Bon 2021
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Author’s Note:


100% Imagination. 100% fiction. Established Relationship plot. Inspired and based on Episodes 567-568.




Jong Kook hasn't been looking forward to filming for quite some time now.


As much as he wanted to be happy about Jae Suk’s return from his 14-day quarantine, he just couldn’t help but be annoyed with his hyung’s revitalized energy. Their friends were right. His period of seclusion has brought out an increased wave of chatter and an itch to unravel more mischievous tricks up his sleeves. Case in point, he has been inviting Eun Hye to come to the show while constantly teasing him about his affections for Ji Hyo —not that they weren’t true.


The thing is, Jong Kook was placed in a tight situation. Apart from taking over Kwangsoo’s role as Jae Suk’s new target, someone else had also joined the party to mess with him every Monday— it was no other than his girlfriend, Ji Hyo, who totally went onboard with the national emcees’s plans. Since then, he dreaded seeing the two pair up together whether it was for a game or just being lunch buddies. With Jae Suk’s schemes and Ji Hyo’s antics, who knows what could go on in their hushed talks? Without a doubt, they were a force to reckon with and this was giving him a headache.


“Hajima,” Jong Kook warned upon walking past Jae Suk and Ji Hyo who were snickering in their seats while waiting for everyone to settle in their places after lunch.


Jae Suk scoffed, “Wae? Why are you sending daggers at us?”


“He’s worried about making headlines again,” Ji Hyo remarked and pursed her lips at Jong Kook, “We weren’t talking about you.”


“Jinja?!” Jae Suk feigned a gasp, using this tiny opportunity to tease his dongsaeng for the nth time today. Jong Kook could only roll his eyes. “Isn’t that a good thing? You won’t run out of offers!” He slyly smiled.


“Interview offers that are nothing but intrusive,” Jong Kook retorted and gave his girlfriend a serious look. Averting her gaze, she took the bottle of water right by her heel and drank it while trying to ignore the impending argument between her oppas.


“That’s not necessarily bad,” Jae Suk countered. “Think about it, it would be easier once you two tie the knot!” He beamed as Ji Hyo choked on her drink upon hearing this.


“Who’s tying the knot?” Seok Jin chimed in with perfect timing, entering the scene with Se Chan and Dong Hoon whose curiosities have been awakened.


“They are,” Jae Suk pointed at Jong Kook and Ji Hyo.


“What?” Se Chan stopped in his tracks and popped his eyes at his Ji Hyo noona.


“Aish, Oppa, that was out of line!!!” Ji Hyo elbowed Jae Suk’s side.


“Yah! Are you backing out on this? I thought we were a team,” Jae Suk laughed and held Ji Hyo’s arm.


Jong Kook glared at their hyung with his hand on his hips.


“What’s with that face?” Dong Hoon sneakily stood next to Jong Kook and asked for the two of them only to hear. “Did you finally pop the question?


Jong Kook gritted his teeth before blowing off some air, “Don’t get me started on you too, Dong Hoon-ah. Hajima.”


Dong Hoon raised his hands in the air, “Mianhe. I just thought—”


“Ji Hyo-ah, you ought to do something about his temper,” Seok Jin tattled on Jong Kook’s free side and was absolutely clueless about the tiger’s nearing outburst.


“Bopil-ah,” Ji Hyo raised her hand, “I need to go to the toilet!”


Jae Suk then threw his empty bottle at Seok Jin.


“Ouch!” Seok Jin whined when it hit his arm. “What did I do?”


“Hyung, you have the worst timing ever!” Se Chan exclaimed.


Before anything else escalated, Jong Kook decided to walk away from the group and informed their PD, “Bopil, I just need to get my coffee from Gapjin. Call me if we’re starting.”


“Jong Kook-ah! We were just having fun!” Seok Jin yelled but his dongsaeng refused to look back.


“Ignore him. I’m sure Ji Hyo will lighten up his mood later,” Jae Suk grinned.


“For sure,” Dong Hoon agreed.




“My boyfriend, two,” Ji Hyo cheekily smiled.


Jong Kook had been too confident that Ji Hyo would miss her beat as usual. Little did he know that she had gotten back her courage to pursue her teasing antics and use it as a strategy for their last game.


Trying to keep his calm, he clenched his jaw in a tight smile and he responded, “Boyfriend, boyfriend.”


From the corner of his eye, Jong Kook knew that Jae Suk’s smile was incomparable to Ji Hyo’s playful expression. While he was able to hold his composure, Se Chan was not able to do so when So Min brashly followed Ji Hyo’s lead. As a loyal subject ofJae Suk and, moreso, his girlfriend, they knew she was capable of doing this.


When the round ended, Ji Hyo proudly beamed at Jae Suk about her successful attack while Se Chan stared at him— a bit surprised and annoyed with how daring they’ve become.


“They won’t last long,” Jong Kook assured him.


“Hyung, you seemed more pissed than I am.”


“Oppa, gwenchana. It’s not over yet,” Young Ji couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.


“Arasso, let’s make sure we win this,” Jong Kook said with his eyes fired up.


And just as he had declared it, the game ended in their favor with Jong Kook garnering third place and Ji Hyo facing her third penalty in the past month alone.


Ji Hyo and So Min were seated under the scorching heat of the sun in padded winter coats and their feet soaked in warm water. His girl was getting impatient and had begun clapping her hands together, hoping Bopil and the crew would get the signal to wrap filming soon.


Jong Kook glanced back and was unable to hide his smile. The tables have turned and it was his turn to now. After finishing his goodbyes to the two Young Jis, he checked on his girlfriend with one brow raised.


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