My Insolent Housemate! [ dara x p.o au ]


The universe is clearly trying to set P.O up. 
He's certain of that the moment he sees none other than Sandara Park stepping through the door of the flat he just rented from his friend, Cho Saeho. It's no secret that he's been admiring her since trainee days, and his now-tinted-red ears are a dead giveaway that her crush for her is far from gone.

Living in the same four walls, he now has the chance to finally get to know the true Dara - away from spotlights and cameras - but they're not alone: Saeho  the landlord will live with them, acting as P.O's wing-man but also third-wheel.

Will P.O manage to put his shyness away and get closer to her?



Characters. Pyo Jihoon (P.O), Sandara Park (Dara), Cho Seho.

Genre. Sit-Com (?), Fluff, Slice of Life, Rom-com



  • Just a random collection of one-shot/scenarios with 2NE1's Sandara Park and P.O of BLOCK B as protagonists.
  • Mainly inspired by the show "My celeb roomies" / "My insolent housemate".
  • Will upload once in a while, sorry-
  • Didn't see a lot of PyoDara fics so I decided to write it myself
  • The different stories might not be necessarily related, but I originally came up with a loose plot and chronology behind.
  • In the AU they're all themselves minus the fact they are being filmed for a show. In here they're co-habiting because "situations"

// I felt so invested in Saeho, Pyo and Dara's blossoming friendship on the show and felt so giddy watching PyoDara interactions. I haven't found many ffs about this thus I decided to write my own! To keep it easy to manage I decided to go for a collection of small scenarios to add once in a while. I went all out with the graphics (heavily inspired by the promotional posters of "Another Oh Hae Young" Musical) because I wanted to celebrate the first pure fluff/slice of life/rom-com ff I'm ever writing! I'm used to writing very intense and angsty stuff, this is a different direction I wanted to take. 

—Rosey( Twitter, Tumblr, WattPad )



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