Chapter One

Tell Me You Love Me
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Shuhua was never one to hide her feelings when it came to liking someone. She was an open book and was not afraid to express those emotions. So, when she first met Seo Soojin, she was immediately attracted to her, and had been vocal about her feelings since. It was only when Shuhua noticed how kind and genuine the older girl was to her that Shuhua’s attraction turned into strong emotional attachment and infatuation. 


Soojin accepted Shuhua’s affection, but had always put the idea in her head that she probably only thought of the Taiwanese girl as a younger sister she needed to care for. Though, the strong between the two did not go unnoticed, people brushed it off and assumed it was just a close relationship between two band mates in the most platonic way. 


It’s been three years together as trainees, and a year together as band mates. The public adored their dynamic, and the company had seemingly taken advantage of their relationship and used it to gain more fans. That only instilled more fear into Soojin. Fear that she would be misunderstood and people would assume things. Things that even she wasn’t sure about, but of course, she had no choice, but to let their company use them for publicity. Because of this, Soojin became much more cautious of her actions, holding back on a lot. It only made Soojin more nervous that Shuhua didn’t seem to care, and showed her affection whether the camera was on or off. 


“Why do you pretend to hate it? Everyone, Seo Soojin likes me too. This isn’t one sided.” Shuhua pointed to the camera, moving her finger side to side in a “no” manner. Soojin shook her head at the camera, leaning away from Shuhua’s touch. “She says a lot of weird things, doesn’t she?” Soojin talked to the camera, a teasing tone to her voice. She makes sure not to be too harsh with her words, knowing the younger girl can be easily hurt sometimes. 


“Seo Soojin,” Shuhua playfully clutches her chest, a pained expression on her face. “My heart. It’s shattering. Can you hear it?” Shuhua turned towards her,  grabbing Soojin’s hand and placing it on top of where her heart started to beat faster. 


Soojin whined, taking her hand back abruptly. “Yeh Shuhua, you’re so cheesy. I can’t handle it.” 


Shuhua smiled mischievously to the camera, “she means I’m so sweet, she can’t handle it.” Shuhua didn’t take Soojin’s resistance personally. She knows Soojin’s fears and worries. Shuhua knew Soojin was still figuring out her uality, even if Soojin didn’t tell her. Shuhua had been down that path of fear and worry before she had accepted herself and her uality. It was a tough journey to go through, and she was lucky enough to have a family and a community back in Taiwan that was accepting. Shuhua understands that Soojin might not have that, and that she was scared. It takes time and a lot of self discovery. Shuhua understood. She also knew that Soojin felt the same way, even if Soojin did not want to admit it to herself. Shuhua is just patiently waiting. 


Once the camera had turned to Yuqi and Soyeon, who were sitting together in the corner of the Music Bank waiting room, Shuhua’s feet had padded their way towards Soojin once again. She plopped herself next to the older girl, a smile already forming on her lips just by being in close proximity with Seo Soojin. 


“You know, it’s not a bad thing to show the fans how much you love me.” Shuhua teased, her fingers lightly tapping a pattern of beats on the older girl’s thigh. Soojin’s eyes briefly flickered down to where Shuhua’s fingers tapped the skin just above her knee, before letting out a scoff. “In your dreams, Yeh Shuhua.” Soojin retorted, flicking the raven haired girl’s hand off of her leg. 


“You know, I did dream about you last night. I dream about you every night, actually.” Shuhua leaned back, enjoying the way Soojin’s face flushed at her bold words. “W-What?” Soojin stuttered, quickly clearing right after to cover it up. 


“Wanna know what happened in my dream?” Shuhua teased further, her long fingers softly crawling back onto Soojin’s thigh. 


“Don’t kid yourself, Yeh Shuhua.” Soojin rolled her eyes, getting up and muttering under her breath that she was going to go use the bathroom. 


Shuhua only chuckled, her eyes following Soojin’s figure until she disappeared through the door. Her eyes met Minnie’s playful gaze across the room and the older girl only shook her head. “You play with her too much.” Minnie said in the limited amount of Chinese she knew. 


Shuhua raised a brow, a smirk on her lips. “You know I’m not playing.” Minnie chuckled, shaking her head at how lovestruck Shuhua was. 


Shuhua was attached to Soojin like a magnet, and the older girl did not seem bothered by it. Maybe it was because she was the kind of person who was not easily annoyed, but Soojin would be lying to herself if she said she hated being drowned in Shuhua’s affection. 


When Soojin returned, Shuhua’s eyes immediately glued onto her, trailing until Soojin sat in front of the mirror. She waited until the latter noticed her stare, Soojin a bit occupied on her phone to notice. 


Shuhua took the time to take in just a few of the many things she adored about Seo Soojin. The way her tongue would poke out between her lips to add moisture when her lips were bare of the usual red lipstick Soojin loved to wear. The way her eyes would gaze into the distance, while slowly blinking whenever she was tired. And that beauty mark right under her eye. Many people loved that beauty mark, but it was unmatched with Shuhua’s adoration. Shuhua was the one that listened to all of Soojin’s insecurities about her beauty mark when they were trainees, and now that Soojin’s learned to love it; Shuhua felt so warm and happy inside. 


When Shuhua finally caught Soojin’s gaze, a slight tilt of her head and a tiny smile was enough to melt Shuhua into a gay puddle. 

“What are you looking at, creep?” She caught the playfulness in Soojin’s tone and she would not be Shuhua if she did not take that as a challenge to pull out her cheesy lines. No phone translator needed. 


“Creep? I’m just admiring fine art. Did you know that’s a hobby?” Shuhua adored the way a shy smile formed on Soojin’s lips despite the over exaggerated eye roll that came with it. 


“ How does she come up with these lines?” Miyeon laughed from beside Soojin, who was also sitting in front of the mirror. 


“I don’t know, but if you want her, you can keep her.” Soojin told Miyeon, making sure Shuhua heard it loud and clear. 


“My heart only belongs to Seo Soojin, and no one else.” Shuhua announced to the whole waiting room, making the staff giggle at the youngest member’s cuteness. Everyone knew of Shuhua’s possessiveness with Soojin, and of course they thought it was just an innocent adoration for the older girl. Nothing serious. 


“Someone save me.” Soojin copied Shuhua’s tone, the whole waiting room in a fit of giggles at the two girls’ playful dynamic. 




At home they were different. Behind closed doors and away from the public eye, Soojin felt like there was no burden of being analyzed or having any assumptions made about her by the way she acted towards Shuhua. It was all platonic feelings towards the younger girl anyway, nothing else. Or at least, that’s what Soojin would tell herself. 


“I made you seaweed soup for dinner.” Soojin told Shuhua after the younger girl came home from her late night Korean language lesson. Soojin noticed Shuhua’s eyes dropping a little from exhaustion, and she shook off the feeling of wanting to hold the tired girl under a bundle of blankets. 


“My favorite? Does that mean you like me?” Shuhua teased, her eyes squinting mischievously. Soojin scoffed, amused at the fact that even though exhaustion was splatt

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