II : Near Accident

Song of A Star

Soobin woke up with a massive headache and a ringing ear with a question in his mind; why he didn't have future dream? Although his dreams of the future were not consistent and always being random while in snippets, this time he got a dark, blank one.

Not to mention having a painful migraine accompanied with a ringing sound echoing in his ear but it was tolerable.

He decided to take a shower as he wanted to get some food into his system. As soon as he changed into his fresh clothes, his phone ringed.

It was from his mom so he gladly accepted it.

"Hmm~ Eomma?" Soobin automatically put up his aegyo voice. "Oh, Soobin-ah~ Happy birthday sweetie~ And congratulations on winning the award~" his mom's voice was sweet and full of proud towards her youngest child. The leader beamed with happiness hearing the wishes from his beloved mom.

"Thanks, mom~"

"Are you okay over there? You didn't get sick or anything, right?"

"Mom~ I'm fine..." Soobin whined as soon as he heard his mom started to worry about him. A chuckle can be heard from the phone's speaker.

"Arasso, arasso. Oh, I better get going! Contact later! Bye Soobin-ie~" his mom then hanged the call.

He felt bad lying to his mom but it's true tho, he only had a migraine so he didn't really think it can get worse, right? Not long after, he heard a knock on his hotel door. Soobin stuff his painkiller into his pocket before reaching towards the door.

Hueningkai and Taehyun greeted him when he opened up his door.

"Soobin-ie hyung~ Yeonjun-ie hyung and Beomgyu hyung are already downstairs, want to head to breakfast together?" Hueningkai asked the elder while patting his stomach, a typical habit of the maknae. What they failed to notice was that Hueningkai frowned a bit as soon as he touched Soobin but it didn't last long.

"Sure. Come on! We don't want to keep them waiting, right? I can't wait to eat some bread," the bunny boy felt like his migraine had lessen a bit and he was sure that the cause of his headache was his hunger in the early morning.


It was a few hours after he consumed his painkiller but it seems like it didn't help in reducing his pain at all. 

So, he decided to stay inside their van while the others took a quick shopping spree before going to the airport.

They had about 5 hours before their flight home to Korea and although the leader also wants to go around eating Japan's desserts, the short ringing in his ear made him unable to hear people well if he wanted to ask for directions.

"Soobin-ah, are you okay? You look pale. Don't you want me to drop you to the clinic while waiting them to finish up their sightseeing?" his manager asked him while scanning his features with worry.

The boy smiled faintly while shaking his head, appreciating the offer.

"I'm fine, hyung. Just a migraine. I think I'll recover with a quick nap," he adjusted himself to a more comfortable position before falling back to sleep.


Meanwhile, Hueningkai and Taehyun were just finished buying things that they wanted, so they decided to get back to their van.

As they were walking, Taehyun opened up his concern to his friend.

"Kai-ya. What do you think happen to Soobin-hyung?"

The maknae hummed in silence, also worrying about his gum hyung.

"I don't know. He seemed to be in pain when we went to his hotel room earlier. And I also saw he didn't eat much and took some painkiller after breakfast."

"Me too. He's usually a big eater but it seems that he's not today."

Taehyun frowned while recounting back their leader's actions today. He even willingly stayed behind in their van.

Hueningkai sensed that the atmosphere began to get heavy so he tried to lift it up.

"I think we shouldn't think too much, Taehyun-ah! See? I also bought him his favourite breads in order to cheer him up!"

Lifting a paper bag full of breads, Taehyun smiled, approving his friend's idea.

"Good! Now let's get back to van. We have about 4 hours to go to the airport."


The two maknaes approached their van. As soon as they opened the door, they were met with Soobin's whimpering. Seeing their hyung in pain, Taehyun and Hueningkai quickly went inside.

"Hyung?! Soobin-hyung!" Taehyun tried to shake him awake. Their manager heard Taehyun's distressed voice and quickly spun his head around.

"Soobin? Boys, what happened to him?"

Hueningkai touched the giant bunny boy but he quickly retracted his hands while he hugged himself. He can feel the amount of pain that his hyung was feeling at the moment and it hurts as hell.

