Ice Cream, Popcorn, Roses, And Feelings [JellyDay]

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AU: Non-Idol/High School

[Description]: Here's a super late Valentine's Day One-Shot (but Happy Early White Day btw!), childhood friends JellyDay

[Note]: Sorry for not updating often! Life got the best of me so I hope you enjoy this oneshot. 

"So, do you have a date this incoming Valentine's Day, Jaehee-ah?" Jimin asked, then went back to biting her popsicle. 

They sat on the curb outside the convenient store, just down the street from Jaehee's house, as they ate their ice cream after earning a strange look from the cashier. Both of them were crazy enough to agree on buying the cold dessert on a cold and cloudy day during the frosty season. Each of them being bundled up in their padded coats over their bodies and scarfs wrapped around their necks. But hey, who can resist the sweet temptation of the frozen treat?

The youngest didn't answer right away. Her eyes drifted its attention towards a direction opposite to the older's with her own popsicle still in between her lips. "No," mumbled Jaehee, "why did you asked?" 

"Oh, really? That's a bit surprising..." Trailing off, Jimin took another chilling bite of her ice cream before starting again. "I guess you'll have no one to accompany you tomorrow then. I got myself a date so don't feel too lonely without me." Smiling, she nudged Jaehee on the shoulder. 

"You... do...?" Trying not to sound too disappointed, Jaehee masked it with a tight smile. 

But it seems like Jimin saw right through her. Slinging an arm around her shoulders, she pulled Jaehee closer to her. "Don't try to hide it, Lee Jaehee. We've been friends for ten years now. Nothing gets pass me."

Yeah, everything, but my feelings for you. Jaehee rolled her eyes. 

The popsicle stick hung off the edge between Jimin's lips as she said, "I'll make it up to you sometime after my date! I promise." She held up her hand towards Jaehee and stuck out her pinky. 

The younger could only sigh and reluctantly sealed the pinky promise. 

She felt like an idiot for having such high expectations and wishing the older would finally look her way, but in the end, it was just her setting herself up for disappointment year after year, for the last 4 years. It was just years of getting treated as a younger sibling or being constantly friendzoned. And it was a miracle that she hasn't given up yet. 

As much as she didn't want to seem interested, she was extremely curious about the identity of the person going on a date wth her unnie - blame it on her curiosity. 

"Who's your date?" She asked, biting down on the tip of the wooden stick, her ice cream now finished. The green monster in her stomach began to make a fuss, and it made her shift in her spot uncomfortably. 

And this time, Jimin doesn't seem to notice it. She stared into the empty parking lot with a soft smile and slight blush dusted across her cheeks. "You know that beautiful senior who had everyone turning heads for?" 

That was when Jaehee felt her heart break. 

With the corner of curling up into a bigger smile, the older turned to her and said, "I was able to finally ask her to go on a date with me yesterday! And what's even crazier was that she even agreed!" 

Then her heart was thrown out the window, just as she heard the excitement in Jimin's voice. "That's... That's great," mumbled Jaehee. She kept her tight smile to endure the aching pain in her chest. 

By the time she got home, Jaehee flopped onto her bed, face down onto her pillow in defeat. 

Making its own way through the partially closed door, Ppori made his way to her and effortlessly hopped onto her bed, happily wagging his tail upon seeing his owner. The small pup folded its hind legs to sit and let out a bark, then stuck out its tongue and continued to whip his tail, anticipating for Jaehee to grant it her attention. 

But Jaehee didn't budge, not even a glance, instead she let out a distressed groan, which was muffled into her pillow. 

Disappointed at its owner's reaction, Ppori pawed at her arm and whined at her. 

Unable to futher ignore her pet, the light brunette had shifted onto her back and held out her arms to the pup, which in return, joyfully sprung into her embrace. She giggled as Ppori showered her in affectionate to the jaw. 

"Hey buddy, I bet you're not used to me being home so early," she laughed, "not like you aren't happy about it, of course." Taking a hand to scratch behind Ppori's ear, the white furred pup called out with a happy bark. 

Moving her hand down under its chin, her fingers gently scratched it. She had a loving gaze on her precious pet, but then, it formed into a frown as she was reminded of the previous conversation she just had. Sighing, her actions came to a stop. 

"I don't know what to do, Ppori-ah." The pup gave its owner a sad look and a whimper. "I know, I know. I guess I'm just being fool, thinking that one day my chance would come even if I know, it wouldn't." It gave a bark in response. "But there's no point on telling her though." 

Ppori wiggled out of her hold and sat by the foot of the bed, barking angrily at its owner for feeling doubtful. 

"Ok! Ok! I get it!" She hurried to hush Ppori before her parents would have a chance to barge into her room. Sitting up to pull the animal back in between her arms, Jaehee its fur along its back. "I'll wait for bit later, but after that, no more." 

Ppori wagged its tail again after hearing Jaehee's statement and snuggled its head under her chin. 

It was 3pm the next day, meaning today was Valentine's Day. 

Without much to do, the light brunette was still dressed in her pajamas and had her hair into a high ponytail. She scavenged through the cabinets in the kitchen, in search for a package of uncooked popcorn. 

"There it is." Reaching up towards the top shelf, she lifted herself on the tip of her toes and was able to grab the product in between her two fingers. "Gotcha."

Then Jaehee walked over to the microwave, removing the plastic and throwing it in to the machine. 

But right before she punched the dial, her phone rang and vibrated against the hardwood of the living room coffeetable. It was a familiar ringtone so she

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Chapter 1: ive just started reading weeekly fics and boy do they have the best writers and stories already!! im 4 months late to finding this but glad that i did. very well written and the plot is simple but you can tell it's very well thought of and you did very good on each character line, character thought, story scene. good job authornim!! cheers to more weeekly stories 😊
Chapter 2: Oh god noo angst,my heart is sobbing wuu,my heart is way to weak for me to handle the angst sobb(im such a fluff person wuu)my heart can't take it uwahhh~
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