Yellow Shirt

Running Red
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Yellow Shirt 

(Sir. Please behave)


“Okay,” Minseok got to business the moment we parked our car on the garage. “What the what that?”

However, feeling a little too elated from my time with Baekhyun, I simply shrugged and got out of the car followed closely by Minseok.

“Why the would Jongdae be that quiet the whole ride? Something happened, right? He’s never quiet. He’s loud as .”

At that, I pursed my lips and gave a guilty look at Minseok. In my bliss, I had almost missed how Jongdae had being as quiet as a mouse after introducing Baekhyun to him.

“I, um…” I told him as we entered the house. “I introduced Baekhyun to him…”

“Baekhyun? Who?”

Normally, I had little to no friends outside the circle and I definitely don’t introduce them to Jongdae and Minseok so this was out of the ordinary.

“You um… remember the guy with the bike? That’s Baekhyun.”

Minseok abruptly stops at that and throws me a look. “I knew something was up.” But he was grinning. “Have you finally meet someone who’s broken into that stony heart of yours?”

I rolled my eyes at how he was practically singing and got into my room but Minseok still followed. “I mean if I had been Jongdae, I might have thought I still had a chance but are you seriously serious about this guy? I know for sure that you will not flirt around.”

“I mean I’ll still vouch for Jongdae rather than this man because he obviously hurt you, although by accident but still. Right? I mean I feel bad for Jongdae. So how did you two even start meeting? Enough to introduce him to Jongdae or is it to finally let Jongdae understand that you’re serious about saying no to him.”

I sigh at his questions as I put down my bag and checked my reflection like I usually do. The shirt was cute and it actually looked good on me. Thank goodness for that.

“You’re ing smiling grossly. Ew. Are you really serious about liking this guy?”

I turn around to look at Minseok who had already made himself comfortable on my bed. When’s he leaving so that I change?

“TALK! I don’t have all day!” He explodes of course because it has been more than 30 seconds. Rolling my eyes hard at that, I sit down on the bed ready to start gossiping.

To make things straight, Minseok was a gossiping machine. He knows all the tea in the world. He just doesn’t look like one.

“Alright,” I begin by tucking my hair to my ears ready to start as Minseok grabs a pillow to listen. “I met him first on that day as you know, however I met him again the next day at the park. We introduced ourselves and talked for a long time as I was waiting for you guys to finish and well… I think we really hit it off there. I swear I haven’t had this connection with anyone yet.”

At that, Minseok throws me a mean glare making me roll my eyes again. He always had this pride that he was the only one who could always understand or predict my behaviors although to be honest, Jongdae does it better.

“Unfortunately I did not meet him again after that but I meet him today and er… he invited me to his quarter.”

“He invited you to his home? Please don’t tell me you actually went.” Minseok had sat up straight at that looking rather… murderous.

“Well…” I stretched out the word making Minseok literally blow up. Besides, I knowingly omitted a lot of details because Minseok would go mad.

“Are you ing out of your mind? Why on earth would you go to a stranger’s house like that? Heck! Are you so desperate to be taken advantaged off?”

However, at this, I was already squinting at him. “He’s not you, Min. Stop confusing yourself with a good person.”

He obviously scoffs at that but continued nagging me.

“He did nothing but offered me hospitality, Min!” I shut him down, not wanting to hear his nags. He was really good at nagging. “As I said, he offered me the best cinnamon tea I’ve ever had and we had such a good long talk. It’s like… I’ve known him forever and I know that’s cheesy but it’s just what I feel.”

Minseok gave me a long evaluating stare at that and huffed.

“So you actually likes him? Huh… That’s a development. Who knew you were into nerds.” He rubs his lips as though he was thinking. “But wait, are you sure he’s like… like you? I hope he’s not playing around with you.”

“He asked me to dinner and took my number.”

“I mean I could also ask a girl to dinner and take her number and obviously be playing with her.”

“Why do you keep forgetting that he’s not you?”

“He could be a massive playboy for all I care. Why not just settle with Jongdae? He’s a great guy. I mean look at how down he was today. You don’t give a about boys so I’ll bet he’s feeling threatened right now.”

