Chapter Twelve

Tell Me You Love Me
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Soojin was only an hour ahead of Shuhua, which didn’t really change much for them, in terms of their sleeping schedules and the amount of time they spent on the phone with each other. 


Like Soojin expected, Shuhua rang her up, once she had woken up, telling her she loved the way Soojin’s morning voice sounded, and they didn’t end the call until one of them fell asleep first, or most times, together. 


Usually, Shuhua was the one to fall asleep first despite being an hour behind. The younger girl tried really hard to stay up until Soojin fell asleep first, saying she didn’t want the older girl to be up by herself with just her and her thoughts. 


“I feel like I’m gonna go crazy being stuck in this hotel room.” Shuhua whined, rolling around in her hotel bed. Soojin looked up from her task to smile adoringly into the camera, seeing how adorable her girlfriend was being. 


“Well, you have me to keep you entertained.” Soojin shyly said, looking back at the paper she was cutting in her hands. 


Shuhua grabbed her phone from its place on the table, laying back down on the bed, and holding the screen close to her face where only half of her face could be seen by Soojin. Shuhua grinned seeing the flustered look on Soojin’s face. 


“Yes, I do have you, baby.” Shuhua said. 


Soojin bit her lip, looking at her screen to see her favorite pair of eyes staring at her longingly.


“What are you up to, love?” Shuhua finally asked. 


Soojin raised the paper up towards the camera, showing it as if she was a YouTuber. “I’m making a scrapbook! Isn’t it cute?” A giggle left Soojin’s lips, and Shuhua’s eyes softened, heart fluttering at the angelic sound. 


“I think you’re cute.” Shuhua said. 


Soojin put the paper back down, squinting her eyes at Shuhua, “don’t be a flirt.” 


Shuhua squinted back, “flirt? I’m not flirting, I’m just being honest, love.” Soojin shook her head, biting her lip to stop from smiling too much. 


Even if Shuhua was miles and miles away, she could still make Soojin blush at every little word or look that she would give her. 


“What are you putting in your scrapbook?” Shuhua questioned, turning on her side, and laying the phone sideways and balancing against a pillow, so she didn’t have to hold it. 


Soojin shrugged, “I don’t know yet. Just… memories… things that make me happy…” 


Shuhua smiled, “that’s good, baby. I can’t wait to see it.” Shuhua was happy that Soojin was distracting herself with things that make her feel good, and things that won’t make Soojin think about negative thoughts. 


“Who says I’m gonna show it to you? What if I want to keep it a secret? Like a diary?” Soojin said, teasing the younger girl. 


“Then I’ll respect your privacy.” Shuhua said with no hesitation, like it was a given. 


Soojin paused and looked at Shuhua’s serious expression, “of course, I’m going to show it to you, baby. Majority of my happy memories are with you anyway.” She tried to say it nonchalantly, but Soojin caught Shuhua’s expression changing, a bit like she was about to cry, that Soojin couldn’t hide the love oozing out of her eyes. 


“I love you.” Shuhua whispered. 


A small and shy smile made its way onto Soojin’s lips. “And I love you.” 


Shuhua grinned, closing her eyes lazily, “tell me again.” 


Soojin giggled, “I love you, Yeh Shuhua. So much.” 


“Again.” Shuhua snuggled into the covers. 


Soojin rolled her eyes, “no, you’re gonna get tired of hearing it.” 


Shuhua’s eyes snapped open, an offended look on her face, “why would you say such a thing? You could say it over and over again and I will never get tired of hearing it from you, love.” 


Soojin giggled, a smug look on her face, but the blush on her cheeks did not go unnoticed; even if she tried to hide it by pretending like she was actually focusing on her task. 


Shuhua chuckled, shaking her head to herself, as she continued to watch her girlfriend silently. 


“How are you feeling today?” Shuhua asked, and Soojin’s eyebrows furrowed, hands pausing briefly. 


Soojin hummed, “...okay..” it sounded more like a question than an actual answer. 


“Just okay?” Shuhua questioned, encouraging Soojin to elaborate more and use her words. She wanted Soojin to be comfortable with expressing her feelings, hoping that it would be therapeutic for her. 


Soojin shrugged, “I’m just…okay...” 


Shuhua softly smiled, nodding her head in understanding that Soojin herself, didn’t know how to describe how she was feeling. One of the agreements was that Soojin had to be honest with how she was feeling whenever Shuhua would ask her, and even if Soojin couldn’t express it to the full extent, Shuhua still knew it was genuine and truthful, and that Soojin was trying her best. 


“What did you eat yesterday? You forgot to send me pictures.” Shuhua said, deciding to ask another question. 


Soojin avoided Shuhua’s eyes, “Mom made me chicken soup for lunch.” 


Shuhua hummed, “and?” 


Soojin kept silent, sensing Shuhua’s gaze growing more intense the longer the silence stayed. “Baby, what else?” Shuhua prodded. 


“That’s it.” Soojin confessed. 


Shuhua sat up from her laid position, body on alert mode, eyebrows meeting in the middle in concern. “Seo Soojin.” Her voice was filled with worry, a warning tone poking through. 


“I wasn’t that hungry.” Soojin simply said. 


Shuhua’s eyes softened, “still, baby. How are you going to get the energy you need throughout the day if you don’t eat?” 


Soojin shrugged, sporting her puppy dog eyes, and sweet smile. “By seeing you?” 


Shuhua tried hard not to break out into a smile, rolling her eyes playfully instead. “You can’t distract me by being cute. I’m worried about you right now.” 


Soojin sighed, “Shuhua, can we just not talk about this? It’s not a big deal.” 


Shuhua furrowed her eyebrows, “no, it is a big deal.

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