I : Soobin

Song of A Star

'Why did I agree to be the leader again?' was what Choi Soobin thought when he saw how chaotic the hotel room was with Beomgyu teasing the eldest, Yeonjun.

The five of them had finished their Vlive while celebrating Soobin's birthday after attending the MAMA Awards in Japan where the maknaes of the group, Taehyun and Hueningkai brought a Jenga game which leads to a bet on the loser will order room service for late night food. 

Eventhough they're noisy since most of them are extroverts, he never wanted to be left out as he care and love s. Besides, it was his room that they crashed into as it was his birthday after all.

Being experts on Jenga, all of them really didn't want to lose. It was Yeonjun's turn when the structure of the Jenga became very unstable. The eldest kept on observing the blocks while thinking of scenarios in his head of which block can be removed. Beomgyu, being the obnoxious person he is, playfully provoked him.

"Ah, hyung~! Hurry up! No matter which block you'll choose, it will fall anyways... Thanks in advance~" he gave out some aegyos to make him angrier. Yeonjun being irritated with the provocation took a deep breath to calm himself. When he found a block that can be safely removed, he just flicked it.

Soobin and Beomgyu who both get startled easily almost jumped on their seat by their hyung's bold play.

"Woooahhh, that's cool, Yeonjun-hyung," Taehyun was impressed by the act while Hueningkai clapped and laughed with amazement. 

It was Soobin's turn next which Beomgyu decided to change target.

"Soobin-hyung~ Please lose, please lose," he said while kept making weird faces to Soobin.

The leader just put up his poker face as he always did when Beomgyu tried to make him mad. As he was about to take out a block on the right side, he hesitated for a while before changing to the block on the left. He then proceeded to take out the block. Unfortunately, his block caused the Jenga structure to collapse. The other members shout and celebrated happily with the leader's demise. Beomgyu ran around the room, Yeonjun jumped up from his seat and did a small dance while the maknaes hug each other.

The TXT's giant rabbit gave an unreadable expression. He sighed as he stood up and went to the hotel's phone beside the bed. 

"Hello. May I ask if room service is available?" Soobin asked in English as his Japanese was not very fluent. The receptor replied with a yes and then, he proceed to ask the members. "What you guys want?"

Taehyun asked for tonkatsu, Hueningkai wanted udon while Beomgyu asked for steak. Yeonjun on the other hand, asked for ramen with double portions. After hearing out the requests, he repeated them to the person on the line, not forgetting his order of pasta. Then, he was informed that it will take about half an hour for their food to arrive and he hanged up after saying thanks to the operator.

"Guys, they said it will take about half an hour for the food to arrive. Wanna play some other games while waiting?" The members nodded and they decided to play mafia game.

After half an hour later, they heard a knock from their hotel's door. Soobin quickly went to the door and opened it. A hotel staff greeted him while pushing a trolley of food that they asked. Soobin replied back with a polite bow and gave a simple 'thank you' in Japanese before taking over the trolley for him to bring inside his room.

"Guys, help me take the food away please," he called out to the members to help him out.

Taehyun and Yeonjun approached him and carefully setting up the table while Soobin was busy inspecting the foods, making sure that they got the right order. 

They soon indulged into their food in silence with some small exclamations saying that the food was delicious. 


After finishing up their meal, the other 4 members left his room for them to return to their own rooms. After saying goodnight to each other, Soobin flopped onto his bed. He sighed while grabbing for his notebook that he hid under his pillow. The notebook contained all of his prophetic events each time he had precognitive dreams.

Oh, it seems like I forgot to mention about it. 

You see, Soobin had a small secret that he kept away from s. The reason is that he thought that his ability in having dreams about the future is not really that big of a deal for him to share with s and also he didn't really want to scare or creep s. He do know that the members won't judge him of his unnatural ability but nothing bad happened anyways and the future events inside his dreams were only small details with no big danger incoming. Besides, he can't control what he dreamed and he also didn't dream about everything in his every day. It's more kind of hit-and-miss when it comes with his dreams.

For instance, during their US showcases, he did dreamed about Beomgyu slipped and fall flat on the stage during their Chicago concert but he was able to prevent it by grabbing him on the back. While being interviewed about the incident, he put it off as natural reflex in order to not make it obvious that he knows about it. 

However, he didn't dreamed about Beomgyu's ankle injury in Atlanta. A part of him was a bit disappointed that he was unable to foresee the accident but he believed that s are strong and he was relieved seeing Beomgyu back to normal quickly, with all the other members comforting him.

He opened up his notebook and flipped through the pages until a certain page was reached with today's date. It read: 'the left side of the Jenga blocks is very unstable and caused the blocks to fall.' He just smiled while recapping back his dream, the situation was the same what happened earlier. To be honest, he already knew what s will order but he didn't want to be suspicious so he still asked for their opinion.

Soobin closed the notebook and immediately fallen into deep sleep.




Hi there~

I know I'm supposed to focus on finishing my stories, not making new ones but as a multi-fandom, I have many story ideas for each groups that I stan.

I'm a new MOA btw so I'm very sorry if I did injustice to any of the members ^^'

Anyways, hope you'll enjoy this story. 

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