This Is MY Story
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I woke up with the sound of chickens. I can even sense one near me. What? My stuffed toys came to life? Toy Story??? I blindly reached out to the clucking chicken. However, the chicken’s a and bit me. I jolted awake when I felt pain and got back to my senses. I’m still here… It was not a dream… I’m still… alive? I’M STILL ALIVE, . I looked down just to check if they left me untouched last night. Thankfully, I am. I forced myself to stand up even if the ground is unstable and moving. Gosh, why is everything swirling?

I massaged my temple and tried to walk as quietly as possible outside. I peeked from the curtains with only my head outside as I scanned the surroundings. All I can see is a backyard of some sort with chickens and an… alpaca’s close-up face? There are trees nearby and probably a river too, as I can hear the flow of water.

“Good morning, darling. Have you slept well?” I screamed at the sudden voice that I actually fell. It hurt my throat as I haven’t drunk water for days. I scampered away, but because I panicked, I just went back inside again and hid under the covers.


The angel man, namely Aziel, sighed at the girl’s reaction. Looking down at the food he just cooked for breakfast, he let another sigh out. After pondering for a while whether he should come after the girl or just leave her be, he decided to just leave the food to her. He knocked on the wood to let her know of his presence. Cautiously entering, he saw her hiding under the makeshift blanket. He scanned the room and noticed that the bowl of water was untouched.

“My apologies. I didn't mean to frighten you. I’ll place your food here so that you can eat when you feel hungry. I'll be taking my leave then,” Aziel looked at her once again and left.

When Aziel walked outside, a curious young man met him. He shook his head, signaling to the young man not to bother the poor girl.
“What caused her to be so terrified?” The young man named Jayce asked. They both know that it’s just a rhetorical question and there’s nothing they can do to help ease the fear and panic that the girl is feeling. They can only try to build her trust with them.

Sadly, this continued for days. They tried to lie low and be subtle in everything they do. Leaving the food beside her, only to be left untouched. They kept their interactions with the girl at a minimum, thinking it might help lessen her fears. Little did they know that it only made her panic inside more. The boys were getting a little frustrated as the girl was not eating and it causes her health to deteriorate more!

The young man lost his patience and is actually scared that the girl might die from starvation. He thought of another approach, hoping it’ll work. Aziel looked at Jayce with questioning eyes when he saw him holding two plates and a bowl of food. He followed him, curious about his plan.
Jayce went inside, only to see the girl in her usual place and position on the corner of the bed while hugging her knees.

“Hello there. How are you feeling?” He asked, even though he knows he won’t get any response from her. Settling down in front of her bed, he placed a plate near her as he placed his on the ground. He intentionally let the girl watch him stir and mix the food he brought and served it on both plates.

“Not much of a talker eh? Anywho, food tastes better when you eat it while it's hot,” the young man ate while talking about anything. His plan was to prepare and serve the meal in front of her and eat with her while talking about random things. He really hopes that this approach would lessen her doubts about them. The girl looked at the young man with a questioning gaze. The only thing that was running in her mind was “Russian Roulette” while eyeing the bowls.

Of course, it did not work on the first try. However, it doesn’t mean that the young man would give up. He did this every day with every meal that is served. He was always there with her every breakfast and dinner. If they were lucky, they get to have some snacks too. He continued to narrate his life story, but most of the time it’s just pure nonsense that it almost made the girl laugh. Keyword: almost.

“I currently am very curious to whoever discovered that we should squeeze the cow's . Was he that bored that when he saw a cow, he just goes ‘Oh, look! They have more than than my wife! Lemme squeeze it.’ I don’t know. I keep on wondering about it,”

‘The young man continues to blabber bull,’ wandered the girl’s mind. The girl tried hiding her laughter, but it didn’t go unnoticed by the young man.

“At least, finally, I got a reaction out of the lady. Even if it’s just a wee bit,” the young man proudly told of his progress to the angel man. The angel man only nodded in satisfaction while he tended to the chickens.

Finally, the young man was successful with his approach. It happened at night when it was time to serve dinner. The young man was mixing rice with some red paste and a variety of vegetables. This piqued the young girl’s interest. The young man thought that, finally, she’ll give in. However, the young man thought wrong.

‘I thought this is some 18th-century ? How come there’s bibimbap? Korean crossover?’ the girl mused inside her head.

She was about to give in, but her pride and ego did not let her. She was too shy to accept the food because she felt guilty as she has been wasting it for the past few days. Before her pride and ego take her chance to eat, what the young man said next made her sigh in relief.

“You know, we would genuinely appreciate it if you’ll eat even just a tad bit. Or you can eat with us! Well, that’s even better.” The young man said, nodding to himself as if it was the best suggestion he gave in his lifetime. The girl cautiously reached out for the food and nibbled on it, causing the young man to fight the urge to watch her, elated that she finally ate!

“That would be some weird way to discover something… the cow I mean…” the girl said softly in response to the young man’s wandering, barely audible, but still clear enough to make the young man’s heart jump in triumph.

“It is, right?” The young man couldn’t fight off the smile on his face. As they ate their dinner, the young man continued with his tales.

This continued for more days. The young man, who seems to never run out of story to tell, continued narrating his little adventures in his life while the girl responds from time to time. She’s slowly gaining her strength as she finally gets some nutrients in her body, all the while feeling more comfortable around them. The angel man comes to eat with them every once in a while whenever he’s not busy from tending their mini farm.
When all of her doubts seem to vanish, the day that the two boys have been waiting finally arrived.


I took a deep breath before deciding to step out of the room. I warily made my way outside and look for them. There were chickens roaming around and I jumped in surprise when I looked at my left and came face-to-face with an alpaca.

“Oh… Hi?” yo. Japanese yeah. I wanted to pet the animal, but I’m afraid it might go berserk and kick me. Or are they the ones that spit? When I tried to step forward, its head nudged me, pushing me with a little force. I tried to move away, but it kept on pushing me. I got scared that it might spit on me, so I didn’t even try to fight it off. I’m still not fully recovered to run, and I was about to panic when I heard familiar voices.

“Maisie? Oh, my my! How delightful it is to see you here, darling! You're just in time for breakfast. Come!” the angel man said enthusiastically as he motioned me to come at the picnic table. I took in my surroundings and saw the built of their “house”. There’s another room beside the room where I was staying at, a chicken coop, half of the flat area was grass while the other where we are now is sandy soil, there’s a mini farm close to here, a river, and that’s it. Oh, there’s a horse that’s coming near us too! The young man just came with a horse and some groceries.

“Do my eyes dare deceive me? Is this without a doubt, you, outside the room?” The young man hurriedly went down from the horse and walked towards me. He rubbed his eyes and tried to look at me once again. I rolled my eyes playfully at his idiotic antics and sat timidly on the table.

“We must call for a celebration!” the angel man just shook his head as he prepared the food on the table. I awkwardly sat there because I didn’t know what to do. My brain tells me I should help, but I’m too shy to offer one. I thanked him while giving a soft bow when he placed a bowl of food in front of me and waited for them to settle down before digging in to my food. I let them do the talking because what is there to say? I still do

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