When Leader Splits into Two


Who would have thought that by performing aegyo during Weekly Idol filming causes Onew to suddenly developed a double personality disorder. Was his condition of developing DID was recent or was it way back before Shinee was formed? Can the members help curing their leader? 


Watching Onew changed into NaengDubu after he did aegyo made me shuddered. So, I thought why don't I made a story of him having a double personality.. ^^

Sorry if it didn't met your expectations... =_='

Oh, and I don't think that I will be able to do angsty story much..


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Chapter 5: Thank you so much for updating this story
This past years really hard for us
Looking forward to the next chapters
Chapter 4: RIP oppa
Chapter 4: RIP oppa
Angel-princess #4
Chapter 4: Today’s events have affected so many people, and although I don’t know what you should do about this story, I will just say that I have really enjoyed this story so far, but if you feel like it’s not okay to Jonghyun to continue, you shouldn’t do that.

Stay strong, and talk to others if everything seems too much. My PM is always open if you need it, also if you just want to talk about how amazing of a person Jonghyun was.
Angel-princess #5
Chapter 2: Good luck on your exams. Hope you do well<3
Chapter 2: I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for the exams. Please dont feel pressured by us readers, we can surely wait ^~
Chapter 2: Dont feel pressured to update. Just wait til u strike the gold in ur mind :D Acads, family, exams, etc. Good luck w/ all of them!
Chapter 1: I am HOOKED on this. This is brilliant
Chapter 1: Im so gonna wait for the nxt update
Can't wait for the first chapter