✵ polaris. 「dprian x cl semi-au」HIATUS


Mito and Ian are the two sides of the moon. Like the moon, Ian/Mito are different faces of the same person. Without one, the other would cease to exist. For some time, Ian manages to keep Mito behind closed doors, suppressing him the best he could. Chae is back in South Korea to finally claim what's rightfully hers. Fame. Recognition. Freedom. Love. She's the key that could free Mito, the cold and selfish bastard with no regard for others. And, he needs her to finally take over Ian, consuming the mutual attraction that links them. Ian is left to the side, witnessing the damage Mito caused to the woman he has secretly loved for years. She never seemed to reciprocate Ian's feelings, but felt immediately attracted to Mito. "What does that bastard have that I don't?" Ian is conflicted - to finally stay with Chae, the woman he's hopelessly in love with, and burning her down like a used candle or to let her go and keep loving her from afar?


Necessary warning.

This fic Is loosely inspired by “So Beautiful” and “5STAR”.

I’m in no way trying to romanticize mental illness. DID is a serious matter and this is just the exploration of the concept treated in the m/v in a fictional way (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and in no way an accurate depiction of this disorder. If this makes you uncomfortable, please don’t go further.




I zoomed in on her face and noticed a rebellious lock of hair levitating in the warm breeze brought by the sea of Crete.

I took a few steps towards her and slowly brought my hand to the strand of hair covering her shiny eyes in the attempt of tucking it behind her ear.


My heart sank. She avoided my hand, a slight hint of panic in her voice. I knew she did not want it to make it awkward for me. She was like that. Making people uneasy wasn’t her thing.

“I-I got this!”. She fixed her hair by herself.

That small episode perfectly mirrored the unrequited feelings I had been growing for a year and a half in her favor. I resented myself for not being able to keep those feelings from developing any further. That strong admiration slowly became a solid friendship and before I realized it, I was into her world.


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