Is There A Stage 4?

Birthday Girl (Yeonjun TXT)

"Wait!" Yeonjun stops in the street, making her swing back towards him and she comes close to his body as she keeps hold of his hand. "I thought you hurt your ankle? How can you run so fast in those boots?" She steps dangerously close to him, panting, only slightly from the exertion. 

"I'm use to working through pain, I have been dancing professionally for years," she offers and he looks at her as if it all makes sense to him. She tries to pull him along, eager to get to the club, but he doesn't move. He stands in the middle of the alleyway as he thinks about what sort of dancer she might be. 

"Ballet?" he asks. She looks at him slightly exasperated. 

"Aw come on, we are wasting precious time." She tugs at his arm.

"It's Ballet right? I'm right aren't I? You did that one spin and that's just what I was thinking,"

"Listen, I'll tell you all about my dancing later, right now, I want to get to Soap, do a shift in the cage, and get some free drinks," she says, turning to pull his arm again. 

"The what?" He looks at her confused but his momentary lapse allows her to pull his body forward and he follows after her. As they approach the club, he looks up and notices a girl dancing on a balcony above the doorway. Some of the music is filtering out from the DJ booth behind her, and she whips her hair around quickly as the music blares out. As they step up to the entrance to the club she drops his hand, and waves to the doorman. Yeonjun notices he acknowledges her, as though he's seen her many times, as though he knows her. He turns and looks back at him curiously as she pulls him through the doorway, under the balcony with the dancer, and down the hallway into the club. The lights are a glowing mix of purple and blue, the music is bassy and loud. The Void speakers stacked in one corner are surrounded by people who all seem to be trying to get as close as possible to the sound.

She leads him straight to the bar, pushing past a person in line and nods to the bartender. He looks over at Yeonjun, smiling, and slides two drinks down to them. No words have been exchanged and Yeonjun takes the drink and looks at it, wondering what it is. She downs the drink quickly, but he sniffs it, deciding it's probably safe, and he takes a small sip. She smiles at him, studying his actions.

"It's just a drink, and a dance, it's not that big of a deal," she tells him. He blushes a little at his apprehension and he drinks the liquid quickly, coughing a bit at the bite of the alcohol in the glass. She laughs and slides her hand over his stomach, slipping just under his shirt to touch bare skin, sending a shockwave of sensation through his body from head to toe. "Follow me," she tells him as she moves toward a back door. She reaches back taking his hand, and she moves through the doorway toward a set of stairs. She keeps hold of him and he follows after her, moving aside to let a girl pass by and he recognizes her from dancing on the balcony out front. She steps past a DJ booth, nodding to the man wearing headphones and she indicates toward Yeonjun. He smiles and nods at him, handing him a drink from behind his mix, and Yeonjun takes it, wondering where it came from. He looks down at the crowd surging below, in sync with the music and the DJ returns to his laptop and his program. 

Yeonjun turns back to look at her and she has stepped through another doorway, and is standing on the balcony above the front door. She takes a sip off the drink she was handed and sets it down on a small table. He watches her curiously, wondering what she will do, and as the music swells, and the bass pounds, he sees her start to dance, in the small space of the balcony. The DJ nudges him and points to a low seat that faces both the crowd, and the balcony, and he sits down, feeling a little woozy from the alcohol and the loud music. He leans back on the soft chair, resting his head against the back of it, as he watches her dance. He thinks to himself that it's almost like a private dance you'd get at some sort of exclusive gentlemen's club, not that he's ever been, but he imagines it's like this. He sits and stares at her, watching her form, moving in her patterned tight pants and the baggy pink top hanging off her shoulder, showing a flash of her bare stomach at certain moves. 

He hears a cheer from outside the space and he leans forward and can just see a small gathering of people outside the club, looking up at her, enjoying her, cheering for her. She dances, almost unaware of them, continuing to move fluidly, feeling the music, but feeling the drink as well. He can tell she's working hard to keep balance and stay focused. He sits back and watches her, enjoying the show, even if it isn't private. 

