Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

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Jaebeom has been coming to Bake My Day Bakery for months with one thing on his mind.

To get the beautiful curvaceous owner Wynston to go out with him.

But she is nearly seventeen years his senior and doesn't take him serious at all.

How can he get her to see him as a man and not the adorable flirty young whipper snapper that she thinks he is?


"I can't believe you girl! That is JB from Got7 and he has the hots for you! Are you crazy?

My sister says coming to stand by me at the counter.

She leans over looking at the picture I pinned on my corkboard.

"Got who?" That is Jabeom he one of my loyal regular customers."

"Although he flirts with me every time, I see him he's totally harmless."

"Ok I need to know what he has said to you verbatim!" She says grabbing my arm jumping up and down.

"Girl I do not have time for this do you see how busy I am right now?" I say holding out my arm pointing at my suddenly packed bakery.

"If you are going to hang around, put on an apron an give me hand."

"Can you please listen for a second." She says shoving her phone in my face.

"I do not have time to entertain you." I begin but the words fall from my mouth for it to fall open dropping to the floor.

There before my eyes is a very y Jaebeom and he is looking so delicious my mouth goes dry.

This can't be the same eager overly flirtatious man that comes in here every morning.

The guy on this phone is a literal wet dream!

"What in the entire world?" I say confused.

I turn to Lysette.

"Tell me everything about Got7, JB and all things K-POP and I need the condensed version for dummies.

She grins at me.

"I have been waiting years to turn you out!"




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Linalinnius #1
Chapter 6: Girl, Jay B is my ultimate bias and Jinyoung is our home-wrecker. Don't dead me like this!!!