Song of A Star

I'll be only writing some simple informations about the characters. Whenever the member's secrets were revealed, I'll update them in this chapter. I'm sorry in advance if I got them wrong because I'm still new as a MOA 😅😅

Here we go~:

Choi Soobin

Position: Leader, Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, Visual

Nickname: Giant Rabbit, Cucumber

Likes: Bread, Rice cakes and snacks, reading

Secret: Precognition (visions)/Prophetic dreams (updated)


Choi Yeonjun

Position: Dancer, Vocal, Rapper, Visual, Fake Maknae (The eldest)

Nickname: Healing

Likes: Mint chocolate, dancing

Secret: Having heightened senses, all 5 senses (updated)


Choi Beomgyu

Position: Vocal, Rapper, Dancer, Visual

Nickname: Bamgyu, Cookie

Likes: Garlic bread, mangos, steamed chestnuts, playing computer games

Secret: ???


Kang Taehyun

Position: Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, Visual

Nickname: Hyunnie, Honey

Likes: Caramel Flavoured popcorn, working out, practice

Secret: Have the ability to use magic (updated)



Position: Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Nickname: NingNing, Hyuka

Likes: Touching the member's bellies, bread and mint choco ice cream

Secret: Healing/pain absorption (updated)

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