In Between Takes

Bon 2021
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Author’s Note:


100% Imagination. 100% fiction. Established Relationship AU.


Inspired and based on Episode 574. A complementary oneshot to my 2019 work, Sick. ;-)




Jong Kook couldn’t keep his eyes off Ji Hyo.


Everyone knows he’s head over heels for her. Even he couldn’t deny it these days. That’s how he has always been. With his watchful eyes focused on her every move, nothing goes past him when it comes to Ji Hyo. So when he saw her manager’s van arriving at the parking lot, he had quickly gotten out of the passenger’s seat, carrying his iced americano on one hand and her chamomile tea on the other.


As he was coming closer to Ji Hyo’s side of the vehicle, she opened the door and greeted him with a weak wave.


“Here,” he handed her the grande cup of chamomile tea that he had ordered from Starbucks that morning.


Her brows rose, “Oh, what’s this?”


“Chamomile tea to help you with your stomach,” he smiled. “How are you feeling?”


“Slightly better,” she confessed.


He sighed in response, “I should’ve agreed with Bopil on postponing today’s filming.”


Giving a light chuckle, she lowered her mask to sip her drink, “Have mercy on the production team. We’ve already pushed back filming several weeks since the Olympics. Bopil has made sure that adjustments have been made considering everyone’s health.”


“Hmm,” he nodded and reached for her hand.


“Stop worrying about me, oppa. I’ll be fine,” she squeezed his hand to assure him.


“And don’t hesitate to tell us if you’re feeling really unwell,” he sternly reminded her. “Are we clear?”


Ji Hyo knew what he was on about. No one, especially her boyfriend, wanted a repeat of Ji Hyo falling ill. “That was history,” she argued. “I know my boundaries.”


“But you’re too loyal for your own good.”


She scoffed, “Says the man whose shoulder isn’t in good shape too.” She lightly caressed his injured side, “This hasn’t been to the gym, right?”


“Just these legs,” he beamed at her, knowing that there’s a slim chance of him getting away with his lame excuse.


And just as he had predicted, she made a face at him and sarcastically replied, “Jinja, oppa.”


“It’s just a little sore and it has nothing to do with the lower part of my body.”


“You’re ridiculous.”


“It’s been weeks since—”


“But we just had an intensive volleyball special with the national team.”


Before this goes bad, Jong Kook decided to concede, “I’ve been very careful about it. Besides, you said Bopil got us covered today. I’m pretty sure we won’t have to strain our bodies.”


Ji Hyo stared at him blankly as a realization suddenly hit her, “Aish.”




began to twitch downwards, “We’re having a quiz, aren’t we?”


“We always have a quiz.” his teasing grin broke out across his face.


She groaned. Without So Min around, her fate was tied with the rest of her Kkang Kkang gang.


“Gwenchana,” Jong Kook consoled her by gently tapping the top of her hair. “You’re doing better these days.”


Shaking her head, “Ahh whatever, let’s just get this day over with.”


“Ready to go?”


“Neh,” she unbuckled her seatbelt as Jong Kook put out his hand to help her descend the van. Hand in hand they walked towards the filming location for the opening.


When they were a few steps away from reaching the crew, Ji Hyo suddenly stopped in her tracks and leaned in towards Jong Kook and whispered under her breath, “Oppa, you look great today.”


“Just great?” He couldn’t help but raise his brow, fishing for more compliments.


Ji Hyo nudged his side and threw a wink at him then walked past him, leaving him on the spot as she started making her rounds to greet the crew.


Jong Kook stayed where he was, momentarily, as his eyes travelled and followed her motion, “You don’t look bad yourself.” He chuckled to himself and went after her.




Ji Hyo bit her lip at the sight of the second course being served in front of her. As much as she’d love to taste more of the food that’s being offered, she didn’t know how much more her stomach could take.


Her worried expression does not go unnoticed by her boyfriend who was observing her quietly across the table.


“Ji Hyo-ah,” he paused while wiping his mouth. “You don’t have to force yourself.”


“We’ll take care of this,” Dong Hoon added a

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