- 1 - A Day To Remember

The Transfer

Heejin was excited. The time had finally come in which everything she routinely did for the past 6 years was finally going to be its last. So she wanted her first day to be perfect, for it all to go smoothly.

But, unfortunately, she's just not that lucky.

It all started with the train ride to Hogwarts.

As she boarded the Hogwarts Express, it was as if she was a magnet. Many eyes were on her in awe as she walked through the aisles looking for the compartment that her friends were in.

She was used to it of course, the stares and the whispers. As cliché as it sounds, Heejin was the it girl of Hogwarts. She became the Ravenclaw Quidditch team's seeker during her first year, excelled in all of her studies and spells, can produce her patronus (a bunny) with ease and to top it all off, she was unmistakenly beautiful. Personality wise, she was in no means an ice queen, but if you get on her bad side... well, you don't want to know. 

Because of all this, she receives attention day in and day out and although she may not admit it outloud, she loves every second of it. She lives for it.

So as she makes her way through each carriage, a smile graces her face as she notes each pair of eyes on her and listens to the whispers. 

"It's her." "Look." "Stop staring!" "I can't help it." "Should I ask her out?" "Not before I do!"

But something was off. Many, but not all eyes were on Heejin and her ears perked at the sound of a name, one that was not hers.

"Did you hear that a new girl is transfering this year?" "Who?" "Kim freaking Hyunjin." "From Durmstrang?!"

Kim Hyunjin. She's heard of that name before, but had never really given it much thought.

Until now.

The further along she gets down the train, she hears more "Hyunjin" than "Heejin" and it's starting to tick her off.

Once she finally finds her friends, she can't help her annoyed tone as she speaks.

"Why did you guys have to sit so far away than normal?"

Having already been used to Heejin's different moods, her friend Yves responds cooly. "First, hi to you too. Secondly, what's got your in a twist?"

Heejin moves to sit across Yves and next to her other friend Gowon.

"Who's Kim Hyunjin?" Heejin asks them both.

"Kim Hyunjin?" Gowon thinks for a moment before she reacts as if a lightbulb went off in her head. "Ah, she's the newest transferee this year! Hyunjin's mainly known for being the first ever female student to ever attend Durmstrang, but I'm shocked that she wants her final year to be here. I'm surprised you never heard of her considering that she's one of the top recruits for the National Quidditch League too."

Heejin's face remains stoic, her fists now clenched.

"Oh I've heard of her!" Yves pitches in and then lowers her voice. "Apparently, she's not too bad to look at either. I guess I should make a move when I get the chance, right?"

Yves raises her eyebrows at Heejin playfully, but the girl still has a foul mood.

Gowon laughs at Yves' words with a mischievous grin, "You're all talk, but we all know you got the hots for-"

In a flash, Yves dives towards Gowon and clamps her hand over the other girl's mouth before stealing a glance at the compartment across from theirs.

Heejin follows her eyes and realized why her friends (moreso Yves) had chosen to sit so far down the train.

There, in the other compartment, were three other girls. All of which were Griffyndor. One in particular catches her eye.

"You've got to be kidding me," Heejin mumbled before looking back at Yves. "You're telling me I had to walk all this way just because you wanted to sit near Ji-"

"Enough about me!" Yves interrupts frantically in hopes to change the subject. "Let's get back to miss grumpy over here and figure out why she is as such."

Yves narrowed her eyes as she looks at Heejin. "Now, let's look at the facts shall we, Park? Heejin is annoyed and I asked her why. Then, instead of giving me an answer, she asks us about Kim Hyunjin. Finally, we proceed to tell her such great things about said girl. What must this mean?"

Playing along with Yves' act as a detective, Gowon pretends to be oblivious, "I'm not entirely sure, Ha. What do you think Hyunjin's got to do with it?"

Both Yves and Gowon already knew the answer having known their friend so well, but they just can't help but .

"I've got one word for you, Park," Yves gives Heejin a devilish smirk. 



On the first day of each school year following her initial year, Heejin had mustered a few favorite moments.

Firstly, when she and all of the other students get off at Hogsmeade station, she loves watching all the first-years make their way to the boats that will lead them to Hogwarts. Seeing their mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement always reminded her of how she had felt when she had first arrived at the school. It was one of the best days of her life and she loved seeing other students make this realization as well.

This time around, her brain was too preoccupied that she headed straight to the carriages. As she passed all the first-years, she had accidently bumped into someone.

"Watch it," Heejin said sharply, moving too quickly to even glance at who the other person was.


Another one of her favorites, is when she walks through the halls and watches the crowd part for her and her friends when they finally step foot into the castle. (This one's a bit conceited, but what can she say? She loves attention.) Despite the school having it's traditional breaks, no one seems to forget to move to the side when Heejin is around. And if someone didn't know, they eventually learn. The most reassuring part for her is knowing that no one is doing it because they fear her, it's because she seems unreal. Angelic, if you will.

It's also not like she asked for other students to move. It started on one random day and now she's grown used to it. Typically, it's the younger students that move whereas the older students usually just stay put. But since it was now Heejin's last year, there was no one left who wouldn't move.

