This Is MY Story
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Long story short: I won't be updating HERE, but I placed the links in the foreword for the other platforms.

The explanation is also there.

I hope you'll understand T^T


Thank you for the 7 subscribers (and future subscribers) and the people who upvoted this story! 💖💕💞💓💗💘
It really means so much to me 🥺

You don't know how much I appreciate you, especially that this story is the closest to me. It took me a year to finally muster up the courage to publish this online, and a few months to actually make a profit out of it by signing contracts (I'm broke af 〒▽〒).
It's also for the copyright because when I say it's close to me, I meant it.
I don't like to risk it being plagiarised.
Though, that would be inevitable since there would really be people who want the easy way.


I love you all.


Feel free to chat me here or through IG (prettyone_ig)!


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