Raw Version: The Third Eve

Underneath the Mistletoe
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Raw Version: The Third Eve



Baekhyun sighed and watched the white mist escape his lips into the night. Christmas was incredibly beautiful and he couldn’t help but love the season. He watches the beautiful decorations, the bright lights, and the wreaths for some time before retreating into the frozen section to get the usual 2 Choco-bars for his girlfriend.

He smiles as he spots the Choco-bars and actually lets out a chuckle, unable to keep his glee inside as he reached out to get them. God! He had Kina as his girlfriend now!

“Not spending the Christmas Eve here together this time?” The old man at the counter asked him as he goes to pay making Baekhyun shake his head a little with another blissed smile.

“We’re spending it in her home,” He replies giving him some change for the Choco-bars.

As Baekhyun swung the plastic bag up and down on his way home, he couldn’t help but walk with a sprint in his step, going faster with every step he took.

It had taken him a painful whole year for Kina to talk to him and know his name and another even painful year to get close to her and make her his. It had been a crazy journey but it had been worth it.

She was quite the loner as opposed to the bright image she portrayed in college and that somehow resonated with him. Despite the friendly image and the usual playful image he had, he likes to think that he was more on the serious side and there were actually only a few people with who he could really connect.

With Kina, it was like he could let all his guard down and be as real as he comes and that goes for her as well.

Honestly, though, it had been tough to make the girl even notice him, let alone like him. She was just so indifferent to everything around that he had to force himself into her life in order to be there. He thinks that maybe if he had not tried, she wouldn’t be even knowing his name. Having her as a girlfriend would only be a fantasy.

He had stuck with her every single day knowing his heart skipped several beats when around her and let her know of his existence. And since that day after Christmas when she had invited him home, he had been there more than he had been at his house. He liked to annoy her and drive her crazy knowing at least he would be the one in her mind.

She would always complain when he crashes over unannounced but he knew she looked forward to it because she always had his favorite foods and drinks ready for him. She hated the fact that he forces her to try things she disliked, but he knew she also enjoyed the thrill of it. He pushed her a lot but he also knew her limits so before she could explode, he always knew how to take a step back.

Other than that, they were both quite the homebodies and would literally spend the whole day at home watching full series or playing cards or playing video games the whole damn day. They really bonded on that.

If they were to ever step out of the house, it was to do some grocery shopping or on some rare occasion go to a nice place to hang out… like the movies or dinners or most of the time, karaoke.

He had asked her out during their camp. This camp was organized by their economics department where only one batch goes and have fun, bond, and make merry. It was where he had gotten the liquid courage to ask her to never leave him and to be his because honestly, no matter how much he jokes around with her… He couldn’t deny that he always felt sort of nervous around her.

There were always those thoughts… what if I am not enough for her? What if I am not what she is looking for? What if she doesn’t like me that way? It goes on and on.

Thankfully though he had knocked out after his ‘heart-wrenching’ confession as put by Soomi, but apparently Kina had taken care of him so that gave him some courage when they returned back home to soberly ask her to be his.

But it wasn’t easy and he might have ghosted her for a week because he was just too embarrassed and scared however, a week passed and he could not tolerate missing her anymore. So out he ran into the night, it was midnight by the way, and banged her door to the ground making her come out with the most annoyed face he had ever seen on her.

His heart nearly came out of his ribcage but he closed his eyes and shouted out his confession and asking her to be his girlfriend.

She, of course, glared at him for a whole minute before she took a deep breath and actually said okay, sure. I guess. Thanks? In the cutest voice possible and it took all of Baekhyun to stand still and not hug her to death.

Okay. He did hug her and laughed like a madman for five whole minutes making Kina throw him out of her house… but still, that would go to record as one of the happiest days of his life.

He… got his home after all.

But was all that trouble worth it? Was running after the indifferent girl he liked so terribly much for almost two years’ worth it?

, yes! He chuckles as he opened the gate to get inside where Kina was waiting for him and the ice-cream. Yes. Yes and yes.

He peeled off all the extra layers of clothes and walked in to see Kina curled up on her favorite couch, ready with his current favorite show on, waiting for him.

“You’re here,” She turns around and gives him one of those heart-breaking smiles to which he had to pause and take it in.

“I am…” He says, plopping himself directly on top of her making her groan as she adjusted to carry him. God, he loved her so much. To think he misses her already and it took him less than 5 minutes to get those ice-creams.

“Thank you…” She gave him a kiss on the cheek as her

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Chapter 7: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ suddenly missed this Baekhyun, so here I am again and that “In every universe” still hit me so hard
adinda99 #2
Chapter 1: I just recently reading What is Love and my heart broke too when Baek broken, I can't take that, I know Baek and Kina never meant to be there and I'm all the way for Sehun and Kina but I can't see Baek getting hurt like that ㅠㅠ

So I want to distract myself by reading this first, at least I know Baek would get his happy ending here, thank you authornim ㅠㅠ
AiiSoo #3
Chapter 7: The raw version is nice too. And yes it shows more of their personality. And what with Kina having a slight crush to Sehun. Hahahah. Thank you for this..!
Chapter 7: Ugh my poor heart— *cries* It's just that I have such a huge soft spot for this Baekhyun— I can't help it but turn into a mushy pile of goo everytime he acts insecure and all baby like *cries harder* GOD this raw version's simply beautiful ♡ I love this couple so muchhh *wipes a tear* And yes, it really helped us to understand WIL's Baekhyun's behavior a bit more :') Tysm for it, hun!
Chapter 7: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1467503/7'>Raw Version: The Last Eve</a></span>
I cant believe i put comments on a wrong chapter hence i miss that you already published the last eve.. aigoo when baek said I will always love you in any universe and kina said me too.. my heart breaks.. aigoo.. poor my baby baekie 😭😭😭😭 huhu internet hug for baek aigoo.. cry together aigoo..
Chapter 7: <em>But aren't you sad for that Baekhyun?</em>
I'm sad with that Baekhyun, honey. I'm freaking sad.

For the edited one, i can feel him feeling suffocate and frustrate when his dad suddenly appeared when he was running to her after the nightmare and I feel like she is really his home when she comforts him (and yeah I panic when he mentioned the nightmare lol)

but for this version, i feel like the talk about another universe linked me to WIL and yep - i can see why he kept trying and trying .. now i'm sad again