CLICK! ♡ [minzy x taeil - college au]

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Taeil is a music major at the National College. His friends always tell him that he doesn't care about romance, and they’re right. It’s just too hard to get in his heart.

His only requirement when it comes to love?

Getting the ‘click!’.

Everything changes when the theology major, Gong Minzy, rings his door.




Characters. Taeil x Minzy

Genre. Slice of Life, Rom-com, Light-hearted

College AU. [related short stories]


disclaimer! I’m just a hopeless romantic who writes rom-com scenarios as a hobby. I like both artists, so I decided to make them the protagonists of this short story! I love their blossoming friendship and I can’t wait to support them in their future endeavours!


This is just a clumsy romance with 2NE1's Minzy and Taeil of BLOCK B as protagonists, I’m just obsessed by their performance on Double Trouble and the chemistry.  

This is such a random pairing, I’m not sure people will read this but I had so much fun writing it!


—Rosey ( Twitter, Tumblr, WattPad )


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