part 3


(Chan's Pov) 

After school I went to the coffee shop across the street as I do almost everyday. I walk up to the counter and ask for my usual. As I wait for my drink to be ready I get a text from Lisa. 

"We didn’t agree on anything if I win the bet!”

“ And what is it that you want if you win, which by the way won’t happen!”

“If you fall for her… you'll have to dump her in the worst way possible, in front of the whole school"

"Alright… this is going to be easy”

“Best of luck and may the best win” that was the last thing that she said. I could hear my name being called out as my order was ready. I was about to exit the store when I noticed Mark and his group making their way into the shop. As they did so I could see that Anna was with them, and they didn’t seem to notice me there. Mark and Anna make their way to the counter and the rest take a seat at the largest table for all of them. I took a seat not far from them but not too close for them to see me there. She seemed to be in deep thought as I saw that Mark had to call her several times before she came to her senses. He seemed worried about her but they went on like nothing. They stayed there a while and then Anna got up and said goodbye to all of the boys. Her brother JB got up and told her to get home safely and then hugged her. Mark was about to go with her but she told him that she wanted to walk alone. I waited for her to leave and for Mark to sit back down so that he wouldn’t see me. I followed Anna staying away from her at a good distance. She seemed distracted but then relaxed as she started bobbing her head to whatever she was listening to. Soon after a ten minute walk we reach a bus stop and she stands there waiting for it. This is it, I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder. She takes her headset off and looks up at me, wow that caught me off guard. 

“Hello, let me introduce myse-”

“You’re Bang Chan….right?”

“Ohh I see you already know who I am”

“Ahhh yes Mark told me all about you” and there she goes again.

“Well whatever it is that he told you, it’s not true” I said as I gave her a big smile. She kinda rolled her eyes at me and then put her headset back on. She looked away and seemed very uninterested in what I had to say. This might be harder than it seems but I just stood there next to her. The bus was soon at the stop and she got on it and I followed behind her. She looked annoyed by my mere existence. She took a seat at the very end of the bus and I followed behind her. She turned to look at me with those big brown eyes if hers and then took off her headset. It looked like she wanted to say something but decided not to, she just sighed and then went back to what she was doing. After a while she finally pressed the stop sign and got up, as she did so, she handed me a note that I never even saw her write. I opened the note as she got off the bus and I stayed in my seat.

(Anna’s POV)

Honestly I noticed that Bang was following me since the coffee shop but I chose not to say or do anything about it. After following me to the bus stop and to the seat next to me, I was already having enough of it. I wanted to say something to him but I held it in and just didn’t say anything. The ride was kinda long but I could tell that he was drifting away. I took this chance to pull out my notepad and write him a note. As I was getting closer to my stop I signaled for the driver to stop. I noticed that Chan was about to get up but I handed him the note and he stayed seated as I made my way out the bus. I knew that he wasn’t going to stay on that bus for long after he read the note. I started walking and a few seconds later I could hear the bus hit the breaks and I was right. He ran up to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me back. 

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I said as i pulled my hand away from him

“What wrong with you….do you know how many girl are out there that want me”

“Ohh I see…you’ve never been rejected before. Well pretty boy there’s a first for everything, and by the way you’re not my type” I snapped back as I started to walk away. He stood there and didn’t say a thing. I walked for a while before he was next to me again, boy he doesn’t get the hint. I ignored him and just kept on walking towards our apartment complex. I turned a corner and then suddenly I was being pushed onto the wall. I yelled in pain because of how hard he had pushed me. I looked at him as he locked me in by putting both his arms up against the wall and moved in closer. 

“How would you know I’m not your type?”

“Because you’re not” I say as I look up at him and lean in closer.

“Wanna bet!” he said and I pushed him away from me. I straightened out my shirt and looked at him with so much hate. I didn’t let it get the best of me and just kept my cool because I too wanted in on the bet. I was determined to make him lose because I was not about to let myself be a joke. I let out a sigh and just walked away, but once again he held my arm and pulled on it.

“You really got to stop doing that?”

“Doing what?” I asked

“Leaving med conver-”

“What is going on here?” I looked back and I could see Mark and JB coming our way. Chan let go of my arm and turned to look at Mark. 

“Oppa this creep won’t leave me alone” I said as I made my way towards them both and stood next to Mark. Bang looked at me and smiled and started walking towards us but Mark stopped him from coming any closer.

“I’m not done with you yet!”

“Ohh but you are…don’t you ever come near my sister again” said JB oppa as he confronted him. Bang backed away and excused himself before winking at me and leaving. Mark asked me if I was okay and I said that I was. Jb on the other hand told me to stay away from him and if he tried to do something to let him know right away. The three of us went on and inside the apartment and our mother was in the kitchen making dinner. All three of us greeted her and then we made our way into our room, with Mark coming into mine. I grabbed my favorite sweatpants and a baggy shirt and went into the bathroom as Mark made himself at home. I knew that once I came out he was going to ask about the whole Bang situation. When I was done, I went back to my room and he was just sitting there with his arms crossed. I looked at him and just made my way toward him and sat down on the edge of the bed. I sat down crossing my legs and he just signed. I looked at him and he asked what was going on with Bang. I couldn’t figure out what to say, I wanted to tell him everything but I knew that would ruin my plans. I looked at him and just told him that Bang had followed me from the coffee shop. That he wanted to get to know me but that I had rejected him. 

“I’m guessing he didn’t take it well?” 

“You guessed right, I guess he’s just mad because I did so. He was hoping for a better outcome from me” I told him not to worry about it too much and that I had it covered. He just rolled his eyes at me and then we had a normal afternoon. JB later came into my room and basically told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk to Chan. I just nodded my head and agreed with him, then we all went to the kitchen. The boys got us some snacks while I picked out a movie to watch. The guys came back and we started watching Supernatural. I leaned on Mark's shoulder and he put his arm around mine. 

“Aww you two are too cute” said my mother as she walked into the room. I quickly moved away from Mark and just looked at my mother. She knew that I had a thing for him but that was back then. We all sat there watching the tv until the doorbell rang. My mother got up to see who it was. When She opened the door someone greeted her and said that they lived upstairs from us. I recognized that voice so I got up to check.

“Joshua “ I said as I noticed who it was.


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