Minseok rambled on, forgetting all about what I was even saying making me sigh and arrange my things as he continued rolling in my bed.

“Wait… Are you sure he even likes you?”

I turn around to look at him at that and smiled, unable to hide it. “Well... he’s kinda obvious about it.”

But Minseok snaps his finger. “Those are the worst kinds. They pretend or show like they’re into you, impress the out of you, and then leave you broken hearted.”

“Min…” I called him out, feeling rather annoyed by now. “Could you get out so that I can change?”

“Wait a minute,” Minseok gasped when I take out my white shirt from my bag, “Isn’t that what you were wearing this morning? Why on earth-I haven’t seen that shirt before. What is this?”

“He splashed some coffee. Went to his quarter to change. Now get out.”



* * *

“MIN!!!” I squealed and ran into his room making him jump from his position. He was on the bean couch playing some video games. “Oh my gosh, Min. He texted me. He texted me!!”

He threw me a disgusted look but I couldn’t care less at the moment. I was way too happy.

“He said ‘Hi with three exclamation marks, how would you like it if we had dinner tomorrow?’ what do I say? What do I say?”

I hit Minseok in the arm when he goes back to playing making him hiss at me. “Focus! This is serious!”

He huffs at that, pauses his game and turns to look at me. “Can you not do this now?” He mutters, voice low enough only for me to hear. “Let’s talk later. I’ll come to you room.”

“MIN!” I whine at that, mad that he did not understand the gravity of this situation. “I am not going to make him wait! He deserves a text back ASAP.”

Minseok darts his eyes to the bathroom door and then back at me. “I just don’t think it’s the most- you know… just play it cool with him. Wait. Okay… just-”

At that moment, however, Jongdae steps out of the bathroom and looks at me and then at Min.

Oh. He’s here too?


Minseok and Jongdae normally spent time playing video games to unwind after submitting their assignments.

He nods but he isn’t looking at me and an uncomfortable silence settles in. Ah, why does this have to happen today? It wasn’t like I was being insensitive towards Jongdae but I’ve always made it clear where we stood.

“I’ll-um… go.” Jongdae doesn’t look happy and Minseok and I exchanged looks. He probably heard me gushing about Baekhyun.

“Jongdae,” Minseok was the one speaking out, “Just… uh… wait. We can… uh… have fun… uh.”

Minseok nudged me at that signaling me to say something but I blanked out. What am I supposed to say?

We fight a little, mouthing words at each other and throwing venomous looks before I had to give up.

“Jong… Um…” I begin not knowing what to say. For real though, he was one of the most precious person to me and I could never lose him. “Can we um… talk?”

I turn to look at Minseok again mouthing him to help me. The guy though had the nerve to just stand up and walk out of the room.

“I’ll give you guys some time. I’ll be in her room.”

Filthy words entered my head towards the man who just left the room but I stopped it from flooding to my tongue. He’s going to regret it later.

Jongdae and I awkwardly looked at each other and thankfully he gives me a small smile. “So… that guy, huh?”

I cringe at that but nodded anyway.

“This is the first time you’re being… this way over someone. I don’t know whether to be proud of you or be heartbroken.”

I bit my lips at that and looked at the controllers thrown at the ground. “Jong…”

“Nah…” He beats me to it though and he comes over to plop himself down on Minseok’s couch. “Don’t feel sorry at all. I’m your best-friend. I’m supposed to be support you on this but you know it’s not… that simple.”

He sighs and melted down on the couch. “I’m sad and angry and mad and scared…” He says placing a hand on his face and rubbing it. “I feel like I’m going to lose you.”

I opened my mouth to negate that but he chuckles. “I know you’re not going anywhere and that you’ll still be my best-friend.”

He sighs and takes his hand away.

“I know I’ve never told you directly how I felt about you but I also know that you knew about it.”

He looks at me at that and smiles softly, his eyes searching my face but it doesn’t make me feel the way when Baekhyun does it. “I just… I guess I always thought you’ll always be the same, wa

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