Running Red
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“We all just agree that BBH is getting dramatic these days, don’t we?” A senior tells us the moment we settle down. “Like his post last night really threw me off. I was like ‘what on earth- who hurt my boy’?”

Some of us nod while the rest laugh lightly. She was a theatre kid with a knack for various expressions and we loved her for it.

Today marked exactly a week since I last saw Baekhyun and I was aching to see him again. Why is it that for a whole week I have been randomly walking around the entire campus but was yet to get even a glimpse of that boy?

It was like he never even existed in the first place and to think that our building or our department was literally the same!

I had many thoughts of just going over to the researcher’s building and just… demand to see him.

But then what? File a lawsuit against him for making me like him so much?

Ugh. Corny.

Even BBH, after those two daily updates, disappeared for the whole week and finally uploaded one last night making the club come together just to discuss it.

Besides, I had so many questions to ask him when I do meet him, specifically his connection with BBH.

“But I can’t deny it was interesting.” The girl continues making my attention come back to her. “Like I really love the way he used all these metaphors to let us know how deep his agony is. Like boy was killing it.”

We giggle again.

“Just last week he was all over the moon jumping around saying he found whatever he was looking for and it looks like she’s already in another man’s arms. Oops! I’m here for the tea!” She emphasizes the last word while pulling crazy expressions making us all just burst into loud laughter.

Goodness! We just love her.

“We gotta read it, man,” Her best friend stands up then flaunting those wonderful curly hairs of his. “I shall read it to us all and be in pain with him.”

He reads out the poem in the most dramatic way while our lady gave us a dance on it making most of us roll onto the ground in laughter (cue Park Chanyeol). Who knew the seemingly sad poem could make us laugh more than anything has in a long time.

We sit down after that and discuss in length while putting theories in.

“So basically it must have been a childhood lover.” Someone mused. “He or she fell in love-”

“or they.” Someone adds making the speaker nod dramatically.

“or they fell in love as a child but forgot about it and bingo… he or she or they sees 'her' because he or she or they specifically mentions ‘her’ in the poem and gets back all the emotion!”

“Yeah, but it could also be about a deity perhaps… Who knows that it might actually be something religious. This her could be a god.”

"Or it has nothing to do with the poet at all and he just watched a really sad drama and decided to write out someone's pain."

There were many opinions about it and we had a blast as per usual until we went our own ways.

I sigh though, once we got out of our club’s room knowing that the heart wants to see someone but can’t really because the said person was almost impossible to meet. Those two times were by chance and it wasn’t magical but it was something.

I suppressed the whine that nearly escaped my throat and decided to just retreat to the garden for the day knowing that Minseok and Jongdae needed to get their activities done for the day.

On a day like today, parks were usually crowded and the garden was more ideal as it was in a tiny corner.

My knees were healing well and I was thankful that it did not scar as much as I feared it will letting off that tiny amount of annoyance into the air. I quirked a small smile thinking about the boy who made my heart flutter. No one has been able to move this heart of mine which Minseok had been sure that I had a stone in there instead of a heart.

“Just look at Jongdae!” He had been telling me since high school. “At least acknowledge all his efforts and go on a date! Try to know him that way as well!”

Jongdae was an angel and I loved him… just not in that way. I had tried, honestly to like him romantically but he was… just… I couldn’t exactly find a word to describe it… He was simply a brother and nothing more.

I knew he may have perhaps liked me a little more than a sister but he knew and respected me and never did anything to push me.

That angel. Honestly, though, it wasn’t like I felt anything for any guy so it wasn’t just him. That seemed to make him happy though… at least.

“You’re aual, right?” Minseok had confronted me some years back with a squint. “How can you even turn down Kim Jongin? Like… Hello?”

Basically, Jongdae was a brother, Jongin was too perfect and Sehun was a toddler.

And those three ends all the guys in my life and I turned them down really well that they’re all sort of friends with me. Ah, ~ Peace was always the answer.

The garden was around the corner making me turn to my watch. If I stayed here for approximately an hour and 28 minutes, I could safely reach the parking lot without Minseok threatening to leave me here.

But perhaps I made the mistake of standing right in front of the gate, as I was checking my watch, someone bumped into me and by now it almost felt normal to be bumped into.

But of course, nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

A sudden splash of ice-cold water tumbling down all over the front of my body made me jump and scream in fright. What on good holy earth just happened?

Looking down at my favorite white shirt in horror, I could only gape at the murky brown color that was taking over. I was drenched in coffee. Oh, thank goodness that it wasn’t hot.

But honestly, just when I wasn’t in the best mood and wanted to cry because I missed someone really bad and needed a break… something like this happens?

Despite all this, only one name rang in my mind and I was not really surprised to see him standing there like a deer caught in the highlight as I fumed.

I don’t really understand why I was suddenly that angry seeing him stand there looking like he had just witnessed a murder in a freakingly adorable cream hoodie and sweatpants. His hair was unmade and he had quite the unkempt face.

“I have no excuse,” He got to the point putting his hands up looking tired and absolutely guilty. “You-um… I-I really… No excuse.”

With all of my pent-up emotions and seeing him standing there looking at me in my drenched clothes… Probably made me see red and the next moment, angry tears are slipping through my eyes as I dashed to the garden with heavy, angry stomps.

I mean I understand why I would be angry at him because he had been bumping into me the three times he met me BUT I wasn’t angry with that. I was angrier at the fact that he disappeared! Why? He did not owe me anything nor did he lead me on… So my anger did not have any base and yet I was angry.

“Oh goodness. Please. I am so sorry.” He ran after me pleading dearly, as though for his life. “I myself am baffled that this has happened so please… just… Sue me or somet

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