Hi, Beautiful Stranger [JellyDay]

Weeekly Collection
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AU: University 

[Note]: tw // some drinking/alcohol

Loud music blast from the speakers. It was chaotic from all people dancing in the small, tight space of the living room with red solo cups in their hands. There were just people in every inch inside the house. Mess of tipped over cups and spills on counters and carpets. Various of food were set out and emptied as some people stood close by the tables to stay away from the main source of the excitement. The sloppy setup New Years decors dangerously hung off the walls and laid around; balloons were losing its air as they flown to the floor and streamers balled up together. 

And Jimin wonders why she was dragged here in the first place instead of staying at home and watching the countdown with her idiot friends. Wait, that's right. It was her idiot friends' fault that she's here at this hellish party. And, they already ditched her after walking through the door; Soeun was the first to leave in search for her girlfriend and Jiyoon was drawn in by the roaring beat of the music. She knows she could have stuck with one of them, but she rather not third-wheel or get ridiculously too wasted. Now, she stood by in the corner by the snack table with her own barely touched cup, restraining from drinking too much since she was her friends' designated driver for the night. 

Scrolling through her phone, she waited like a great friend she was. She sipped on her drink until it ran empty and just held the plastic cup loosely. 

"Hi, beautiful stranger," greeted by a voice. 

Jimin looked up from her mobile. And there was a slightly shorter girl, with light brunette hair and sparkling eyes, who approached her. She held her own beverage in her hand, beaming at her with a flirtatious smile.  

"Mind if I kept you company, and maybe get you another drink, too?" She tilted her head - which Jimin found cute. 

She, might as well, make the best out of it since she'll be here all night regardless. Putting her phone away, Jimin shrugged. "I don't mind, only if I could get your name." Her eyes subconsciously scanned her from head to toe; a cream cropped top sweater and denim shorts. It wasn't an outfit Jimin would prefer to wear during this chill weather, but the girl looked amazing in it. 

"Name's Lee Jaehee." She giggled - wow, her laugh was even cute. "I'll be right back to get you a new drink, and we can get to know each other instead of you checking out with those stunning eyes of yours." Giving her a wink, Jaehee disappeared into the crowd. 

Maybe getting dragged here wasn't so bad at all. 

"So, what's a beautiful stranger like you doing at a party by yourself?" Jaehee had came back with the new drink she promised and handed it over to her. 

Jimin accepted it and took a sip, grimacing a bit from the heavy alcohol taste. It was stronger than the one she previously had. "Friends of mine dragged me here, saying I need to get out more and maybe find someone to mingle with for a change." 

"Well then, I'm glad to be that someone." The light brunette joined her on leaning against the wall, closely next her with their shoulders brushing against each other's. "Unless you were expecting someone else, of course." 

"I wouldn't want your company if I was." She took a d

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Chapter 4: This is sooooooo Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack I dunno how to explain it 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭
Chapter 1: ive just started reading weeekly fics and boy do they have the best writers and stories already!! im 4 months late to finding this but glad that i did. very well written and the plot is simple but you can tell it's very well thought of and you did very good on each character line, character thought, story scene. good job authornim!! cheers to more weeekly stories 😊
Chapter 2: Oh god noo angst,my heart is sobbing wuu,my heart is way to weak for me to handle the angst sobb(im such a fluff person wuu)my heart can't take it uwahhh~
Hehe i love your story as always,great job,keep going hehe~
Chapter 1: Ooohh,that was a good chapter! I kinda really like the overall vibe of them(also my favorite jellyday yashh
OMG! So excited 😍