- 22 - Then There's You

The Transfer

Surprisingly, Heejin hadn’t seen Chaeyoung for the rest of that week. She knew Chaeyoung was a seventh year student after seeing her with a N.E.W.T.s study book, so it seemed that the only reason she had never seen the girl was due to differing class schedules. Granted, she never actively looked for the girl outside of class either, but their small interaction still left a mark on Heejin to which she can’t help but wonder what the other student could be doing. 

It simply struck her at how casual Chaeyoung had treated her. There was no doubt in her mind that Chaeyoung knew who she was since she never asked for Heejin’s name, so Heejin was shocked at the other girl’s lack of curiosity by not asking any more questions or even nervously stealing glances. What's more surprising is the fact that Heejin hadn’t heard any whispers about her emotional breakdown, meaning that Chaeyoung didn’t gossip about her either. In simpler terms, Chaeyoung didn’t give her the type of attention that she was used to and it gave her an odd feeling, but in a good way.

“FOOD!” Yves exclaims as she and Gowon sit in front of Heejin in the Great Hall.

“Good morning to you too,” Heejin laughs.

“Sooo, today’s the big day!” Gowon says excitedly.

“Huh?” Heejin asks as she takes a bite into her breakfast.

“Oh, don’t tell me you forgot,” Gowon pouts briefly. “You said you were free to meet my mysterious person later today.”

Ooooh right…

Heejin had completely forgotten that her blind date was today, but soon got just as excited as her friend, “Oh my goodness, yes! Sorry, my mind has just been everywhere lately. But yes, I am so ready for tonight. I really need this.”

Also this past week, Heejin has been once again trying not to let Hyunjin’s words get the best of her, so now this date will just be another way to completely forget that the Slytherin doesn’t exist. All those days ago when she had to see Hyunjin later in Potions after their intense confrontation, the two had ignored each other completely and have been doing so in each of their shared classes ever since. Heejin even managed to swap seats away from the Slytherin in their Transfiguration class as well.

“So, just to double check, you want them to meet you at the main courtyard, right?”

Heejin hums happily in agreement.


At last, the time had come in which Heejin will finally get to meet the person Gowon and Olivia kept hyping up for quite some time now. If anything, she was kind of surprised that Gowon knew this person for years, but never introduced them to her and Yves. There was another reason why she was surprised, but she couldn't remember what it was. She decides not to dwell on it though because at least she was meeting them now.

She’s currently plopped on a bench, patiently waiting for her date as she watches students come and go in the courtyard. As a few moments pass, she realizes that she had been shaking her leg nonstop and thus becoming more aware of just how nervous she is. This was actually going to be her first date since Hyunjin…

“Um, Heejin?”

The Ravenclaw perks up at the sudden voice and is a bit surprised at who she sees, “Jiwoo?”

This- This can’t be right! …Gowon wouldn’t set me up with Yves’ crush…

“Yeah that’s me!” Jiwoo laughs off with a bright smile. “I was told I’d find you here,” she says as she sits down next to the girl.

Oh. My. God.

Heejin was still at a loss for words at the girl in front of her. I mean don’t get her wrong, Jiwoo seems like a nice girl (she must be if she managed to get Yves to crack a smile), but this was clearly a violation of her and Yves’ girl code. She was going to have to be gentle with her rejection now and will definitely need to have a serious conversation with Gowon after.

“Heejin?” Jiwoo waves a hand in front of her face.

“Oh sorry! I’m just… surprised to see you here is all,” Heejin plays off before clearing . “I-uh I never knew you were interested in me.”

“Of course I am!” Jiwoo says happily. 


“Yves said you were the person to go to for tutoring!”

“I can’t- wait what?” Heejin’s eyes widened.

“Yves told me that you’re like the smartest person she knows and that you’d be able to help me for the Charms exam coming up,” Jiwoo explains. “She was also the one who told me that you might be here so I’m glad I was able to catch you!"

Heejin’s body immediately relaxes at the Gryffindor’s words. “Well, I’ll be happy to help!”