So as she, Yves and Gowon entered the castle, she was not surprised that students began to shuffle towards the left and right sides of the hallway. This instantly brought a smile to her face and had almost made her bad mood go away entirely. 


Sure, the students gave way for her to walk, but still she could hear it. Their attention, yet again, not entirely on her.

"Kim Hyunjin." "Hyunjin from Durmstrang." "Ethereal Hyunjin."


Finally, she absolutely adored the Sorting Hat ceremony. When she was sorted, she had no preference for which house she wanted to be in. She saw parts of herself in each house so she was going to be happy wherever she ended up. (Although, she did seem a bit more elated than normal when the hat had yelled "Ravenclaw!")

She always loved seeing how the first-years and the transfers would react when their house was announced. To her, the Sorting Hat was never wrong about its choice of placement for each person. She holds so much trust in the hat since there had yet to be any student who looked anything but ecstatic when they were sorted. 

And so, the Sorting Hat had never disappointed her as it always filled her with joy.

"Will you stop pouting, Heej," Gowon rubbed Heejin's back as they waited for the first-years and transfers to enter the Great Hall. "It's the last time we'll get to experience the Sorting Hat ceremony and we should enjoy it, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it's your favorite event every year so get excited! Who cares if half of the school is talking about Hyu-"

"Do not say her name," Heejin watches as Yves puts her hands up in surrender.

"Okay, grumpy pants," Yves replies. "Anyways, how many kids do you think will join us this year?"

"Hopefully a lot," Gowon says cheerfully as she looks down at the Ravenclaw crest on her robe. "The more the merrier!"

At last, the doors to the Great Hall open and the new students begin to walk inside. All eyes in the hall shifted to the group of fresh faces.

Heejin watched the new students file in like a hawk, keeping her eye out for Hyu-... she who shall not be named.

She wondered if she'd be able to pick out which student was her amongst the rest of the transfers considering she has no idea what the girl looks like. But it turned out to be a lot easier than she thought.

There, standing tall amongst the rest of the first-years, was Hyunjin. Apparently, she was the only transfer student of the year so it was near impossible for her to not grab your attention.

Heejin couldn't stop her jaw from dropping once Hyunjin was finally in full view for everyone to see. Gasps were scattered throughout the hall.

"Hey, Heej. You better close your mouth before you catch a fly."

At that, Heejin snapped shut and a scowl took form. She could hear Gowon snickering at her side, but no matter how hard Heejin tried, she couldn't strip her eyes away from the transfer.

Hyunjin was smiling brightly as she and the first-years made their way down the center aisle. She was holding hands with a young boy to her left and a young girl to her right. It was a sight to see really, every seated student was focused on Hyunjin (which Heejin hated the fact that she was one of them) while Hyunjin's focus was only on the two kids at her sides.

Once the group was gathered in front of the Sorting Hat and the first name was announced, Hyunjin finally took a moment to look around the hall and at a few other students from each table.

Heejin watched in disgust as a few of the 7th year Ravenclaw boys gave the transfer an upward "How you doin'?" nod. However, she nearly puked when she saw Hyunjin ignore them and instead sent a wink to Vivi, a 7th year Hufflepuff. Vivi giggled with her friends, Choerry and Yeojin as Hyunjin looked away with a satisfactory grin.

How repulsing, Heejin thought. She who shall not be named is not even that cute.

"Holy crap, she's cute," Yves mutters, yet still loud enough for Heejin to be broken of her trance and shoot daggers at her. "Hey, don't hate the messenger for stating the facts."

Heejin only grumbled in response. She did her best to keep her eyes off the transfer after the fact, but it didn't last long when the girl's name was called out.

While Hyunjin made her way to the chair, Gowon and Yves began to guess which house she was going to be sorted into. Normally, Heejin never made any guesses and instead just hopes that each student gets into Ravenclaw because similar to Gowon, she also believes in the more the merrier.

But for the very first time, as she watched the hat being placed on top of a head, she found herself wishing for one student to join any other house.

The anticipation was eating at her. The Sorting Hat was quieter than usual, making it harder to hear any hints as to what house it was going to announce. After what felt like forever, it finally spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Ah yes... of course," the Sorting Hat began. "It's quite clear now..."

Heejin looked at Hyunjin, whose eyes were panning across the room.

"The transfer belongs to..."

The Ravenclaw's breath hitched as Hyunjin's eyes landed on hers.


Heejin flinched at the voice and broke eye contact.

A sigh of relief escaped from her lips.

As expected, the Sorting Hat did not disappoint her.

A/N: Apparently there's no better combo for me than Hogwarts and enemies-to-lovers aus.

For those curious, I do already have the entire story laid out by chapter, but I won't spoil just how many. The way I plan on uploading chapters will be based on completion of the following chapter. For example, once I finish chapter 2, I'll upload chapter 1 and so on and so forth. Hopefully, by having everything all laid out, updates won't be too far apart... hopefully.

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