Chapter four

Tell Me You Love Me
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Soojin entered the apartment with a heavy heart. Even if her feelings for Hui were non existent now, that conversation still took a toll on her in a way that it reminded her of how much pain he had caused her. Soojin was never the type to dwell on negative things for very long, and she’s really trying her best not to. 


Soojin had expected to see Shuhua lounging on the couch, maybe cuddling up to Haku or Mata, while she waited for the older girl to come home. When she walked into the living room, she was only greeted by a hyper Mata, while Haku slept on the couch. She then suddenly remembered the pained look Shuhua had left with, before her session with Hui, and she could only sigh and curse at herself for the way she reacted. 


Bending down, she took Mata’s face in her hands and scratched at soft fur. “Your mom is upset with me, I know. I’m going to apologize and fix it, okay?” She spoke to the puppy, leaning close to place a soft kiss on Mata’s nose. She walked by Haku to give him a small pat on the head, before walking to the hallway where Shuhua and her rooms were. Soojin stopped in front of Shuhua’s door, wanting to knock, but decided against it. She didn’t want to wake her up if she happened to already be asleep. 


Instead, Soojin took a shower and hung out on the balcony of their apartment; looking at the stars, and just thinking. She leaned against the railings, eyes wandering at the shimmers in the sky. 


It was five minutes after, when Soojin heard the door quietly slide open and close. Before she could turn her head to see who had entered, a warm blanket was placed around her, and a soft kiss against her temple. “You’ll freeze.” Soojin could tell Shuhua was very much still hurt, and despite that fact, still showed concern for her that warmed Soojin’s heart. 


“I thought you were asleep.” Soojin said, eyes softly scanning the younger girl’s face as Shuhua looked up at the moon. The younger girl kept her distance, leaning against the glass doors instead of wanting to cuddle up to Soojin like she usually would. 


“I was waiting to make sure you came home safely. Like always.” Shuhua replied, lowering her eyes to gaze back into Soojin’s brown orbs. 


Soojin’s eyes lowered, looking at her fingers that were already anxiously fidgeting with each other. Shuhua must really know her that well to know that Soojin was thinking of something that was upsetting her or making her really nervous, so she had to ask. “Did something happen with Hui? You’re back earlier than I had expected.” Shuhua questioned, ready to be defensive and angry if Soojin told her otherwise. 


“I—, no….well yeah, but—,” Soojin stuttered. 


Shuhua frowned, “slowly, love. You don’t have to rush your words. I’m not going anywhere.” Soojin’s heart fluttered at the term of endearment, and she straightened her posture and took one step closer.


 “I’m sorry.” 


Shuhua’s eyes softened, but she kept quiet. Soojin hugged the blanket tighter around her and sighed, “I’m sorry for the way I acted when Hui came. I didn’t mean to react that way. I don’t know… I just got scared…” She was being truthful, and Shuhua appreciated it. Of course, Shuhua was going to forgive her because she understands. Though, that doesn’t mean Shuhua wasn’t allowed to be hurt by her actions and Soojin understands that and is ashamed for the way she had acted. Soojin promised she was going to work on it, and she was genuinely trying. 


“It’s okay. I understand.” Shuhua said, offering a comforting smile to ease her nerves. Soojin frowned, not satisfied. She feels like it really wasn’t okay, and that Shuhua was still upset. She felt like there was still a small tension between them that didn’t want to disappear even if Soojin had already apologized. 


“You’re still mad..” Soojin said, barely a whisper. She watched as Shuhua’s head tilted to the side, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 


“Mad? I’m not mad.” Shuhua shook her head. Soojin didn’t seem convinced, her frown staying on her lips. 


Shuhua pushed herself off of the glass door, slowly stepping towards Soojin to stand right in front of her. Her hands tightly clutched the railings on either side of Soojin’s body, trapping her between her body and the black metal. Eyes roaming Soojin’s face, Shuhua

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