2 Years Later
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Yongsun woke up and looked around and saw that she was in a white room. “Where am I?” She woke up

Groggy and felt her head hurting.


“You're awake.” She was shocked until she saw Byulyi coming in with porridge. “Here is a tray with food and some medicine for your food.”


Byulyi gave her a tray and served her food with a smile. “Did we do anything?” “No, I just changed your clothes and mine. You threw up.” She laughed.


Yongsun didn’t know how to feel whether shocked, embarrassed, shy or laughing. maybe all the above. Her emotions were running wild.


“Yongsun unnie, are you okay?” “Huh? Yeah I am okay.” “Good. I washed your clothes and when you’re ready I can drop you to the hotel.”


Byulyi smiled and went out of the room.



After eating, Yongsun took a shower and saw Byulyi doing paperwork.


“Yes, we can move forward on the agreement and I will relay the agreement to South Korea. Thank you. That will be all for today.”


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