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“Did you know… We aren’t really humans. We are the aliens on this planet.”

I heard my little brother groan as he knew that this is another “the earth is flat” like the discussion we’re about to have. I love teasing my brother this way.

“NOOOOO!! We’re not aliens! We do not have big heads! If we really are aliens, then we should have spaceships and we’re able to travel in space!” he huffed, defending the existence of the typical alien with big heads and googly eyes that movies usually describe as.

“That’s the thing. We also can shape-shift.” I said, while trying to fight off my smile. He looked so done with my antics. For sure, he’s already weirded out and embarrassed to have a sister like me. He told me I was weird and I’m not offended. “Normal is boring” is always my defense.

“Don’t you ever wonder why us 'humans' can’t live without houses? Why we can’t live naturally in the forest? That we have to build houses for us to live? You don’t see any monkeys constructing houses, do you? The animals can live in the wild or mountains, why can’t we? It’s because we are the aliens!” I explained passionately, while trying to keep a straight face.

“UUUGGGGHHHH! YOU’RE SO WEIRD!” he looks like he’s so close to banging his head on the wall. I let out a laugh while I enjoy his turmoil.

“You can never find another as awesome as me,” I smirked at him while I left him to wonder what he has done in the past life to have such an AMAZING AND AWESOME sister.
I went downstairs to our living room to continue doing my requirements. I only went upstairs to our room just to bother my little sibling, not because I was procrastinating. What kind of student am I if I were to procrastinate? Wow, I’m really so mature and responsible.

I sat in front of my computer, opened my modules, and checked my phone just to see if someone chatted. I sat there for a good 30 minutes scrolling on my phone before I realized what I have done.

“No no no nooo! Not again! Maisie, focus!” I tapped my cheek as I planned how I’ll start my work. I stared into space as I thought of my plan… Until my thoughts turned into imaginations. Within a second, I escaped reality and drifted into my endless daydream. I know that I have to work, but I love this feeling of drowning myself with these limitless imaginations.

It took me an hour before snapping back to reality. I just created a whole movie inside my head within that hour. Checking the clock, I saw it ticking angrily at 2:00 am. I frowned as I tapped my cheek again. In tapping my cheek, I felt a little bump that’s ripe. I went to the mirror in front of the stairs and stared at the growing pimple.

“Goodbye .” I said as I popped the zit. It was so satisfying, seeing the zit out of my pores. I checked the other areas of my face to see if I can pop another one. I’ve watched videos that say how popping zits can ruin your face, but I can’t help it. Just then, I heard whispers coming from somewhere. I looked around to see if my family was there. From my position, I can clearly see the entire living room since our house is just fairly small, but enough for 5 people under 5“7’.

When I realized that the noise was not coming from behind but in front of me, a scream escaped my mouth as I felt myself being pulled INSIDE the mirror. MY GUTS ARE RIGHT THAT THIS WAS A WEIRD- MIRROR!! I fought my mom to not buy this since it gives me the chills, but of course! You can never waste a good sale.

After what felt like years of falling from nothing, I finally felt the impact of the ground on my back. I was actually expecting some ‘wobbly’ feeling while I was into the mirror.

“What the bloody hell??” I groaned as I rubbed my back. I looked around and noticed that everything was dark and different. Where in the hell am I?? Once my eyesight adjusted to the dark, obviously I’m not in my home anymore. I am surrounded by trees and some VERY dark aura. For now, let’s just say I’m in a forest. Who knows, I might be delusional.

From a distance, I can hear horses and men shouting. Some of them are holding torches. I guess they noticed me when they pointed in my direction. At first, I froze in my spot. Well, what do you do when someone points at you? Ah, that’s right. I SHOULD RUN. Why do you ask? Someone tried to shoot me with an arrow!

I got back to my senses fast and tried to run away as fast as possible. I ignored the pain on my bare feet as my adrenaline is at its peak. They continue to shoot arrows at me, and one grazed my skin. HAH! LOSER YOU MISSED. The sting from the wound caused a whimper to escape my mouth. I almost tripped when I was caught off guard by the protruded branch.

I squealed and fell on my back when a horse suddenly blocked my path. I looked up at the man riding a horse with fear and panic painting my body. I’M GOING TO DIE ! I tried my best to crawl back as he went down from the horse and slowly made his way to me. I must’ve looked pathetic. Well, at least this pathetic was lucky enough to find something to defend me with. I felt a big rock under my palm and tried to hide it from his view.

“You shouldn’t have gone here. Well, it makes my job easier though.” He shrugged, and I glared at him. I couldn’t plan anything to say as my mind was panicking; trying to look for the perfect timing to stone this big- bulky stranger. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed my left shoulder. I screamed in pain as a tear escaped my eyes.

“Any last words?” How cliché.

“Last words, my !” I said as I gathered all my strength and threw the rock at his head. I am bad at aiming, so it went to his face instead. Works for me. He staggered back as he held his face. It bought me time and ran again. I could take the horse, but that would be too cool. Of course, it won’t work. I know no about riding horses. For all I know, the horse might be like Maximus from Tangled. Why am I thinking like this? Oh yeah, I’m in pain… JESUS GOOD LORD MY SHOULDER HURTS!!

I tried to look back, only to see that they are not following me anymore. I still continued to run. However, I can’t run anymore as the ground beneath me disappeared. I looked down to see that that was the ing end and I’m falling down the cliff. My body hit the side of the cliff several times before finally reaching the waters. I’m slowly losing my consciousness from all the pain that I just gained. My vision got all blurry and the last thing I saw was the group of men from the top of the cliff aiming an arrow at me. I guess I’ll die then…


Oh , I’m not dead! Or am I? I tried moving but everything feels heavy, and every move causes pain to travel all over my body. . Just ing great. After a while, everything felt numb. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids also feel heavy. I wanted to scream, but no voice is coming out and my throat feels dry. I panicked when I can’t feel my bod

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