"that is why you should be careful in curating ads for your audiences," you say to the class, gesturing at the presentation on the board. "matching the intent of your ads to the psychology of your target users will greatly improve your results. the easiest analogy here is: you don't ask for someone's hand in marriage on your first date."
the whole class erupts into laughter.
despite using the same joke repeatedly in each of your classes every semester, seeing how these college students react still brings a smile to your face.
the class' attention is brought to the door opening, revealing a female student in a coat and tie. she enters, quickly bows at you, and proceeds to the nearest empty table.
"miss kang seulgi. i see you're late again," you call. "partied too much last night?"
the said student turns to you, nonchalant. "my apologies, professor bae."
"it seems this behaviour of yours has become habitual lately. anything we can do to help? should we move the class schedule instead?"
the class laughs again.
you see your student flexing her jaw, but she manages to stay calm. "i'm sorry, professor. it won't happen again."
you chew the inside of your cheek as you observe her being. you nod.
"let's talk in my office later."
"do you really have to call me out like that in front of everyone?"
kang seulgi enters your office and locks the door behind her.
you stare at her, unperturbed.
"what should i do then? pretend i didn't see you? that would be unfair for everyone in the class."
she presses her lips together and shakes her head.
"and why did you come wearing that coat and tie?" you ask.
"you told us to go formal, didn't you? 'as marketers, we need to be presentable to our clients.'" she quotes with her fingers.
"yeah. i did say that." you nod.
"and since i want to impress my hot professor, i obey."
"oh, miss kang." you chuckle.
"admit it. you want to take it off, don't you?" she asks, approaching your table.
smirking, you gesture a finger, beckoning her to lean down closer to you.
"never, ever, go to my class late again," you whisper to her ear.
she pulls back to look at you. "oh. don't you dare threaten me like that, professor. i should be the one telling you never to call me out on class like that."
"and why is that?"
"because," she leans closer, your lips an inch apart, "you don't have the right to do that when you're the reason i stayed up all night."
you pull back and laugh, a hand to your chest.
she walks around the table, turning your chair to face her and bending down to kiss you, which you happily returned.
you kiss and kiss until she's kneeling on the floor, your legs wrapped around her.
you kiss and kiss until her coat and tie are on the floor.
oh how you love taking them off her.
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