Stage 1 일자 (ilcha)

Birthday Girl (Yeonjun TXT)

Yeonjun moves catlike through the crowd of people in the club. They all seem to be a few drinks in and pay no attention to him as he makes his way to the bar. When he reaches it, he sees bartenders busily pouring glasses in front of him and moving quickly from patron to patron, leaning in to hear them over the loud music.  It's a very busy night, and probably half the people in this club have just reached majority age so he's guessing there is a lot of drinking going on, and maybe some trouble.  He hopes. He turns and scans the room, looking at the dance floor and smiling at the sight of a group of businessmen in suits, and probably their older boss, all trying to dance to Drake's latest track, their confidence fueled by the Soju. He turns back just as the bartender leans closer.

"What can I get you?" he asks loudly, leaning his ear toward Yeonjun.  He leans across the bar.

"Three Soju, one plum Soju, and a Somaek," he orders. The bartender nods and he pulls out his wallet to put his money down on the bar. He looks around as he waits for the drinks to appear and he sees the bartenders almost tripping over each other bringing drinks to different people all lined up and waving money at them. The bottles are placed near Yeonjun and he nods as the bartender grabs the money and heads toward the register. Yeonjun begins to collect the bottles in his arms.

"That one is mine!" He looks up to see a young girl, with her hand on the plum Soju bottle. She's wearing skin tight leopard pants and an oversized bright pink shirt, her arms lined with bracelets, and her hair a mess, probably from dancing too hard. Her eyes narrow at him and he watches as she sways just a little in front of him, holding the bottle protectively.

"Sorry, that's my order," he says continuing to pull the bottles together in his arms. She shakes her head.

"No, I ordered the plum, it's my favorite. He just brought me this," she says shaking her head, keeping hold of the bottle. He glares back at her. She's probably had too much to drink and has made a mistake. He considers whether or not to just let her have the drink, but, why should he?It's her mistake.

"Look, the bartender just brought me these drinks, for my friends. The plum Soju is part of my order, maybe yours is over there," he vaguely indicates off in a direction behind her. She doesn't turn around to look she just grabs for the bottle with her other hand. 

"Nah, it's mine. I ordered first. He put it down in front of me." She pulls the bottle back and steps backward before she shrugs and turns around to walk through the people, disappearing into the crowd. He shakes his head, frowning a little.  He turns back to the bar and indicates to the bartender. 

"I need another plum Soju," and he reluctantly reaches into his wallet to get out more money.  He takes it quickly, avoiding any chance for a repeat, and moves through the crowd back to his VIP area where his friends are waiting. Heuningkai smiles and takes the plum Soju from his arm, and Yeonjun hands the others around, keeping the Somaek for himself.  They stand together around the low table and bring their glasses close together. 

"To Adulthood." Soobin says and they tap their bottles together to toast. They nod to each other and then each take a sip from their drinks. Heuningkai is the first to cough at the syrupy liquid and it makes the others laugh at him as they take their seats.

"Was it crowded at the bar?" Soobin asks him. Yeonjun turns his head back to speak.

"Yes very, and I've already bought some girl a drink," he says casually.

"Oh yeah?" Sobbing eyes get wide. "That was fast." Yeonjun shakes his head.

"Nah, some drunk girl thought Heuningkai's plum Soju was hers and just took it from me." He laughs thinking about it now but a few moments ago it had annoyed him. 

"Where is she now?" Soobin asks looking around the club.

"Probably off with her friends laughing about getting a free drink," he says, thinking it over.

A new songs comes on and Heuningkai, now three or four sips into his drink, is ready to go dance. He tugs at Taehyun's arm to get him to put his drink down and stand up. He pulls at him to get him up.

"Come on hyung, let's go dance!" he says enthusiastically. Taehyun and Henuningkai make their way through the group of people nearby to get to the dance floor. Beomgyu stands up.

"I'll go keep an eye on them." He winks and Soobin and Yeonjun remain seated at the couch, watching the crowd swirl around. Yeonjun finishes his drink quickly as the others are dancing.

"Should I get another?" he asks. Soobin eyes him, shaking his head.

"Let's stick to the plan, one drink at each place. Dance rehearsal will be bright and early," he reminds him. Yeonjun nods, disappointed but he knows he's right. A flash of bright pink color moves past him and he looks up to see the girl from the bar near their section. She's dancing with friends and appears to be enjoying herself, a lot. He smiles as he looks her over and leans toward Soobin.

"That's the girl I bought the drink for." He indicates in her direction. Soobin looks at the group of girls dancing oblivious to them.

"Which one?"

"The one in the pink top." He watches her dance, moving to the rhythm and following every beat of the song in perfect sync. 

"She's dressed like you," Soobin laughs. Yeonjun frowns at his words, but then he looks down at his leopard blazer, and back up at her leopard print pants.

"Just the print," he waves it off. Soobin shakes his head.

"I've seen you wear that pattern with a shirt just that color. It's like she's been in your closet," he teases. Yeonjun smirks at the comparison, but continues to watch her.

"She's a good dancer." He says, smiling.  The others burst through the group of people and rush toward the VIP couches, flushed from dancing.  They grab their drinks and swallow as much as they can.

"I love this place!" Heuningkai calls out, feeling the exuberance of the night.

"Yeah but we should move on if you want to go to the next club.  Let's go to stage 2!" Soobin shouts up at them. They quickly finish their drinks and nod. Yeonjun watches the girl in the pink top dance as Soobin calls for the driver to meet them. She's definitely got skill. She moves much better than the other girls she's with. She's very pretty too. Soobin interrupts his thoughts as he taps his shoulder. 

"Let's go hyung." He nods and stands up. Leaving the empty glass behind and following after the others toward the side door they came in.


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