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Wanting to start anew and live her life independently, Handong began her journey of creating her own future. She moved out of her old home and got her very first job where, on her first day, she meets the very kind CEO and her stern assistant, an eccentric colleague and her intimidating superior. How will Handong fare on her new job?


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Chapter 16: Yubin! Why the heck did you accept that? You idiot! Better prepare for a week of hell. I guarantee you're not getting out of this easy.
Cdc5_c #2
Chapter 16: Nooo, Dami noooooo🤦🏻‍♀️.
Fhjj45666777 #3
Chapter 16: Dami you're idiot!!!!!!!
Chapter 15: That's so ironic! But like at the same time, kind of expected. Someone was bound to find out sooner or later. It just so happened to be Chaemin. I wonder if she's going to do anything now.
Cdc5_c #5
Chapter 14: Thank you for the update :)
Chapter 14: And I—oop. The door suddenly opening at the end. Curious. I did like seeing more of Handong's thoughts in this way though. I think it's nice to see that perspective, her trying to keep this whole thing secret.
Chapter 13: I'm already seated~ thank you for the update, dear author-nim!
Chapter 13: Ooh, that's in interesting development! Excited to see how it works out! Thanks for this update!
Chapter 1: This seems very interesting!
Chapter 12: I'm just curious, dear author, did you gonna finish this fic someday? Because I'm waiting for your update but please take your time, I didn't wanna force anything to you^^