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How do you turn your life interesting overnight? No idea, but it probably doesn't involve falling through a mirror into another world after popping a pimple...

Maisie was your average introvert, looking for a bit of spice in her life. That's probably why she ignored the warning signs that the mirror was more than it seemed.

The $5 price tag on a full-length mirror probably should have been a hint, too.

New world, new environment, new timeline, new people. Being teleported in that world was not by chance, but a mistake.
Would she be the heroine that every reader hopes for her to be? Or would she be just a side character used as a stepping stone for the other characters' development?


Kim Seokjin as Aziel

Min Yoongi as August

Jung Hoseok as Jayden

Kim Namjoon as Riain

Park Jimin as Jimmie

Kim Taehyung as Vaughn

Jeon Jungkook as Jayce



The protagonist in this story is your average introvert.
I am an introvert myself, and this is not your
"I'm not talking to people" kind of introvert
that you usually see in most stories.
I really hope that my fellow introverts out there
can relate to the lead character!


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I changed the name of the characters for copyright purposes. Also, they're only a suggestion.

They're a work of fiction. Their personality won't align with BTS themselves. 

Nope, I did not abandon Bangtan Next Door. I'm just having a hard time fixing the plot and the characters.

Yes, new story idea!


To put it simply, the chapters will be locked and you have to buy coins or watch ads to earn coins to read the story.
This way, I can earn money while I do what I like! You can also support small artists/ business like this way.


I'm sorry, but I'll only leave 7 chapters here :<

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Free Chapters:  7 

It is also available in Finovel and Popink, but I don't know if it's actually published there T^T

I just want to earn that $$$, I wanted to go to therapy T^T


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