"i swear i've never slept with anyone else after you..." seulgi approaches you on her sofa bed and hands over the purple bath towel--the one she bought for you before.
you specifically requested to spend the night in her place, wanting to see (and investigate) how her apartment looks like after weeks of not visiting there.
you're not surprised to see it in the same state as before--simple and minimalistic. it makes you happy to know she hasn't thrown away the stuff she bought you.
she said she wanted to, but she doesn't have the heart to do it yet.
you think that's sweet. however, the jealous girlfriend inside you couldn't stop your brain from coming up with more stuff to be jealous about.
"what about that random girl you were making out with in the restroom last time?" you ask, and you can feel your blood boiling inside at the memory of it. "i'm sure that led to something else."
"well. that was..." seulgi reaches for her nape. "okay. i did try to have fun that night because i was so sad. but we didn't end up in bed, okay?"
"oh really? i thought i heard you say you want to go to her place."
seulgi sighs as she sits beside you. she wraps an arm around your waist. "well, i did say that. but i couldn't take you off my mind. i end up taking a separate ride home instead."
"what about your ex then?"
"which one?"
"hello! that pretty kid from america!"
"ah. krystal?"
"yeah. who else? stop pretending you don't know what i'm talking about." you pinch her side, and she laughs. "you two seem comfortable around each other last time."
seulgi grips your hand to stop you from attacking her. "krystal and i aren't in bad terms even if we've broken up. her parents never knew about the relationship. they thought i am still besties with her. so, when they came back here to visit, they asked me to come over."
"nothing happened. it's only a visit. we've been out alone twice or thrice, but we just talked. she now has a secret girlfriend in the states. while me, i'm still very much affected by you."
"you are?" that surprises you a bit, yet it makes you happy.
"of course. did you expect i'd party and jump onto the next girl right after?"
"i'm not saying i want that, but i wouldn't be surprised if you would."
seulgi grunts. "look at how low you think of me."
chuckling, you plant a chaste kiss on her cheek. "so, your ex is back to dating girls, huh? i thought she'd be like her unni after what happened."
"maybe she couldn't stop herself? i mean, i won't blame her. women taste better than men."
you grimace at that and playfully hit her arm.
seulgi responds by caging you in her arms and pulling--slightly lifting--you closer to her. "unlike jessica, who got caught before, krystal's image is still clean. her parents are still unsuspecting.."
you lean your head back against seulgi shoulder and look up at the ceiling. "it's always hard to be rational when feelings are involved, isn't it?"
she hums. "we're all emotional creatures after all. ninety-nine per cent of the time, we decide according to what feels right, to what makes us happy."
you turn your head aside to look at her. "like me being here tonight?"
she hooks her chin on your shoulder. "like me hugging you tonight."
you have never been happier. now that you're in an official relationship, you couldn't explain in words how much seulgi makes you happy.
you're so high up in clouds that any threat or negativity is repelled immediately by your giddines.
you never thought being in a relationship with someone can make you feel this contented and fulfilled--like you don't need anything else in the world but her.
it scares you somehow, now that you've officially let your guard down. but as seulgi promised, she keeps proving in every possible way how much she's crazy for you, erasing all your doubts and worries that might surge.
and you're glad how she's very understanding. always taking into account your family, your exposure. all of your dates are spent inside yours or her apartment.
you know you two won't be like this forever. you know you can never keep this secret to your family forever either.
but you don't want to think about it yet. what matters is the here and now, and her.
it feels quite different when the new semester rolls in.
gone are those days you feel excited going to a specific class, wanting to have a glimpse of that attractive student of yours.
a student who is now your girlfriend.
you think it's best, given how you two seem to be getting serious with your relationship.
and just like she promised, seulgi's making time for you despite her busy and active student life.
lately, you find it weird how you two always cross paths in the university, despite your schedules being different.
you wonder if it has always been like this before. maybe it is, but you were too occupied to notice her.
although it feels somewhat weird to ignore her presence whenever you see each other in the cafeteria or anywhere around the uni, this setup makes you feel safe.
and to be honest, it adds up to the excitement. you find yourself always looking forward to see her by the end of the day.
it was one of those days after lunch when you are retouching your makeup in the ladies' room. a group of students comes in, laughing.
"oh! professor bae!" wendy recognises you immediately. from the mirror, you see seulg's head poking in at the mention of your name.
you acknowledge them as they all greet you. the girls went to their usual routine while you take your time retouching.
seulgi silently leans against the wall, arms folded. she watches you do your thing from the mirror, a smile plastered on her face.
you spare her a knowing look. her smile grows wider.
an idea pops in your head. you decide to by pulling out a lipstick and applying it on.
seulgi bites her lower lip as her eyes scout her surroundings, making sure none of her friends are watching.
you decide to further by pressing your lips together and making a popping sound.
this time, she grits her teeth. you laugh silently.
she shakes her head before stepping outside, leaving you still chuckling there. she doesn't come back after that, probably decided to wait for her friends outside instead.
the kids give you another bow before they leave. you are once again left alone in the restroom. you hear their voices slowly fading away as you start fixing your things.
"ugh. i left my comb inside," you hear seulgi say. then there are hurried footsteps after.
she appears from the entrance and quickly scans the area. once sure you're alone, she pulls you by your waist and kisses you.
your exchange goes on for seconds until she pulls back.
"you're such a tease, love..." she playfully nibbles your lip before turning away.
"seulgi!" you whisper as you pull her back by her arm. "you can't come out like that!"
"tsk. look at yourself." you pull out a wet tissue to wipe the smudged lipstick around .
she glances at the mirror and laughs. "damn..."
you wipe her lips and the sides of clean before giving her one last soft peck. "all good. now, go. your friends are waiting."
she strides out of the area, not without patting your head first.
now, you need to redo that lipstick of yours.
you move your hand up and around the sofa bed, searching for something, feeling for anything.
when your skin makes contact with a pillow on the side, your hand it hard as you throw your head back and moan.
your nails dig deep into the said pillow, the other hand in the crumpled sheets. you cling in too tight you know it'll leave a mark if that was seulgi's arm or back.
but you're lover's busy down there pleasuring you and--
seulgi's phone vibrates on her study desk. you are slightly distracted, but your lover continues her business, pulling you back into the pleasure pool.
the vibration noise doesn't stop tho. whoever is calling seems to have this need to get a hold of seulgi as they called again after the first one is left unanswered.
and this time you can't concentrate anymore.
she hums.
"your... phone..."
she doesn't stop.
"it's... it's ringing... seul..."
"hm. my phone or this?" she pushes your legs up to your chest. then she dives in again to do her magic.
the extreme pleasure causes you to open your mouth and let out another moan.
but the annoying phone won't stop ringing.
and what's worse, there is a buzz on the door this time.
seulgi stops and raises her head. "just who the hell is visiting me tonight unannounced?"
there is a knock on the door and another buzz. "seulgi unni, answer the phone!"
seulgi wipes . "joy? what the hell is she doing here?" she looks at the desk when the phone vibrates again.
"i know you're there, unni!" another hurried knock. "if you're with someone, i suggest you get dressed asap. mum's coming up in a minute."
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