They spend the next few minutes figuring out when to have a study session and soon after Heejin was once again left with her nerves. Now, it is simply hoping that the next person who approaches her is the person that Gowon actually sent and of course, a matter of waiting.

And wait, she did. Heejin wasn’t sure what to think as she watched the tinted blue sky eventually turn into shades of purple and orange. A part of her wished that she brought her homework to distract herself, but then again, she never thought she'd be waiting for hours. She stuck it out for Gowon, although at this point, she's sure her friend would understand if she decided she had waited long enough.

So as the courtyard became less and less filled with students, the possibility of getting stood up was getting higher and higher. She decides to take one last scan of the area to see if anyone was making their way to her, but of course no one was. However, her eyes did land on someone lying on a bench with an open book lying flat against their stomach.

With her curiosity piqued and nothing else to do, she approaches the fellow student whose gaze was facing the sky.

"You never go anywhere without that N.E.W.T.s book, huh Chaeyoung?" Heejin teases, making the other girl immediately sit up in a flustered panic. 

"Hi-," the book falls to the ground, making Chaeyoung pick it up with awkward swiftness and Heejin can't help but silently giggle at the sight.

Once settled, Chaeyoung moves to the side so Heejin can sit next to her.

"Hi, please pretend you didn't see that," Chaeyoung says in embarrassment.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Heejin replies and the two share a small laugh. "So, what's got you out here staring at the sky?"

"Well, I was supposed to meet my study buddy," Chaeyoung waves her book before tilting her head back. "But they never showed. I was going to go to the library, but I thought I should take a break and relax instead so… why not look at the sky until dinner?"

"I think you've got a point there, Lee," Heejin tells her as she looks up to the sky as well and she finds herself taking a breather in the calm atmosphere that she didn't realize she needed. 

They sit like that for a while, just staring up at the mixture of warm colors as the sun slowly sets with comfortable silence. 

From the corner of her eye, she sees Chaeyoung check her watch, "Looks like dinner is starting soon, you wanna go together?"

"If you're going to ask me out on a date, you got to do better than that, Lee," Heejin teases with a grin. 

Chaeyoung's face turns red as she becomes a stuttering mess,"I- I'm. I di-didn't- I-"

"I'm just playing with ya!" Heejin gets up and starts to leave with a chuckle. "Come on, let's go! I'm starving!"

After her brief shock, Chaeyoung just shakes her head with a smile as she catches up with Heejin.


"Cheers to getting stood up!" Heejin says a little too loudly causing a few heads to turn for a moment.

"Uh.. cheers?" Chaeyoung clinks their cups confused and decides to whisper next. "Did you... You got stood up today too?"

Heejin nods, "One of my friends set me up for a blind date and the person blew me off it seems. So, it looks like we both struck out in the courtyard today." 

Heejin takes a sip of her drink, "At least yours was just about studying though so it's not too bad."

"And I even got to relax," Chaeyoung adds.

"And you even got to relax!" They laugh as their cups meet again.

After taking a couple bites of her food, Heejin looks at Chaeyoung with a curious gaze and her eyes widen at the crest on the girl's clothes, "You're in Ravenclaw?!"

"You just noticed?" Chaeyoung chuckles. 

"Yeah, I guess I was distracted by everything else about you," Heejin says before thinking. After realizing how that might sound, she clears quickly, "But um, how come I've never even seen you in the common room after all these years?"

"Well, I hate to be cliché, but I'm a bookworm so I spend most of my time either in the library or just somewhere else that is relatively quiet. The common room tends to be too noisy with students coming in and out, you know?" Chaeyoung doesn't address her first comment so Heejin is pretty grateful.

“I guess that’s how you found the,” Heejin lowers her voice, “Room of Requirement.”

Chaeyoung grins. “You know it. I will say though, I was kinda sad to find out that I’m not the only one who managed to find it. It was nice not having to share the space, but I guess for you I can make an exception."

“You like me that much, huh?” Heejin teases the Ravenclaw again, expecting another entertaining moment of flustered stutters.

“Eh, you’re alright,” the other girl says nonchalantly.

“Aw, you don’t get affected by my teasing anymore?” Heejin acts sad.

