III : Flashbacks

Song of A Star

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound from an IV drip that was connected to Soobin's forearm filled up the eerily quiet private room.

Beomgyu was carefully caressing Soobin's free arm while Hueningkai held his hands worriedly.

As soon as the leader passed out cold, their manager quickly brought all of them to the nearby hospital and straight to the emergency room.

Few checkups were made and luckily, the conclusion was that Soobin had high fever that caused him being hydrated as well as possible migraine. A nurse immediately attached an IV drip onto the unconscious boy.

The members were relieved that nothing serious happened to their hyung/dongsaeng. Their manager suggested them to rest at one of the hospital's private room while waiting for Soobin to wake up. Agreeing to the suggestion, they were left alone at the room where in the meantime, their manager briskly inform the company about the incident.

Yeonjun was leaning on the wall near the window while staring at Soobin's unconscious state. 

He felt like there's something fishy going on with his dongsaeng but can't put his thoughts around it.

Taehyun noticed Yeonjun's gaze on their leader and smoothly went up to him.

"What's the matter, hyung? You looked, concern."

The eldest briefly looked at Taehyun before staring back at the unconscious boy. He then put his hands into his jeans pockets.

"I don't know, Taehyun-ah. Something about the earlier incident made me thinking things," he sighed at his words.

"Do you think that Soobinie hyung is...." Taehyun trailed his sentence.

Catching up at what the boy mean, he just shrugged indicating that he himself are not sure.

"I'm confused on how worst Soobin condition is right now that made him passed out since he's someone who took extra care about himself. Even last night, he looked perfectly fine. As far as I'm concerned, he might be hiding something from us about his condition."

Taehyun nodded when hearing his hyung's statement.

"Hyung, do you think it's related to what he mumbled about when he's sleeping in the car?"

"It might be. But him running out of the van and seems to know what will definitely happen to manager hyung if he didn't pushed him away is what bothers me the most."

A few moments ago...

Seeing Soobin bolted out from the van made everyone present stunned but both Yeonjun and Taehyun were the first ones who snapped back to reality. Glancing at each other, they quickly followed Soobin's trail, Taehyun giving a nudge to both Beomgyu and Hueningkai.

All of them had trouble finding Soobin since they lagged behind. When they stopped for a while in order to find any clues on where Soobin headed, Yeonjun took a deep breathe and closed his eyes.

He focused all of his senses in order to look for Soobin. Not for long, he heard a familiar voice panting.

'Found you,' he thought and hastily went to where Soobin are while the others followed suit.

As soon as they were near the area, Yeonjun being the only person with heightened senses used his super sight and saw that there's an out-of-control truck.

Glancing at Taehyun, he decided to use the 'gift' bestowed by the younger boy.

'Taehyun-ah! There's an out-of-control truck coming headed towards both Soobin and manager-hyung! Can you try to avert it away from them?'

Taehyun seemed to be getting the telepathic message and nodded curtly at him.

'On it, hyung!'

Everything went by too fast.

Soobin throwing himself to the manager-hyung in order to get him out of the way from the truck's path.

Beomgyu and Hueningkai calling out Soobin's name and their manager's.

Taehyun muttered something slowly while his left hand was outstretched on the truck's direction from afar.

A magic circle momentarily appeared on the truck without anyone noticing except for Yeonjun and Taehyun.

The truck then changed it's direction, avoiding all of them on the scene and crashed onto a nearby pole.

They then heard the manager called out Soobin's name in distress and scrambling towards the both of them.

"Guys! Soobin's out cold! We need to bring him to the nearest hospital!" their manager rambled on before any of them had the opportunity to ask.

"I'll carry him to the van, hyung," Yeonjun volunteered himself. Being someone that have an abnormal strength than a normal person, he knows that it's better for him to piggyback Soobin back to their van.

Nodding at Yeonjun's suggestion, he and Hueningkai as he's the one crouched down to try to wake his gum hyung picked up Soobin's knocked out state and put him onto Yeonjun in a piggyback position.

Along the way, he was worried about the boy on his back while thinking about how does Soobin knows about the out-of-control truck was about to hit their manager.


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