Korean Food

2 Years Later
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Yongsun followed the French-Korean to her car. “I know this isn’t like Korea, but don’t worry, it is just as exciting.”


Byulyi opened the door to her car and Yongsun in. Yongsun slowly got in, getting a little skeptical. I hope I don't end up like that girl in Taken. She thought in her head.


Her train of thoughts were broken once she realized that Byulyi was looking at her in confusion. “Yongsun ssi?” “Yeah?” “I asked if you were craving Korean BBQ?” “Oh… yes please.”


Byulyi grinned at her. “Okay, then shall we go?” Byulyi started the car to the Korean BBQ blasting Kpop in her car. (CL-HWA)


While Byul was driving, Yongsun was looking at the view, and she was amazed that the building was different from Korea. Even the people who caught her eyes, the people in Paris are very diverse compared to Korea.


She felt her phone vibrate, and saw who had texted her. It was her friend Hyejin or Hwasa as she goes by sometimes.


Hyejinnie: Hey, I heard you escaped from Korea?


She wrote, Yongsun switched her phone and told her fiance to give it to Hyejin and to her other friends, that she is close too. Her fiance Ravi, also did not want to get married to Yongsun.


She and Ravi since their childhood only saw each other as friends, it was their father’s that had

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