"Huening? Are you okay?" Taehyun noticed the act. The said boy shaked his head, indicating that he's fine before answering their manager.

"Soobin-hyung has a high fever."

The manager was shocked but he kept his calm.

"Okay. I want you two to try wake him up. And when Yeonjun and Beomgyu came back, tell them what happened. I'll go and find any nearby pharmacies to purchase some medicine, okay?"

The maknaes nodded and with that, their manager went out of the van.

Just as he got out, both Yeonjun and Beomgyu arrived at their van. They were really confused when they saw their manager leave in a hurry. Noticed the serious face on Hueningkai, Yeonjun asked the younger.

"Huening-ah, what happened?" Beomgyu also leaned in to see what was happening.

"Soobin-hyung has a high fever and he's whimpering in his sleep. We also don't know what caused his sickness," Hueningkai replied with a frown. Unknown to s, Hueningkai had a healing gift, like literally healing. He can heal people and also can feel their pain, just like what happened earlier before going to the breakfast buffet.

He felt Soobin's pain and he was shocked with the degree of the pain was but now, the pain was intolerable which made him unable to help absorbing it to help the leader.

"Soobin-hyung what?! Aigoo, he should've told us if he's sick," Beomgyu whined but still worried sick of the elder.

Yeonjun fixed his gaze towards the whimpering Soobin. He noticed that he was starting to spout some words but it was inaudible.

"Taehyun-ah, can you try to hear what he said?"

Hearing the suggestion, Taehyun went near to Soobin in order to catch what he was saying.

"Stop... No... I-I... N-need... T-to... Asdfghjkl..." Taehyun can't hear the last words mumbled by the elder. He told them what he heard to the others.

"He said stop and something else that I can't hear."

As soon as he informed them, Soobin got up immediately. He was bathe with sweat.

Beomgyu and Yeonjun were startled with the abrupt action. Hueningkai and Taehyun quickly scanned through the leader's conscious state.

"Are you okay, hyung? Did you hurt anywhere?" 

"I- ugh!" Soobin was about to reply but the ringing came back to him along with a massive headache.

A vision came through his mind where an accident is about to happen soon.

He gasped as soon as it ended. He looked around and saw s staring at him worriedly but he noticed a missing person.

"Where's manager-hyung?" He asked through gritted teeth. The pain kept on getting stronger but he willed himself to stay awake. The vision that he got earlier made him on edge.

"He's buying medicine for you. But never mind that, hyung... You look like you're about to pass out." Beomgyu retorted.

Soobin's eyes got big and muttered a 'no' under his breathe before hurriedly went out the van and started sprinting somewhere.

The other members were so shocked by Soobin's sudden action but they managed to recover quickly before going after him while calling out his name.

Soobin ran towards a lane where there's a pedestrian walk. He stop running to catch his breath while grabbing his head in an attempt to lessen the pain. It was a quiet road to be fair with no to less cars around.

He then spotted his manager from across the road, carrying a plastic bag full of meds and water bottle while hurriedly trying to cross the road.

However, what he failed to notice was that there's an out-of-control truck heading towards him.

Soobin knows exactly what will happen next, as he quickly ran towards him. He tackled their manager out of the way from the truck until both of them was on the ground. The remaining TXT members witnessed the event with a stunned expression on half of their faces while the other half put on an unreadable front.

The truck was then seen crashed on one of the electric pole far in a distance of 2 meters from them. Their manager got up in a half sitting position as he tried to access the situation. He looked at the person who tackled him and saw that it was Soobin.

The giant bunny leader was knocked out cold due to the impact while being surrounded by his group members and their manager.




Another story update for this story although it seemed a bit rushed. Anyways, the next person for its secret to be revealed is *drum roll*....


I saw another author's work about him having healing powers by absorbing their pain so I took the inspiration from them but I'll be altering them a bit. I'll update my character chapter for Hueningkai.

Thanks for reading this and I'll be back with another chapter! 

The next one might revealed two people's secrets but who knows *wink wink*...

Bye and have a nice day~ 




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