Alone Without You [ZoaHan]

Weeekly Collection
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AU: Non-Idol

[Note]: Artist!Zoa, Photographer!Jihan

"Hello again, how have you been doing?"


"Let's start with something that makes you happy."


Light across the canvas turned into rigid ones. The colors of the paint lost its vividness, it became dull. She used to be so fascinated by them, but now, they didn't seem to spark an interest in her. Never in her life she would have thought colors would cause her boredom. 

It frustrated her. She became emotionally unstable, then she saw the shade of red. Her painted hands took the canvas, throwing it across the room, discarded along with the other few in the corner, wrecked into pieces. Falling to her knees, her fingertips stained her blue jeans, nails dug into the fabric. She tries taking slow breaths, each one being let out quicker than the other until she started to hyperventilating. 

"Hyewon-ah, is everything okay?" 

The artist snapped towards the door, finding the strength in her legs to push herself up again. "Jihyo unnie? What are you doing here?" 

The raven-haired gave her a dimple smile. "I came to check on you, silly. I know how stressful you get when you can't paint." She approaches her with light steps. "Let's get you cleaned up, and off to bed." Her touch against her arm felt like feathers. 

Hyewon follows her to the bathroom. 

"Now, explain to me what these colors mean to you."

"Red is the color I see often when I'm feeling upset. Blue is the color I see when I'm unhappy."


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Chapter 4: This is sooooooo Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack I dunno how to explain it 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭
Chapter 1: ive just started reading weeekly fics and boy do they have the best writers and stories already!! im 4 months late to finding this but glad that i did. very well written and the plot is simple but you can tell it's very well thought of and you did very good on each character line, character thought, story scene. good job authornim!! cheers to more weeekly stories 😊
Chapter 2: Oh god noo angst,my heart is sobbing wuu,my heart is way to weak for me to handle the angst sobb(im such a fluff person wuu)my heart can't take it uwahhh~
Hehe i love your story as always,great job,keep going hehe~
Chapter 1: Ooohh,that was a good chapter! I kinda really like the overall vibe of them(also my favorite jellyday yashh
OMG! So excited 😍