“I’m a fast learner,” Chaeyoung smirks before casually taking a bite into her food, which Heejin finds amusing.

For the rest of dinner, they continue their small talk before calling it a night to head back to the Tower together. As they walk, Heejin finds it curious that although students were unsubtly sneaking glances at them, the other Ravenclaw seemed unfazed as she either kept her gaze straight or at Heejin whenever Heejin had something to say.

When they enter the Ravenclaw commons with laughter, Gowon perks up from the couch and greets them.

“Oh! Were you waiting for me, Gowon?” Heejin asks appreciatively.

“Of course, I wanted to see how my matchmaking skills held up before heading down for dinner!” Gowon says excitedly.

Hearing that, Heejin holds in a frown, realizing that she was going to have to tell her friend that her blind date never showed up.

“And from the looks of it, I guess I did a pretty darn good job,” Gowon announces proudly with her head held high as she looks between Heejin and Chaeyoung.

“What?” Heejin asks, a bit bewildered.

“I mean, you two came in all smiley, so I assume the date is going well, right?” Gowon says, now slightly nervous.

“Date?!” Both Heejin and Chaeyoung say at the same time in shock and Gowon’s eyes widen.

“How did neither of you know?!”

“No one came up to me in the courtyard,” Heejin explained first. “Hell, I was the one who went up to Chaeyoung after I got tired of waiting.”

Then, both Heejin and Gowon look at a very dumbfounded Chaeyoung whose hands were up in the air in innocence, “I was never told about a date.”

After a moment in thought, Gowon sighs, “I’m going to kill Olivia.”

“Olivia?” Chaeyoung says with a pause before it seems like a lightbulb went off in her head. “I did run into her today but all she told me was that she had a new study buddy for me to meet at the courtyard? I... I guess that’s why she winked,” Chaeyoung trails and Gowon facepalms. “Either way, she never told me who I was meeting so that’s why I was just sitting around in the courtyard too.”

“Oh that girl is getting an earful from me when I see her downstairs! I gave her such simple instructions,” Gowon rubs her temples. “Well, I guess I can’t be too mad since my hint that you were in the same house didn’t seem to help you connect the dots either…”

Aha! That was the other thing that surprised me about Gowon’s mystery person… we’re in the same house! 

Now, Heejin can’t help but wonder if she would’ve ever met Chaeyoung due to this whole debacle. Because if it hadn’t been for the fact that she had met Chaeyoung beforehand, Heejin knows she wouldn’t have approached the girl in the courtyard nor even think about giving her another chance after making her believe that she was stood up. 

So, maybe it was simply fate that they were meant to meet each other after all.

“Plus, you eventually found each other and all seems to be going well between you two. Alright well, I’m going to head down to eat so you two can keep your night going,” Gowon starts to head out before stopping to whisper to Heejin. “And you gotta tell me what made you approach her instead of it being the other way around.”

Gowon sends Heejin a wink and then leaves.

And just like that, it was Heejin and Chaeyoung left to their lonesome in the common room considering that the rest of Ravenclaw appear to be either down in the Great Hall or in their own dorms. Both were at a loss for words at the realization that they were supposed to be on a date.

“So…,” Chaeyoung drags out. “What are you thinking?”

Heejin ponders for a moment, “I’m wondering if you’re still in need of someone to study with. You?”

“I’m wondering if I should ask to take you out on a date that we’d actually be fully aware of,” Chaeyoung smiles.


Candidate 2: Lee Chaeyoung

Heejin likes her. A lot.

She'll admit that it is much more than she had expected, but what does that matter now? Chaeyoung was… refreshing. Early on, Heejin learned that Chaeyoung was fairly laid back and never really paid any mind to whatever hot topic students would talk about. Of course, hearing gossip was inevitable so Chaeyoung would hear it from time to time, but even then she would never spread it nor add flame to the fire.

Heejin was sure Chaeyoung felt the stares and heard the whispers whenever the two of them walked in the halls together or when on one of their study dates, but the other Ravenclaw never brought it up to Heejin. She would just keep her attention on Heejin and no one else when surrounded by others.

