Hormones, Periods, & Ice Creams

Bon 2021
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Song Ji Hyo’s new year did not start well.


She was more than ready to say goodbye to 2020 and leave all the horrible memories behind— from postponed shows to cancelled tours, and other offset plans, it was reasonably fair to say that it wasn't the most exciting time she has ever experienced in her lifetime.


While there was no one to be blamed for the unfortunate circumstances, nobody had also anticipated that things would turn up this way. Just like everyone else, Ji Hyo was looking forward to a fresh start: a kinder, nicer, and more hopeful 2021. However, her wishful thinking had quickly spiralled the moment she opened her eyes on the morning of January 1st when she felt a dull ache hit her lower abdomen.


Startled by the sensation, she bolted awake from Jong Kook’s bed and immediately rushed to his bathroom. When she sat on the toilet seat, she saw the small stain on her underwear, confirming that her period came to welcome the new year.


She grunted in frustration. It didn’t matter that she was already in her 40s. Monthly periods were always a pain, no woman would dare refute this. Thankfully, Jong Kook stocked up on tampons and pads in his medicine cabinet for her use. A similar occurrence happened in the past when she stayed over and didn’t expect her period. Her poor boyfriend had to awkwardly go to the grocery and buy her pads in full celebrity undercover attire: shades, cap, and a mask. Of course, that didn’t work (or never usually does). His muscles were just a dead giveaway. As soon as he walked in, several glances were casted on him. He speedily shuffled his feet to the feminie care aisle and quickly bought what his girlfriend needed. Since then, he made it a point to purchase her essentials in his apartment: tampons, pads, skin care, emergency meds, and a make-up kit. If people only looked closely into the details of his house, they would definitely find traces of Ji Hyo’s things neatly stored in his shelves.


Ji Hyo hopped in the shower to get herself cleaned up for breakfast. She was surprised, however, when she stepped out of his room and found the apartment empty. Jong Kook was nowhere to be seen and only a take-out bag with a post-it note was found on the kitchen counter:



Sorry for not waking you up.

You look completely worn out.

I got you breakfast from the restaurant downstairs.

Rest well. I’ll be back for lunch.



Running a finger across his penmanship, she read the message once more and recalled that he was going to Anyang for a quick visit to his parents. With government protocols on the country’s current situation, Jong Kook was wary of his old parents’ health. He and his brother decided to limit the gathering with just the four of them while the grandchildren would be connected through video call. Surely, Jong Kook’s mother expressed her disappointment about not being able to spend time with the whole family and missing the opportunity to see his Ji Hyo over the holidays. As a consolation on the upsetting arrangement, Jong Kook had promised that he would bring Ji Hyo with him for a meal during the week.


Ji Hyo took out the tteok-manduguk from the package, heated it inside the microwave, and prepared a glass of water and chopsticks on the center table in the living room. While waiting for her breakfast, she sat on the couch and skimmed through her phone to scan her messages— most of it consisted of new year greetings but there was one particular text that caught her attention and the sender was none other than her brother, Cheon Seong Moon.


Seong Moon: Noona, have you seen the news? I hope you did since you’re with Jong Kook hyung. You should be awake by now.

Seong Moon: It’s game over for Hyun Bin.


“Huh?” Ji Hyo’s face tilted in confusion, reading his message again.


Game over for Hyun Bin? What did Seong Moon mean?


She scrunched her nose as she replied.


Ji Hyo: What’s going on? I don’t get it.

Seong Moon: You just woke up, didn’t you?

Ji Hyo: What happened to Hyun Bin? What do you mean by game over?

Seong Moon: Dispatch reported that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating, Their agencies just confirmed the rumors. Thought you should know.


Ji Hyo stared at her phone screen.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating.

Dating? Hyun Bin?!


Seong Moon: I’m amazed that you and hyung haven’t been found out by those reporters yet. How many years have you dodged their bullet? 3? 4 years?


Snapping out of her thoughts, she quickly launched naver on her phone to verify the news. Seong Moon was right, it’s all over the internet.


Breaking News: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin confirmed to be dating

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