Life Goes On, Love In The Time Of COVID


Mia gets a job running errands at BigHit to pay for art school.  Nearly every day during the pandemic, she brings coffee to a rude and grumpy Suga. He pays her little attention other than to make her painfully aware she's disturbing him. Until the day they are forced together, stuck in quarantine in his apartment. With nothing to do but find common ground, is it possible to find love in the time of COVID?

A/N this is a story inspired by BTS album BE and based loosely on a quarantine experience of my friend in Seoul. Some of the details have been changed to fit the narrative.  It is not meant to be triggering or to make light of the situation in the world, I have many contacts who have had experience with covid and I would never belittle the seriousness of the disease. But it's a story about love in the time of covid so it's part of the story. 

No Ships/No

Thank you for reading

A/N: Dec 2021  This story was written long before we learned that Yoongi tested COVID positive. Please understand that I would never have wanted that to happen, and this story in no way predicts this or makes light of it.  I am glad he is recovered without illness and out of quarantine. Stay safe! x

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