Running Red
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I stopped dreaming and so did he and we took it as a universe’s sign of saying that ‘yes, you’ve found the one you’re looking for’.

Our union came as a celebration to our family although my dad had been grumpy at first however an hour after meeting Baekhyun, he was joking about how Baekhyun was now his favorite child. My mom was all over the moon and Minseok loved that he had an older brother. Needless to say, whenever Baekhyun visited, I had the least amount of time with him.

Unfortunately, Jongdae avoided me for a whole month saying he can’t stand seeing me being all lovey-dovey with Baekhyun but in the end, it was Baekhyun who bridged us back again because he knew I was missing my angel.

Jongdae just needed some time and one month almost felt like an eternity without him.

“I missed you a lot more than I would have thought,” Jongdae pouted as we hugged. He and I went out on a date revisiting our memories and laughing over them. “I’m happy but hey… a boy’s gotta mourn.”

Needless to say, I was happy that things were normal between us again with Baekhyun in our circle this time.

I met his mom as well and she had been the painter that I had been jealous of. She was eccentric and she was lovely, a far cry from her smoothened out son. She lived life like a dreamy teenager and from the first meeting, she told me about how she had Baekhyun when she was just eighteen and the boy bailed.

“I love my boy but he’s just so different!” She says pointing at her son who was cooking in her rainbow kitchen. “Look at him and look at me. No one ever thinks he’s my son. But he’s still my little boy.”

The cutest thing was that Baekhyun addressed his mom as mama in the tiniest voice possible making me all but melt like cheese in an oven.

How can he be so adorable?

His mama also liked me a whole lot even making a painting for me, an abstract one with vivid hues of yellow and red.

“Baekhyun said these were your colors. I see what he means.”

My first meeting with her was a little overwhelming, to be honest. She was loud, bright, and cheery and she laughed a lot as well. She was young and so darn gorgeous I was in awe at her beauty but then understood why Baekhyun was like so.

“You’re the little rat Baekhyun’s been telling me about!” She exclaimed as soon as she had seen me making Baekhyun blush and whine at her not to be so dramatic. Goodness. When he was in his mother’s presence he really did not feel like a twenty-six-year-old man.

But then his mother was a traveler and she never stayed for too long hence I was able to meet her only after three months into our relationship… it was all worth it though.

I met with his close friends as well, one of them was Kim Junmyeon the head of a publishing house. He had been the one who published Bleeding Blue.

After much deliberation and almost about two months of discussion Baekhyun finally decided to let go of BBH.

“He’s just a persona created to find you…” He murmured to me sleepily one afternoon as we discussed letting go of BBH. “and I did. I’ve found you…” He yawned and snuggled his face into my neck. “Just stop doing your assignments and take a nap with me.”

The company sends out an official statement about the news much to the dismay of our club which was still going strong.

BBH was now gone but now Byun Baekhyun was here.

His new poetry book was coming soon and this time it was called Aster. Aster was a violet wildflower and is often referred to as a star, even its meaning was a star!

“Do you know that this flower is associated with the Greek goddess Astraea? She was upset that there were too few stars in the sky so she began to weep and as her tears touched the ground, it grew and bloomed into this flower…” He told me as we walked hand in hand on our beach date, barefoot and taking in the afternoon breeze.

“Besides the flower also signifies love and faith and wisdom…” He nods, “Strangely I kept thinking about this concept after our first date and it felt as though someone out there really cried a whole lot for us but because of their tears… we’re now blooming.”

He already had a bunch of poems inspired by us, by me, and by him… our story. Basically, Aster was all about us… and I cannot believe that I was the first one to go through all of it.

Every day was blissful by his side,

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Idk if anyone would try it it's pretty dumb as i said and ig they wouldn't like it too bcz what you like doesn't mean everyone will!!!!...

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