The Wedding Singer

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When Kim Jong Kook runs into his ex years after their break up, he gets invited to her upcoming wedding and ends up agreeing to become the Wedding Singer. Song Ji Hyo saves the day by volunteering to be his girlfriend and date to the event.


“Would you like me to sing at your wedding?” Jong Kook searched her eyes for an answer. Her cheeks flushed— recalling her last words to him before she headed out the door on their last day together, “You might as well sing at weddings cause that’s the closest thing you’ll ever be in becoming a groom.”


Even if those words still echo in his ear today, a huge part of him is filled with regret with the way things ended between them. He knows he’s paying for it now. The fool inside of him was willing to do anything to make up for the time he's taken advantage of her love.


“Do you want me to?” Jong Kook pressed the question further.


“Oppa, are you okay with that?”


“Only if you want me too.”

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