He's probably sat through 5-6 songs, although he can't be sure because one blends into the next, and the drink has been refilled at least once, he thinks, by some unseen person. The lights flashing are beginning to make him feel a little sick, as he tries to shield his eyes from them. But as he closes his eyes he feels dizzy, and he has to open them again. When he does he sees her leaning over him, smiling back at him. She her hair is messy and her skin is glistening with beads of sweat and for a brief moment he wonders if that's what she would look like after...

"Let's go dance," she says, interrupting his thoughts. She is already pulling his hands to pull him up out of the chair and he wonders how she can still be upright after dancing so hard, and drinking so much. She keeps hold of his hands as she leads him back down the stairs toward the crowd on the dance floor. As they reach the center of the floor, surrounded by people dancing wildly, she turns to him, leaning in very close and she wraps her arms around his waist, pulling it closer to her body. They begin to move in sync with each other, feeling the beat of the music as it pounds through the club. The people around them seem to fade into a swirling chaotic mess of faces and color, as they move to the music and he feels almost as though he can hear his heart beating loudly as she slides her hands over his body, pressing close to him as she dances. He feels a thrill at being so close to her, and he lets his hands fall down to her hips, guiding her movements as her head sways from side to side. He can see her lips, pink and full, and he's overcome with the urge to taste them, to touch them. 

He leans in, feeling the heat of her breath against his cheek and watching her eyes close as her head sways to the music. He moves his body with hers, feeling the rhythm of the track and he leans down, and kisses her lips, finding them wet and inviting. He cautiously lets his tongue slide in between them, pushing them apart, to touch her tongue, and the sensation is like a jolt of electricity. He grips her hips tighter, pulling her closer to him. She kisses him back with an increased fervor and he wraps his arms around her tightly. He is now completely unaware that anyone else exists in this room other than her. He wants to strip every bit of clothing from her body and run his hands over every inch of her. He feels her pulling him through the crowd, and he keeps his eyes shut, holding her lips locked in a kiss as she drags him toward another area of the club. He feels her stop and he opens his eyes to see that she is up against a wall in a back hallway to the club. He continues to kiss her, pressing up against her, almost grinding his body against hers as his hands slide down the side of her, to touch the bare skin under her shirt. 

Every part of him wants this to continue, aches for it to continue, but she pulls back from his kiss. Turning her head away as she says with a breathy, needy voice, "Do you have somewhere we can go?" She reaches down, sliding her hand over the back of his pants, encouraging him to think very quickly where he can take her. He kisses her again, sloppy and desperate to capture . He nods. 

"Yeah, let's go back to mine," he says, pulling her body away from the wall and moving his hands over her waist, as he leads her back to the club door. They stumble out onto the sidewalk outside the club and he pulls away from her kiss long enough to look for a taxi. He sees a blur of lights, and many cars, but he's not sure if any of them are taxis. He smiles a little silly and raises an arm as he closes his eyes. She clings to him laughing a little as he stands waiting for a taxi to find him. He has possibly never felt this drunk, and he's fairly certain she is just as drunk as he is, and probably even more exhausted from dancing all night. 

A taxi screeches to a stop in front of him and he opens his eyes and looks down at her.

"Hey that actually worked!" he exclaims as he opens the cab door for her. She laughs as she pulls him into the back seat, lunging for him and kissing him sloppily. 

"Where to?" the driver asks, ignoring their PDA. Yeonjun pulls his lips from hers as she tries to slide her hands under his shirt front, tickling the skin of his abs. He flinches as he gives the driver the address of their dorm. If he was thinking straight, he would never bring her back to his dorm, where all of the others will soon be, if they aren't there right now. He wouldn't even be bringing someone home who he only knows as 'Birthday Girl' and who he's only just met tonight. But the drinks, the experience and the adventure, are too tempting to resist. He's going to make the most of out his time with her, however long he has.


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