date eh, how about go with Wanda? She'll be staying at the hotel and you're living near the hotel. Magsabay nalang kayo"

"If it's fine for W-"

"She will be fine! Wanda, go with Ligaya ok? Take care!" Kate said

Then the 3 of them left.


When we got home, I noticed she's always staring at me. I was getting anxious about my appearance, but then she hugged me and I said

"I'm willing to court you, Rina" I sincerely said

"What if we're aren't meant to be? What will you do?" Rina asked

"It depends on us if you think we are meant to be we are, for me. I noticed that we are the ones who make our destiny, we choose, we decide things that would make us happy, but we should accept the consequences because that's also our responsibility. If you will always choose to love me, despite the hardships that we will be facing in the future. Because I will always be going to choose you, we would last. In fact, I'm willing to fight and die for you, Rina." I answered

"So do I, Sol," she responded then they both lay down in bed and hugged each other tightly until they fall asleep


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