Runaway Bride

2 Years Later
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“Ms. Kim, please stop.” That’s what Kim Yongsun also goes by Solar heard as she was running away from the bodyguards.


She is currently in the airport running to her flight. “Ms. Kim!” She heard again. Despite her being tired she made it to her flights so luckily for her it closed so the bodyguards couldn’t get her.


She sighed with relief as she made it to her seat and looked out the window of the view.


“Hello everyone, thank you for flying XXX to Paris, France. The flight will be a 12 hour flight. Everyone, please relax as we get ready for take off.”


She heard the Pilot speaking. She turned off her phone but promised to speak to her best friends Hwasa and Wheein when she arrives.


Her reasoning for leaving was simple, she didn’t want to be wed to someone that she didn’t love, just for business.


Her father, CEO of Kim’s Enterprise, wanted to use marriage as a way to become more powerful with the son of the company.


Knowing the flight is a 12 hour flight nonstop, she has time to plan out her new life in Paris.



12 hours had passed and she was finally in Paris. As soon as she stepped out, she followed

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