This Is MY Story
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“Train me.”


“Why not.”

“Because you’re a girl.” I glared at him because of that. He seemed frightened for a second before composing himself and continued to feed the chickens they managed to keep.

“Why,” I narrowed my eyes at him while he tried to busy himself with tending the animals.

“You’re supposed to be protected.”


“You’re a lady. A lady must not lift a finger.”


“Because it’s the right thing!” Jayce exclaimed, growing exasperated.

“Why,” He huffed and tried to escape. For my personality of the day, I was a needy b*tch that won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Usually, I would’ve stopped when he said his reason (probably because I’ll be too frustrated with the misogynistic thinking to continue pestering him). But for some reason, I was able to push through. Huh, is this my glow-up? Is it because of the fact that I know he’s ually attracted to me and I feel like I have the upper hand? Either way, both work well, and I need to learn self-defense.

“What made you think I can train you? How would you know I’m not bad at fighting?” He asked, like a mother being tired of her kids pestering her to buy a new toy.

“Ahah! The fact that you questioned my assumptions proves that you do have the skills!” He looked at me, confused more than ever.

“How was that supposed to prove something?!” His face is even more puzzled.

If you’re wondering how casual currently we are, even though we ended last night on an awkward note, well… I explained it. Usually, in stories, they just skip to the next day/ chapter as if nothing happened, but NO. IT’S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. How I wish it was. I have to thoroughly explain EVERYTHING. Even the finger-partner part. Good heavens, they don’t know about that! Why? IT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T DO IT!

I can’t believe it. They go straight to the point; no ! What a sad world this is…


Anyway, I don’t know how I survived that extensive Ed. It’s one thing it being taught in school, and it’s another when TWO HETEROUAL guys and ONE POLYUAL girl would teach it to each other. It’s… weird…. If they were a close friend of mine, then I wouldn’t mind at all.

Right now, I did not stop pestering Jayce, and I have no plans to stop either. It’s either I continuously ask him to train me or I just make loud and annoying noises until he gives me what I want. The more he avoids and got annoyed, the louder I get.

“TRAIN ME TRAIN ME TRAIN ME TRAIN ME TRAIN MEEEEE!!!! WAWAWAWAWAWAWA WEEEEE WOOOOOOO WEEEEEEE WOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEE WOOOOOOOOO!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I did not stop shouting at his ears while I sway his arm intensely back and forth. He looked like he was about to cry when he called out for Aziel.

“Aziel!! SAVE ME!!!” He reached out dramatically when Aziel came in to view. When Aziel saw the commotion, he quickly turned around as if he saw nothing, and went away. It appalled Jayce when Aziel turned his back on him. He looked like the entire world betrayed him.

When I didn’t stop, in one swift motion, I was lying on the ground with his hand covering my mouth while the other held my hands to stop me from moving. It took me aback by the sudden action that registered late to my brain what just happened. I only looked at him with wide eyes.

“For the love of whoever created you, can you please quiet down?” Jayce said tiredly. However, how can I keep silent? When he saw my eyes lit up in excitement, he closed his eyes and groan. He knew what’s coming. I tried talking, but his hand hindered my mouth from doing so.

“MMmmffhhh,” I tried to speak, but he didn’t let go of my face. I glared at him, and even if it was disgusting, I his hands. Sadly, it did not work, and it only made him snicker.

“Yes, all the dirt off my hand. I still won’t let you speak until you calm down.” I glared at him as I tried biting his hand. However, it was impossible since he does not have extra fat on his hands. Open your hands and try biting the middle of your palm. Let’s see if you can.

I huffed and stayed still while still glaring at him.

“Alright. I will let you go in one condition. You will behave, okay?” I glared but still complied. I nodded and he slowly let go of me. We both sat on the ground for a little while. I slowly looked at him and I can see regret slowly make its way to his face.

“YOU DO HAVE THE SKILL! I’M RIGHT!! YOU—” Before I could even finish, he covered my mouth again.

“I thought you agreed to behave?!” He complained like a child. I shook my head until the edge of his hand moved to my mouth. Given the opportunity, I bit him.

“OW!! LET GO! LET GO!!!” He screamed, not knowing whether to hit my head or pull his hand and have the chance to get his skin to rip away. I feel like I’m going too far with this. But I love biting people (close friends only duh. But today is an exemption. I need something).

I saw Aziel come back, only to panic when he saw me. Jayce was about to ask for help, but of course, Aziel ran away. It again appalled Jayce with the second betrayal he received that day.


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