And with that being said, Heejin also learns that Chaeyoung actually keeps to herself a lot too. Always opting for a more tame and quiet area rather than one where students are bustling. Therefore, they would actually spend most of their time together out of most people’s view (so unlike when she was with Hyunjin). And in these quiet times, the air would still be filled with conversation as they get to know more about one another all the while enjoying each other’s company. 

But right now, they were anything but calm.

“I'm going to DIE!” Chaeyoung yells as she lifts herself off the ground for the nth time.

“Chae, you’re not even a full foot off the ground,” Heejin stifles her laughter as she sees the flustered state of the other girl.

On their last study date, Heejin found out that even though Chaeyoung is pretty smart, it turns out that she never learned how to properly ride a broomstick. This was a surprise considering that it was a required class that had to be done early on so surely Chaeyoung had to have gotten a passing grade. As it turns out, the professor just felt so bad at how terrified a young Chaeyoung was on a broom that she gave her a passing grade so she’d never have to take the lesson again. After hearing this, Heejin managed to convince Chaeyoung to let her give her lessons. The assumption was that since Chaeyoung is older now, she wouldn’t be as terrified anymore and so she agreed (and also in part because of Heejin's puppy dog eyes).

“AHHH!” Chaeyoung screams again as she slowly turns on her broom.

“You’re doing great!” Heejin encourages. “Okay, I’m going to let go of your back now, okay?”

“What?!” Chaeyoung panics. “I’m not ready!”

“Yes, you are! You’ve already made so much progress in just…,” Heejin checks her watch. “A little over two hours!”

“I don’t know! I’m not ready! Don’t let go yet! ” the other Ravenclaw rambles.

“Chae, my hands are already off your back!” Chaeyoung whips her head back to see Heejin a few steps away with both hands up in the air.

“WHAT?!” Chaeyoung jerks. The broom starts to wobble as a result and Heejin rushes to help, but to the surprise of both girls, Chaeyoung manages to steady herself. 

Their jaws drop and they stare at each other silently in shock. They soon burst into euphoria at the fact that Chaeyoung managed to keep herself steady. To most, this may not seem like such a big deal, but after hours of watching her struggle, Heejin was absolutely elated.

Chaeyoung immediately gets off of the broom to go tackle Heejin into a hug and the smiles on their faces fail to vanish. While still in each other’s arms, they lean back enough for their eyes to meet and Heejin’s breath hitches as she sees Chaeyoung’s eyes flicker downwards. 

Before she knew it, a pair of soft lips met hers.

The sensation only lasts a few seconds as Chaeyoung reels back quickly and becomes apologetic, “I’m sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me!”

For a fleeting moment, Heejin was at a loss for words, unsure of how to feel as it has been quite some time since she was last kissed. But yet, her shock doesn’t seem to compare to her craving to be touched. And for it to be from Chaeyoung made her want it even more. She only had a little taste and even though it felt different than from what she was used to, Heejin found herself trailing her lips when Chaeyoung had pulled back.

And so, she hushes Chaeyoung’s anxiousness by reconnecting their lips again and Heejin feels happier than she’s ever been after quite some time as they both smile into the kiss.


Chaeyoung isn't really into public displays of affection. Or at least, that is what Heejin thinks.

And Heejin doesn’t care that much about public displays of affection. Or at least, that is what she thought.

Because as the two walk the hallways side-by-side, Heejin can’t help but feel the urge to intertwine her hand with Chaeyoung’s each time they graze. It was moments like this where Heejin finds herself at odds with what to do. A part of her just wants to take the initiative, but the other tends to take into account how Chaeyoung might react. 

Since Chaeyoung typically likes to be private on personal matters, Heejin assumed that Chaeyoung may also want to be private on intimate matters too considering that whenever they were alone or when there weren’t a lot of people around, the pair were actually quite affectionate with each other. They’d lean on one other, share pecks, cuddle and so on, but Heejin soon realized that they didn’t act like that when many eyes were on them.

