Let Me Down Slowly [SooSo]

Weeekly Collection
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AU: Non-Idol, Song fic

[Description]: "Let Me Down Slowly" by Alec Benjamin, angst

This night is cold in the kingdom

I can feel you fade away

From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and 

Your steps keep me awake 


The night felt lonely and cold as the room seemed emptier with the side on the bed next to her was left untouched. It's been days, weeks even, since there was another presence in the same space as her. 

Soojin kept her distance and stiffly her side to face towards the wall. The blanket providing her little coverage, only up to her waist. Nothing was comfortable, pillow and mattress didn't have its usual comfort. She pretends to be asleep as the side beside her dipped and recoiled, hearing the faint footsteps walking towards the bathroom across the bedroom. The squeaking of the faucet followed by the sound of the running water echoed louder in Soojin's head. 

She doesn't remember when was the last time they've touched, when the bed was warm and welcoming, when their relationship was blissful and filled with nothing, but pure happiness. The meaningful sparks and butterflies stopped and faded away like it wasn't meant to be there. But why didn't they stop for her? Her heart spoke louder than her head, and she chose to listen to it, even if it was the main source of her pain. 

Her tears fell as the bed, yet again, sinked, paired with the ruffling of the sheets. And yet, it felt like no one was truly there.


Don't cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste

I once was a man with dignity and grace 

Now I'm slippin' through the cracks of your cold embrace 

So please, please


The dinner table was quiet. Nothing, but the sound of the metal against clay. 

There wasn't any communication anymore, not even a single word. Just like the mutual love and affection, forms of conversation died along with them. The one on other end of the rope had already let go while Soojin kept on tight, hoping everything would rewind back in time, where everything was bright and colorful, not dull and gray. But she never that wasn't going to happen, and still hoped.

She played with her food, poking at the

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Chapter 4: This is sooooooo Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack I dunno how to explain it 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭
Chapter 1: ive just started reading weeekly fics and boy do they have the best writers and stories already!! im 4 months late to finding this but glad that i did. very well written and the plot is simple but you can tell it's very well thought of and you did very good on each character line, character thought, story scene. good job authornim!! cheers to more weeekly stories 😊
Chapter 2: Oh god noo angst,my heart is sobbing wuu,my heart is way to weak for me to handle the angst sobb(im such a fluff person wuu)my heart can't take it uwahhh~
Hehe i love your story as always,great job,keep going hehe~
Chapter 1: Ooohh,that was a good chapter! I kinda really like the overall vibe of them(also my favorite jellyday yashh
OMG! So excited 😍