part 2



( Anna’s pov)

This by far has been an amusing day starting with this so-called Bang guy and now, what seems to be Mark’s ex girlfriend. She seems to be very unique. She's the type of girls that get jealous easily, and she even called me Mark's new toy. I was going to say something back to her but he stopped me. After the bell rang we all went our own way but before I went to class I went into the restroom. As I walked in I noticed that there was someone else coming my way. I hid in the stalls when I noticed that it was Mark’s ex girlfriend. 

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t just say yes”

“I know right, why would he choose to be with the new girl, she’s not even pretty” said rose, or I think that’s her name. They were talking about Mark and how he was too good for someone like me. I was about to walk out and tell them off but then I heard someone whisper into the girls restroom. It sounded like it was from a guy. The girls laughed and then made their way out the door. I walked out the stall I was in and made my way out, being careful not to be seen or heard. 

“Bang, Joshua….how are you?” asked Lisa

“Lisa, You look good” said Bang

“What do you want Lisa?” said Joshua

“We need to talk about the new girl”


“Yes” said Lisa as they all talked about me. That's when I started to question what it was about me that they didn’t like. Joshua on the other hand didn’t want anything to do whatever they were talking about. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and what it all ended up being talked about. I waited til they all left and then I went and cleaned off my face. The fact that they would do something like this. The fact that they all agreed, it made me sick to the core but I wasn’t about to let them do this to me. 

(end of the day) 

School was soon over and I got together with the boys and JB.Mark wrapped his arm around my neck and asked if I was okay. I told him that everything was fine and that I was just hungry, he looked at me and laughed.

“You’re always hungry little lady bug”’ little ladybug is what he has called me ever since we were kids. 

“When are you going to stop calling me that, I’m not a child anymore” I said as we walked to a nearby cafe. We just laughed and made our way inside. The rest of the guys went and got us a table, while Mark and I went together to get  something to drink for all of us. I was deep in thought that I didn’t notice that the drinks were ready. Mark shook my shoulder and that was what got me out of the train of thoughts. I looked at him and smiled just because I knew that he would worry about me. We walked over to the table and handed everyone their drinks and I took a seat next to Jackson. 

“So you guys are coming from LA”

“‘Yeah we are, how about  you?”

"Im from Thailand" said bam bam 

"And I'm from Hong Kong" said Jackson

"And the rest of us are from here," said jinyoung. We talked and talked for what seemed like hours. I got to know the boys a lot more than what Mark had told me about them. They all seemed to really love what they do and soon they were asking JB to join their little group. It was getting late and I told the guys that I would catch them later. I grab my unfinished drink and make my way out of the coffee shop. As I left, I plugged in my headset to my phone and played some music. Making my way to the bus just thinking about what I had heard just a few hours ago. 

(Flashback/ Authors pov) 

"Let's make a bet"said Lisa

"I'm listening" said Bang

"Let's see which one of you two can make the newbie fall in love with you"

"Umm ok"

"No thanks" said Joshua 

"You're so boring," said Rose. Joshua didn't say a thing and told them that he was out of the bet. After a while he walked away, leaving the others behind. Bang on the other hand agreed. 

"Ok I'm in… . But what if I win? What do I get in return? "

"I know how much you like my car… it's all yours but only if you get her to fall for you"

"Let's make this more interesting… you only have until the winter formal" said Rose 

"Holy are you serious? " Bang asked. Lisa looked at him and smiled, putting her hand out and shaking it with Bang, making the bet official. 


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