Sure, a part of her wants to be affectionate in public as it is a way to satisfy her love of attention. But at the same time, she just really wants to hold Chaeyoung’s hand because Heejin genuinely likes it. Because Heejin genuinely likes her.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Chaeyoung breaks her trance.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Heejin quickly reassures and then she feels their hands brush again, making her hand twitch. To hide it, she brings her hand up and knocks her head, “Just, ya know, my old brain working its cogs!”

Heejin mentally facepalms at her own embarrassing words. She used to be so eloquent and graceful. As she starts to have a fight between herself through her thoughts, she realizes that her left hand was no longer swaying freely. She instantly looks down and sees that Chaeyoung had connected their hands together with a natural sway.

“Are the cogs still working?” Chaeyoung teases and Heejin feels her face heat up. Heejin latches onto Chaeyoung’s right arm and just buries her red face into it to hide. She hears the girl let out a hearty laugh before receiving a small kiss near the top of her head.


“I say this in the nicest way possible, I hate you two,” Yves says and Heejin and Chaeyoung burst into laughter. “Oh why can’t I ever have any luck with finding my own special someone?”

“Aw come on, haven’t you been making progress with your little crush?” Heejin tries to cheer up her friend as she is cuddled up into Chaeyoung’s side. “Last time I checked, Jiwoo said you guys were pretty friendly with each other now.”

“We are, but just because we’re friendly doesn’t mean she’s going to like me like how I like her,” Yves explains with a sigh, resting her head atop of her hands.

“Well, you never know until you try, right?” Chaeyoung pitches in. “I mean, I can’t count how many times I’ve regretted not taking a chance on someone in the past. Now, I always try to not waste opportunities and look at where it got me. Now, I’m happy.”

Heejin and Chaeyoung share a look of admiration between them after the girl’s words, making Heejin lean up to give her a quick kiss.

“Ew, that’s it. I’m finding another spot to study so I don’t have to see you adorably nasty people,” Yves starts gathering her study materials.

“No, no, you were here first,” Heejin says as she stands up, hand-in-hand with Chaeyoung. “There’s somewhere we need to be anyways.”

Chaeyoung just follows along, but once far enough, she asks, “Um, where exactly do we need to be? I’m a bit confused.”

“We’re going to the Room of you know,” Heejin answers as she continues to drag the girl along up the steps.

“But why do we need to-”

Heejin turns around to face Chaeyoung, “We could use some alone time, don’t you think?”

Chaeyoung gulps, “Lead the way.”

Despite being a bit tired from all those stairs, both seem unaffected once their lips finally connect in the privacy of the Room of Requirement. It’s almost embarrassing how much the two crave each other's touch. Ever since their first kiss, they can’t really seem to get enough of how the other makes them feel both emotionally and physically. As of late, however, the physicality seems to be at a high.

It was practically a common occurrence now. Heejin on Chaeyoung’s lap with her hands entangled in her hair. Chaeyoung’s hands on Heejin’s hips, pulling her in closer with each kiss. While they haven’t crossed any drastic boundaries, their arrangement continues to bring them the right amount of pleasure.

They were, of course, dating as the two often scurried off on their own rendezvous. But, to be quite frank, their relationship seemed to have become more like ‘friends with benefits’ due to the increased emphasis on physical intimacy. Not that either were complaining about it. The idea of moving on to the next stage in their relationship was something in the back of their heads, but for now, both were content at the current state of things.

“Can’t get enough of me, huh?” Chaeyoung smirks in between kisses as the two make their way towards a conveniently produced couch. Once reached, Heejin pushes the Ravenclaw down onto the couch and straddles her, reconnecting their lips.

“Baby,” Heejin tsks with a grin of her own, thumb tracing Chaeyoung’s bottom lip. “I think we both know who really can’t get enough of who.”

Instead of responding, Chaeyoung just squeezes Heejin’s hip, pulling her closer for a kiss while also meshing their bodies. Eventually, Heejin leads Chaeyoung to lay down without ever keeping their lips too far apart.

“Oh sorry-”

Heejin immediately lifts herself from Chaeyoung as both their heads whip towards the new voice at the entrance. They both make brief eye contact with the intruder until the person instantly backs out and closes the door. Heejin's whole body feels stiff.

“Was that-”

“Hyunjin,” Heejin says breathlessly.


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