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Not What He Seems


Characters: Youtuber!Baekhyun and Youtuber!Reader

Genres: Romance, Mystery, (Supernatural?)

AU: Youtubers/Ghost hunters

Inspired by the Buzzfeed Supernatural series on Youtube.



“T-This is a very bad idea,” you said, tugging at Baekhyun’s sleeve. “I want to go home.”

“Come on, don’t be such a chicken,” your friend laughed. His curly brown hair was barely visible in the darkness. Your flashlights didn’t do much to illuminate the rooms of the old asylum you were exploring.

“I-I want to h-hide under my blanket and drink hot chocolate and watch a cheesy movie,” you continued to babble. “A-And I don’t want to meet evil ghosts and demons. This place is haunted for sure!”

“You’re a baby,” he grinned, turning his head to look at you over his shoulder. “Beings like that don’t exist. And now stop whining, we need to get some decent shots of this building. Otherwise, our Youtube video will be boring!”

“It was a ty idea to do a ghost hunting vlog! But what else would I expect from an airhead like you,” you nagged sulkily. “I told you we should go with the cat video instead. People LOVE those.”

“Last time we tried filming your cat, it just decided to ignore us and take a nap. So boring,” he sighed. “Our subscribers will love this vlog! And maybe we can use this footage to prove that ghosts aren’t real.”

Other than you, Baekhyun didn’t believe in the existence of ghosts, demons, and the like. He had always teased you for being a little superstitious, but you couldn’t help it.

Your eyes moved over moldy walls and cracked windows. The eerie sensation of being watched latched itself onto you, made you shudder in fright. You curled your hands into fists, following Baekhyun closely who was holding the camera. As usual, he was filming while you were equipped with a special microphone, just in case you would hear any suspicious sounds or perhaps voices.

“Hello, demons!” Baekhyun shouted without warning, causing you to flinch. “It’s me, yah boy! Come and drag me to hell!”

You nearly lost it, clamping your hand over his lips so the damn loudmouth would shut up. It was a bad idea to challenge demons, but Baekhyun easily wiggled out of your hold and continued to shout.

“Helloooo, anybody here? If a ghost hears this, why don’t you slam a door for me?” he yelled. “Yo, ghost! Are you lazy?”

He snickered and shot you a look. “See, I told you they don’t exist. Nothing is happening.”

“P-Please, let’s just go home! We’ve filmed enough of this building,” you said uneasily.

“Huh? We’ve been here for ten minutes! We’re not leaving yet. Nothing exciting has happened so far.”

He took your wrist and pulled you after him. You went down another dark hallway, and you swore you felt the temperature around you drop significantly. Cold dread pooled in your stomach, made the hair on the back of your neck raise.

“Demons! Ghosts! If you are here, feel free to eat my heart!” Baekhyun sang. “It’s really tasty.”

“Ahhhh, why are you doing this?!” you cringed, pulling up your shoulders. This man would be the death of you! Where did he find the courage to say these things in a haunted asylum? He was asking for trouble!

“I want to give the ‘ghosts’ a sufficient reason to haunt me. If they hate me, then maybe they will finally show themselves,” he said cheekily, completely calm about the situation you were in. You wanted to rip your hair out. Why did he have to be so adamant about this damn vlog? Why did he not believe in ghosts?

“Hello ghost, or demon, or whatever you are. I want you to prove to me that you are real,” Baekhyun said cheerfully. “If you hate me, I dare you to turn my flashlight off!”

“What the , I’m starting to think that the real maniac here is you,” you snorted.

He grinned at you, about to reply, but then the flashlight suddenly went out on its own and you were shrouded in darkness. Your scream tore through the night and you wasted no time, jumping in his direction to hug him. You clung to his body and hid your face at his chest, not caring if this was inappropriate or not. Right now, you wanted nothing but comfort.

“I-It went out,” you stuttered. “That isn’t normal.”

“The battery probably is dying or something,” he chuckled, patting the back of your head affectionately. “No reason to worry.”

“W-What? How can you be so nonchalant about it! This is proof that ghosts and demons exist!”

“No, it’s not,” he replied casually while he hugged you.


“You’re so clingy all of a sudden,” he grinned. “Very cute. Want to hold my hand, you little baby?”

You didn’t answer, but found his hand in the darkness and held on to it tightly. There was no way you would let go. The blush rising in your cheeks thankfully was veiled by the darkness, and he couldn’t hear your pounding heart either.

 Your friend wasn’t aware of the crush you had on him, and you figured it was better if it stayed that way. It wasn’t worth risking your friendship over it when you were sure he didn’t feel the same. You cherished the time you spent together, even if it sometimes escalated into dumb ideas, like going ghost hunting in an abandoned asylum in the middle of the ing night. Only Baekhyun would come up with something so weird.

You let out a squeak when the flashlight turned back on without warning.

“Oh, that was fast,” Baekhyun laughed. “Thanks, ghost. How

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Posted a new AU!! This time, it's Greek mythology 💖 I hope you'll enjoy it!


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This story collection looks promising! 😏👌😉

Chapter 7: ⋆。°✩Reader Comment⋆。°✩

Hi author Scarlet_Sky!!

This is so beautiful!! Love the story!!

Chapter 7: ⋆。°✩Reader Comment⋆。°✩

Hi author Scarlet_Sky!!

Wow!! That is such a pretty mood board!! Also, normally it is the girl that is the merperson so I am surprised that it is him who is a merfolk!! I look forward to reading the story!!

Chapter 11: Reading this a day before I return to work the tomorrow is like getting another mood boost after the holiday rush and everything... I so love your works and all the fluff and feelings they give me, Jessie. Thank youuuuu! 💚💚💚
Chapter 11: This was a great take on Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi. Loved the reincarnation theme and the romantic notion. Baekhyun shines as bright as the Sun so he makes a per Apollo.
Chapter 11: Wow, you are so good at what you do.
I enjoyed every story in this lineup and I didn't want any to end so fast. Thank you, for each of them and Merry Christmas 🎄.
Chapter 11: Awwww, both are so cute. Merry Christmas Jessie!
Chapter 11: Aah why am I so late with this amazing story >_<. Aww merry xmas authornim! Aww baek as an apollo and oracle aww.. cutie pie.. although her life is so pitiful am glad that they finally met each other. ❤️❤️