Chapter nine

Tell Me You Love Me
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Shuhua was worried sick about Soojin. She knows that the older girl isn’t handling this whole situation well, and that she tries to put a strong front for the people around her just so she doesn’t appear weak and burden the people around her. That’s how Soojin was, but Shuhua thought that it wouldn’t be the case when it came to her. Shuhua thought that Soojin would freely rely on her, but Soojin’s been locked up in her room for the past few days, which would be the first time they’ve slept on separate beds in over a few months. 


Sometimes Soojin would appear in the middle of the night, when Shuhua would be in bed, eyes almost drifting closed until she would spot Soojin opening her door. Soojin would stand by the doorframe, shifting on her feet anxiously, trying to figure out if Shuhua was asleep or not because she didn’t want to wake her. It was only when Shuhua would call out for her quietly, opening her arms for her to crawl into. 


“Can’t sleep?” Shuhua would always ask when Soojin snuggled into her arms. The older girl would let out a weak hum in response, not saying much afterwards. 


“If I’m asleep when you need me, don’t hesitate to wake me…. I want to be there for you, okay?” Shuhua made Soojin promise, placing several kisses onto the girl’s forehead. 


Shuhua would have assumed the other girl had fallen asleep after they laid there for some time just holding onto each other, but she could feel how tense Soojin’s body was and knew that it was long before they would disappear into the deep slumber that was much needed. 


“I’m sorry.” Soojin whispered after a long moment of silence. 


Shuhua frowned, “for?” 


Soojin sighed, thinking of what to say next. Shuhua patiently waited for her words, her fingers tracing over the inked words on the back of Soojin’s upper arm in a comforting manner. 


Soojin moved to look up at her, Shuhua’s hold never loosened as she gazed back with growing adoration. 


“Being… distant…” Soojin’s eyes looked sad. 


Shuhua’s heart clenched seeing how saddened her favorite brown orbs were. It’s been a while since Shuhua had seen Soojin smile where it was genuine and it had reached her eyes. Soojin’s walls were high and towered sturdily around her heart that not even Shuhua was able to even chip a brick. Soojin didn’t want to see nor talk about what she had been feeling within the ongoing scandal, and Shuhua and the others respected it. Shuhua didn’t doubt Soojin’s trust within her, instead she understood and knew how Soojin dealt with these types of situations, and could only patiently wait until Soojin was ready to wear her heart on her sleeve for her. 


“You don’t have to apologize for that. I understand that it’s a way for you to cope. I just miss you, that’s all.” Shuhua gave her a small smile. Their eyes closed serenely, as Shuhua connected their foreheads and nuzzled their noses together softly. 


“I miss you too,” Soojin whispered. 


“Yeah?” Shuhua’s smile widened, eyes still closed as they relished the comfort in being in each other’s arms. Soojin nodded in response, pulling her girlfriend closer. 


“Haku has been keeping me company though. He’s been very clingy with me recently.” Soojin said, voice never going above a whisper. Shuhua hummed, “that’s because I told him to stay by you in place of me. If I can’t give you hugs and kisses, then Haku will pass them on from me to you instead.” Soojin softly giggled at Shuhua’s cute words, the younger girl’s smile widening once more at the melodic sound of her favorite laughter. 


“Right… because Haku can speak human.” Soojin playfully said, opening her eyes, and leaning back a little, so she could stare at Shuhua for as long as she wanted. 


Shuhua gave her a determined nod, “yes, I trained him well.” 


Soojin giggled once more, “or maybe Haku stays with me more often because he loves me the most in this household.” 


Shuhua gave an acknowledging hum, “that is… very believable.” She giggled, fixing their positions to lay on their sides, eyes gazing at each other with so much love. 


“What? No argument about how both Haku and Mata love you the most?” Soojin playfully teased. The corner of Shuhua’s lips raised into a small and soft smile, eyes taking in the beautiful sight in front of her. Soojin couldn’t see any playfulness in Shuhua’s expression. Just lovestruck and dazed. 


“What?” Soojin asked after beats of silence.


 “I’m just thinking about… how much.. Haku… loves you.” Shuhua responded slowly, making sure that the words she was saying weren’t the ones she had been thinking about for a while now. The words that she’d been wanting to say to Soojin for so long. Shuhua decided against it, thinking it wasn’t the right time. She feared that it would create more stress for Soojin if she hadn’t gotten to that point in their relationship yet, and hadn’t felt the same way right at this moment.


“Yeah?” Soojin giggled. 


Shuhua blinked slowly, “yeah. Haku really really loves you… so much....” 


Shuhua watched as Soojin’s smile slightly grew, “Haku loves you so m

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